The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Review With Spoilers


The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 begins with Saku with her colleagues with a very fresh mind. Her colleagues kinda disliked this, since they were not enjoying their Monday at all. With this slow start and another day with the masterful cat, the anime episode gave me a good time for sure.

But let’s go through the narrative a bit for now-

The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Picture Credit GoHands Studio
The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Picture Credit GoHands Studio

The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 – The Narrative

As I said, Saku was fully focused on experiencing Monday while her colleagues experienced chronic Monday Blues. But as the flashback comes along the audience learns what happened last night.

Saku was panicking tremendously. It was Yukichi and her patience and also his forceful healing process that ensured Saku got a good night’s sleep on time and got all ready for Monday. So, yes, Saku is not following any strategy but she has Yukichi in her life.

The second story begins with Saku staring at Yukichi who is busy beatboxing subconsciously. As an outsider to the Fukuzawa family, determining what Yukichi was humming was next to impossible for me. It was Saku’s self-talk that made it easy for the audience. Saku wanted to be included but she knows the consequences very well.

However, after a lot of consideration, she finally manages to grab Yukichi’s attention but it costs her two hours of intense dance practice sessions to achieve perfection.

The 3rd story begins with Saku returning home all exhausted, while Yukichi sets the table for dinner. The smell allures her into gobble the yummy food. Her appreciation for the food even wins her another can of premium beer which was uncalled for.

So, another day off comes and Saku is all happy and excited to spend her day with Yukichi. But Yukichi was a typical cat, trying his level best to ignore Saku’s affection and act stubborn and tough.

The 5th story begins on Sunday at noon when Saku is all alone inside her home and Yukichi is off for grocery shopping. He remembers to pack brunch for Saku but forgets to take her wallet which makes Saku worry for her cat. So, she runs off to help Yukichi but learns that he is more advanced than she can even imagine.

They enjoy some street gaming time while returning home.

The narrative of The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 ends with another flashback. Yukichi got a ‘Golden Opportunity ‘ to leave Saku and never return. However, he takes out the trash and returns home instead and decides to help her with her messy life.

The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Picture Credit GoHands Studio
The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Picture Credit GoHands Studio

Things I Liked – The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12

  • I totally enjoy it every time, how Saku is a changed personality when she is not home. She is a well-organized, all-sorted human being at the workplace which annoys her close colleagues. Only she is free with Yukichi and by now, Yukichi also knows what works for Saku.

    What I can see clearly, is that they both balance each other. We also learn it’s Yukichi, whose feline therapy techniques(pheromones) keep Saku happy, healthy, and all ready for the work days, even though she dislikes traveling in cramped trains.

    The beautiful-smelling paws along with his emotional support(I totally liked it when Yukichi turned off the TV knowing that the program might make the situation worse) do great for Saku. He also pats Saku while lulling her to sleep, this is great right!!!
  • Saku wants to enjoy a quiet life in the forest, which takes a wild turn when Yukichi imagines he might get shot wrongfully. Seeing from Saku’s POV it’s something we all want to enjoy forever. But Yukichi knows very well, that he will have to go out even in the forest to find food and stuff for him and his so-called master. And his giant stature might prove fatal if he stays in the forest.

    Also, I must add here, I liked how Saku believes that Yukichi’s yummy food will help them do good business in the countryside.

    I also liked that Saku believed that carrying a cat in the cramped train would make life easy for every office goer which was kind of cute. But this consideration was totally mulled stupid by Yukichi which is of course absolute from his POV.
  • I liked Saku’s consideration of Yukichi’s personal space. She wants to be included but still takes into consideration all the possible outcomes that might cause Yukichi angry which was very nice. She understands what her cat was humming.

    She catches the right string that lures in Yukichi(after all he is a cat) and they spend a good amount of time I believe, even though it proves exhausting for Saku. But what I understood from all these episodes is that Saku loves spending time with Yukichi rather than going out.
  • The 3rd narrative was a very small one, but again very wholesome. Also, we have watched such affectionate instances for quite some time now. Tired Saku comes home while Yukichi sets the dinner table. Even though Saku keeps on saying that she has no energy to enjoy the dinner, Yukichi knows the lady very well.

    But, after having just one bite, Saku regains her energy which makes her appreciate the food like always. And this cordiality of hers wins her another can of beer for the day. Yukichi acts all tough but when there is a genuine need to show affection, he expresses his love for Saku in his own way.
  • The 4th story gives us a glimpse of another weekend where Yukichi acts all tough and not playful at all. But Saku is all being herself. It was a repetition of their typical weekend, which was kind of a filler portion in The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12.
  • Now, in the fifth narrative, we see Saku rushes to the shop to back up Yukichi which was kind of nice as a master. But she was surprised to see Yukichi’s intellect. I liked how as a responsible owner, she wanted to talk with the manager of the shop since Yukichi visiting the store to shop is certainly an odd affair.

    But what wins my heart here is when Yukichi and Saku have a good time playing the street game. All thanks to Saku.

Things I didn’t like that much was when Rio as usual talked some practical facts. She stops Saku from going and talking with the manager since she feels overwhelmed when the manager praises Yukichi. She even says since Yukichi’s shopping chores are not disrupting the business it’s okay for him to continue shopping from there. I simply didn’t like the opinion.

  • In the last portion of the narrative, we once again see the considerate heart of Yukichi. He leaves Saku but returns to take care of the girl who saved him on that snowy day. It was definitely nice.

    The montage, where he contemplates proves that this cat thinks more than food which he himself chooses to deny.
The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Picture Credit GoHands Studio
The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today Ep 12 Picture Credit GoHands Studio

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