The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 Review With Spoilers


The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 gives the audience some more knowledge about the skills that this Neko has learned over the years which were not only impressive but also something we all must learn. The episode had better of Saku and her cat inside their home than outside which expresses their dynamics deeply. However, there is surely more to The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7.

So, let us get going with-

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 Picture Credit GoHand Studios
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 Picture Credit GoHand Studios

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 – My First Impression/ Review

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 begins differently this time. The chapter discloses a simple idea, which is, that Saku never thought about food or cooking at all these times. Her dependency on Yukichi is so strong, that I feel, that every day she wakes up to enjoy Yukichi-prepared meals and finds life quite easy except for her working at the corporation. 

Like always, her intrusive colleagues tried to barge inside Saku’s nice cordial happy life, which like always I totally depreciated. The thought of getting married however sticks with Ms. Fukuzawa. What she imagines with respect to that thought is integral though. She should take Yukichi with her, this would make her husband’s life sorted too. 

My prayers were answered in just seconds. After the opening credit, the audience gets to watch a detailed flash of the imagination that brews in Saku’s head.

So, Saku takes Yukichi, and as I said her husband’s life is enhanced with the masterful cat’s presence. However, the direction in which Saku diverts is uncalled for. She believes that her husband will happily divorce her and Yukichi too will side with her husband. The thought itself feels painful. 

But honestly, I have doubts about Yukichi in this regard. 

Her imagination turns so painful that Saku rejects the idea of marriage, like always. And I guess, most cat parents would do the same. 

Now talking about types, Yuri talks about getting married to someone who somehow represents Yukichi. I have said a lot of times, that we definitely need Yukichi and in this case, someone like Yukichi in our life, and Yuri proved my point.

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Now my doubt is no doubt anymore. Yukichi agrees himself twice, that he would leave Saku if someone with a good salary wanted him. However, I must add here, that I felt , the cunning expression was deceiving, I felt that he might have been pulling Saku’s leg. 

The thought of Yukichi abandoning, was so strong that she returned and hugged Yukichi tight.  It showed that it’s more than just food from Saku’s end, it’s love and affection for her big cat that makes her so devoted towards him always. 

Saku even thinks about getting certification to level up in position for an obvious salary increment. But her cat was adamant about making Saku sleep because it’s not good to stay up late. This again proves Yukichi’s genuine love for Saku. The cat even tries to pat her down to sleep just like a mother would do. 

We all deserve Yukichi. Also, I keep wondering what else this anime has in store.

The next chapter of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 begins with the family watching Thursday’s Horror Special that petrifies Saku. I liked how Yukichi kept smirking like this was nothing. Saku was so terrified, that she even followed her cat without knowing. 

So it was time to take a bath. I couldn’t stop but laugh the moment. Saku felt that she would lose the prestige of being Yukichi’s owner if somehow Yukichi came to know about Saku’s fear. The narration behind saying, that she never had it, was so humorous. I chuckled for some time. 

Also, can’t ignore it, when Saku was whining to take a shower after beer, Yukichi gave her a toy duck. Like why? I want to know the reason.

Saku and her cat were having their moments. One was horrified and the other was simply taking care of the after-shower routine. 

I like how Yukichi keeps everything under his control. For instance, the weigh machine, then he was all ready to dry Saku’s hair while detangling the same. His masterfulness sometimes questions my adult skills. 

The night was not passing by at all. However, what happened next, I was confused just like Saku. Yukichi was being a normal cat, that’s the only explanation. But at least this minute event made Saku relax after what she was going through.

 Yukichi unhesitantly tried to bribe Saku to forget what she just witnessed. It was uncalled for, like what else remains!!!

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 Picture Credit GoHand Studios
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 Picture Credit GoHand Studios

But I liked the deep meaningful conversation Saku and Yukichi had after. She wants Yukichi to be himself just like Saku stays herself inside their home. However, she asks Yukichi to be careful when going shopping and not behave the same way, which is a kind of parenting. 

Now the next chapter of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 begins with Saku exploring other cats’ Instogram profiles with the intention of learning what the other cat parents generally do in their day-to-day lives. Her chosen words bothered Yukichi though. 

Saku’s detailed explanation makes Yukichi understand what she really meant and it’s not offensive at all. But Yukichi, playing with the cat scratcher was an impeccable representation of a lute player. Well, I would agree at least.

Saku understood, and her assurance that he could be himself was again very nice of her. But Yukichi was determined to make Saku happy. What Yukichi does is seriously impressive, it is kind of a dance form, but again not a typical cat would do. The effort really matters right!!!

Saku grew more hopeless and coming from her POV it was understandable. 

When Yukichi made face pouch, I felt him being angry at her, because she was laughing at other cats’ videos. She might not have gotten a normal cat, but a masterful cat who made life effortless for her. And she is grateful for her transformative life as well. 

In some seconds only, Saku wins over Yukichi when she admits that no cat can be more cute than Yukichi is. And we all saw it was more than enough to make Saku enjoy some delightful meals for her dinner. 

Saku being late for work, spills coffee on the wall. I could not stop my laughing watching Yukichi’s stressed and terrified eyes. It was so relatable. And they live in a rented apartment, so it was surely a call needing attention.

Yukichi instead of getting disappointed, responded differently, I assume he was delighted. Saku thought that her action might have broken Yukichi, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

So, Yukichi saves the morning. He took preparation beforehand and I also wondered just like Saku, did he expect this to happen once?

After he takes care of the wallpaper situation, he meticulously renovates the wooden furnishing. I genuinely didn’t see this coming. Like he changes the furniture entirely, it’s something new now. 

Undeniably he was impressed at his dexterity and I was amazed. Saku was amazed as well. 

It was delightful when Yukichi noticed Saku, looking at him, which made him assume that she might be looking forward to another serving. The gentle smile on his face was welcoming. And it seems that he is happy making Saku happy.

So, Yukichi’s explanation of keeping the home clean and whatever he does to make the place, was reasonable and utterly needed in Saku’s life. He does this to make Saku heal and get ready for work every day. 

When Saku slacks off, it disappoints this masterful cat. 

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While TOTT Concludes

So, this was my first impression/review of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7. I loved it. We understood that Yukichi teases Saku as well from time to time. Their bond grows deeper every day. Both of them share a codependent life which feels quite warm and cozy to watch. I definitely advocate having someone like Yukichi in life like always. 

His explanation towards the end of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7 was simply enlightening, like whatever he does, has deep-rooted meaning, and I appreciate his effort in keeping him and Saku comfortable and cozy.  

I liked and loved The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Ep 7. 

Now tell me what are your thoughts on The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 7? 

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