Tokyo Revengers

Draken And Mikey From Tokyo Revengers Are Brothers By Different Mothers, What Do You Think??

Draken and Mikey from Tokyo Revengers are some of the most notable anime characters in the history of the same....

Is Mikey From Tokyo Revengers That Good Friend We All Need?

Mikey from Tokyo Revengers and his smooth entrance in the show(currently streaming on Netflix) was something worth notable in the...

Are Draken From Tokyo Revengers And Levi From AOT The Same?

Draken from Tokyo Revengers and Levi from AOT do exhibit some similar qualities. But what are those? TOTT has you covered.

What Makes TOMAN & TOMAN Founders A Great Squad?

TOMAN aka Tokyo Manji Gang has something profound about itself. What makes the team and the leaders of this entity worth talking about?

Mikey And Baji From Tokyo Revengers Showed A Deep-Rooted Fellowship That Needs A Shout-Out

Mikey and Baji are the most underrated duo that needs a shout-out. TOTT is here to make that happen.

Why Takemichi From Tokyo Revengers aka Our Cry Baby Hero Is A Real TOMAN Hero?

Hanagaki Takemichi from Tokyo Revengers showed the audience that being a coward and staying a coward is simply a choice...

Does Mikey From Tokyo Revengers Reflect Erwin Smith?

Yes, TOTT does feel so, that Mikey from Tokyo Revengers(you can stream the same on Netflix) somewhat resembles Erwin Smith...

What Makes Tokyo Revengers A Collage Of Funny Memories?

Here are some funny moments from Tokyo Revengers that we can definitely agree upon.

Tokyo Revengers Is Sure An Emotional Journey All Together

Here are some of the best emotional moments from Tokyo Revengers that makes the anime worth your time.

Is Naoto From Tokyo Revengers The Sibling Takemichi Never Had?

Don’t you feel that Naoto from Tokyo Revengers is the brother Takemichi never had? Well, this is how TOTT feels…

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