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Hello, there, you are stationed at Tale Of The Town the platform which welcomes all weebs, anime fans, and cinephiles. TOTT began its journey in 2021 and currently, it’s growing, aiming to be big and expand with time and, with you all.

Hi I am Shreyasi Dutta Gupta, the founder of TOTT
Hi I am Shreyasi Dutta Gupta, the founder of TOTT

This is Shreyasi Dutta Gupta, I am a weeb and the honorable founder of this optimistic TOWN. I am a dreamer and a visionary who wants to share my thoughts and opinions with you my audience (I refer to as TOTTers) about all of the shows, movies, and animes I watched or currently watching.

I wish to connect with all the weebs living around the world.

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