Mission & Ethics Policy

Mission Statement

The mission of Tale Of The Town is to assist readers to stay schooled about the evergreen entertainment industry while staying entertained all the time.

Ethics Policy

These policies are meant to guide Tale Of The Town, as we offer ideas and publications in an evergreen entertainment zone.

Conflict of Interest

TOTT tries to avoid conflicts of interest wherever and whenever possible. If the publication made poses a conflict of interest, the content will include a disclaimer.

TOTT attempts for fairness in its columns. Fairness means:

  • Not willingly keeping out significant points.
  • Keeping in related info.
  • Not confusing or deceiving the readers.
  • Always welcoming comments from readers that are the subject of statements in the publications made.


All “op-ed” stories will be clearly labeled as such. Occasionally, TOTT may provide their opinion at the end of a story. When and if that occurs, it will be clearly labeled as “TOTT’s Take”.

Writer Rules

If TOTT is found replicating content, plagiarising content, or violating the writer’s policy, the content will then be transferred to the respected company’s staff account immediately. TOTT takes sincere actions against misleading information.

Spoiler Considerations

For review publications, TOTT always honors ruling out and saving spoilers for the readers. We try to keep sensitive spoilers out of headlines and images until a sufficient amount of time has passed to ensure readers are not exposed to other info they are not looking for. If there are spoilers and publication will occur during the release window, we will always include a SPOILER WARNING at the top of the article.

For any kind of correction request or updates, please contact talktous@taleofthetown.in