Diversity & Corrections Policy

Diversity Policy

TOTT aka Tale Of The Town is diligently working on ideas from the entertainment industry from around the world to stay true to our mission of providing interesting and accurate columns for our readers. TOTT is always looking forward to delivering you the best and the most valid info available in regards to the concerns of the entertainment industry.

Corrections Policy

Updating Corrections

Tale Of The Town plans to offer accuracy in the ideas at all times while engaging in regular publications – as well as encourage staying transparent while updating the corrections. If we update any write-up because there’s a mistake in it, we will add a correction in bold letters as well as a side note at the bottom of the post if is that significant to consider.

This makes it absolute that we remain accountable for all our publications made – while abiding by the best practice. TOTT aims to stay accountable, precise, and definitely responsible for all the write-ups we publish.

Updating Existing Write-Ups

TOTT believes in updating the old or outdated write-ups, hence we update them making them evergreen posts whenever new information is available. When we update the write-ups we will make sure to add a note of Update as well as the date the post was updated to assure that the readers stay informed of the changes made in the publication.