The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 Review With Spoilers


The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 was a very warm, cozy, heartfelt episode that made my anime time wholesome. The soft background score pairs amazingly with the life that this family has. But there is generously more to their ordinary yet amazing days.

So, without any further ado, let’s get going with-

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 Review

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 begins on a calmer note. Saku was happy to return home from work early on Friday. However, the ambiance suddenly changes when Yukichi apprehends that Saku is socializing with pet dogs on her way home. 

Being a pet parent makes you pat every other pet on the street. I guess, since it was a dog, Yukichi reacted in such a hostile way. 

The conversation on the very next day imparted some important details that cat parents might have experienced a lot of time. But it was informative for people like me, who love pets but are unable to get one. 

However, like Saku, I was terrified over the thought of Yukichi licking Saku. The imagination proved my point pretty clearly.

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 Picture Credit Gohand Studios
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 Picture Credit Gohand Studios

In just a few seconds, we find out that dogs on the street are scared of the huge cat, roaming in the neighborhood. Well, of course, Yukichi is bound to go outside shopping and all, to make their life nice. However, Saku mingling with the dog and bringing the smell back into his territory is unacceptable. 

So, there are days, when Saku experiences zero motivation to head out for work. And these days Yukichi gives extra effort to make this girl head for work so that she can make money and they can enjoy their nice yummy food. 

From feeding to dressing up the girl, he does everything. It was surprising. And no wonder I keep saying that we all need Yukichi in our life.

Like every work day, Saku keeps impressing her colleagues showing off her natural dextrous professional self. I find it really amusing actually. Like she is natural. She stays focused and completes all her assigned tasks without ranting or venting like the others. 

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However, as soon as she comes back, she is the child she really is. I wonder how Yukichi would react if he watches this baby adult working fully focused every day at work, where she finds reluctant to even come. 

So Saku and Yukichi get invited to Yume’s birthday. Yume is the kid with whom we met in the last episode. Saku gets all happy and bright as soon as she receives the invitation. The kid inside her was lightened up. I bet if it was somewhere in her comfort zone she would have started to dance.

But the invitation to Yukichi somewhat disturbs hers. For obvious reasons. She finds it uncomfortable for people to watch Yukichi walking around in his skin. 

Well, again, I must agree with Saku. She gets terrified over the fact that Yukichi goes viral through social media or something similar.

So, Saku was convinced that she would be going alone and was feeling bad for the kid. However, Yukichi was in his world. He was planning what to take to the party. 

Well, Yume wrote everything in her invitation letter making it easier for the cat and her human to apprehend their next step. The kid is indeed smart.

When Saku was stressing about whether to take Yukichi to the party, Yukichi as usual was calm and thinking much ahead. He was preparing the gift. In fact, he took the liberty and prepared Saku’s costume as well. 

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Saku was relaxed in just a jiffy. This cat knows what to do with her human.

So, Saku and Yukichi dress up as cat and mouse. To keep the sus off the hook, Yukichi added chain detail on his back. It was a smart move.

Surprisingly Yume stays within walking distance to Saku’s home. Also, I totally understood why Saku was feeling anxious about people finding out. 

I really would like to have a conversation with Saku regarding her panicky behavior. Like what makes her scared the most about Yukichi and the people around him?

See, I know Yukichi is a giant cat. And he is strangely humane. But we are watching an anime and anything can happen in this universe. But, I would like to know what exactly Saku is afraid of.

So, I really liked Yume’s affection for Yukichi in this portion of the show. She was seated over Yukichi and Yukichi was also playing along. However, Saku kept getting those panic attacks. And the whispers around made it hard for her. 

Now enters Yume’s mom who was just like her. She is a pretty, happy woman though appears like a girl.  Even she was unmoved by the fact that Yukichi is a big cat. 

So, the venue was Orizuka’s childhood home which made Saku’s day a bit more uncomfortable. Like the day keeps getting stressful.

Now, Yume was so adorable in manipulating the Masterful cat on her day, right!!! She wanted her grandmother to meet Yukichi which made Yukichi awkward. Finally, something made the cat discomfiting. But Yume also knew what could change Yukichi’s mind in seconds and she was absolutely right.

So, Yukichi appeared to be in a trance or something delightful watching Yume’s grandmother from a distance. When she invites Yukichi inside, he enters with a bit of hesitation.

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Whatever the grandmother says, here, I find it very fascinating. Since everyone in this family is not bothered by Yukichi’s huge presence, this family might have something to do with Yukichi’s ancestors. The lady also says, that their black cat was also very smart. There must be some sort of connection.

So, Yukichi is Anko Neko who brings fortune and good luck and we already know it’s true. 

After the party was over the family seemed very happy. The chain on Yukichi’s back made Saku curious too, as if someone was hiding behind the costume who made her life blissful. I guess she expected the smack coming at her.

On their way back they visit the park where both of them adopted each other. However, we also learn what Saku’s POV was in this narrative. Again she called in for the smack.

On his way back Orizuka learns about what happened at his niece’s bday party. He sees Yukichi and he is the only one who finds this masterful cat scary. However, he wholeheartedly appreciates the presence of Saku and thinks of bringing a souvenir for her effort. He also assumes that the costume might have been made by Yukichi, which is the truth. 

So, when Yukichi made Yume’s present a lifesize cat, Saku wanted one for her as well. However, she breaks Yukichi’s mood the moment she says that this plushy makes her want a normal-sized cat. 

It is obvious. She is blessed to have a masterful neko in her life who makes her life the easiest in the corporate jungle. Still, she craved to snuggle with a lifesize cat. Saku innocently said something offensive.

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 Picture Credit Gohand Studios
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 Picture Credit Gohand Studios

Just like mother or guardian, Yukichi seems fed up with Saku’s irresponsible company dinner rendezvous. He is familiar with every step she will make in the process. He was damn right about Saku collapsing outside. Yes, she says that she is taking a break. However, we all can assume what might have happened. 

Yukichi though judgmental, does not waste a second in getting back to Saku. It was his predator instinct that made him rush to Saku. It was nice. 

But in some seconds, we see furious Yukichi was really going to break all decency this time. The blank eyes said how angry the cat was. He was about to hit the girl with a frying pan which would have hit Saku really bad. 

But just like always, Saku was innocent enough to calm the feline down.

I too agree with Yukichi here when he says that it would be better to wait at the station whenever she has company dinner from this day.

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While TOTT Concludes On The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 5

So this was everything on The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today EP 5 as my first impression/review. The episode was fun, very cute, adorable, interesting, and informative. I liked the 5th chapter of this family, and eagerly looking forward to seeing what happens next in their life.

Now tell me what are your thoughts on The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 5? 

But, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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