The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 Review With Spoilers


The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 was another day in the lives of Saku and Yukichi, but it was special too. They went out not together but separately, met a cutie, and had a good time. So, what’s more.

Let’s get going with my review or first impression of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4, right now-

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 Review 

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 begins on a Sunday, where we find Saku resting.  Undeniably she deserves this rest to prepare for the next week’s start, while Yukichi reminds her of the commitment. Yes!! it’s that Sunday when Saku promised to accompany Orizuka to that event at the Aquarium. 

In the previous episode, we watched Yukichi’s prominent enthusiasm for that event as well. Thus, I feel, this was the primary reason why Yukichi gasped at Saku’s reluctant response. 

Gladly, she regains her motivation right on time. 

I felt bad for Saku. Just like Shinchan’s dad, this corporate lady also finds Sundays to rest and prepare for Monday. See, all this time, we haven’t seen Saku for once, going out to meet with her friends or even shopping on her day off. 

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So, when she jumped off her bed to show her loyalty to her commitment, this genuinely deserved hats off.

Yukichi prepared Red Bean rice which apparently suggests a celebration of going on dates, I guess. Saku is a foodie, so eating the yummy food for breakfast was nice. But she tries to justify going out with Orizuka, which is purely not a date. 

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit Studio GoHand
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit Studio GoHand

However, Yukichi’s mischievous and teasing smile needs to be complimented here. She is like a friendly grandma.

Now, comes the important part. Saku barely has anything to wear on a weekend outing. Well, it was sad for me. She is so busy on the weekdays, that she barely wants to go out on weekends. Relaxing and chilling at home with Yukichi is something she enjoys. 

And If I were in Saku’s place I would have also enjoyed the same. See Yukichi makes yummy food at home, does the grocery, and does all the house chores for premium or just normal cat foods. She just chills, I mean who doesn’t want that life, right!!!

Yukichi the guardian angel, solves the dress problem as well, and it was effortless. I also wondered will Yukichi be able to manifest a pumpkin carriage too. This was incredible, right?  The design was so dainty and so pretty. 

I loved that Yukichi prepared a picnic basket for Saku’s supposed date. However, Saku found it extra, which actually was. He was definitely acting like a mother figure who was extremely excited about her daughter’s first date. It was nice and fun. 

He was confident that Saku would return in regard to the picnic basket. I would have also asked Yukichi to save the food for me and only me. I mean this cook is awesome, and I will also be excited to return home as soon as I can to have the picnic basket all to myself. Saku is very relatable. 

Coming back to the pumpkin carriage, the animator paints to give the audience what Saku perceived and what Yukichi perceived in that pumpkin topic. It was a superb touch to The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4, what do you think?

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Now, here comes an interesting twist. The outing includes a cutie who is Orizuka’s niece. She is literally a cutie. UMYU Sea is her thing which Yukichi also loves. 

So, today’s task is babysitting Yume. I liked the part where Orizuka covers Yume’s ears to say those negative stuff about not being great with kids. But my question is, does this actually work? 

Saku herself is a kid, therefore this responsibility was suddenly huge. But in a few seconds, both of them bonded, which was unexpected for me. 

See if you look closely, both of them are children, one might be a corporate girl, but she loves being pampered by her cat which might sound strange but this is her reality.  And Yume is literally a kid.

Yukichi’s surprise arrival at the aquarium was uncalled for. The kid’s enthusiasm for cats made it easier for her to notice Yukichi’s magnificent presence instantly.

I felt Saku here. She tries her level best always to hide Yukichi’s big stature in front of her office staff, and now she is with her chief which if you see from her shoes, it sure is really intense.

All the questions that jumbled up in Saku’s confused brain had a point. 

And it gets funnier every second. How Yume adores Yukichi, and how Saku gets flustered, everything makes the scene entertaining.

When Saku, suggests Yume, that she should never follow strangers, Yume advocates that she followed a cat here, which was right. Then Saku says, one should not follow strange cats as well. It was funny. Well, sure Yukichi is a strange cat, who is all dressed up to meet his idols, riding a train. 

Except for Yume no one seriously cared, even a kid called Yukichi, mister.

I appreciate how Yukichi loves entertaining himself. When Saku lost Yukichi, after Orizuka arrives, Yukichi was immersed in his world experiencing the underwater vibe. It’s inspiring, that he is emotionally independent. Of course, he will be, he belongs to the Feline family.

So, in order to attend the event, Saku learns about the occasion with the assistance of Yukichi of course. The flashback even shows she practiced the dance moves. No wonder she was all enthused to attend the event as soon as Yukichi woke her up.

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So, UMYU Sea is a food show directed at kids. Since Yukichi is into cooking yummy food for Saku, Saku understands this might be the reason Yukichi loves them. 

Now, Saku prioritizes her bond with Yukichi and assumes that he is here for Saku worrying about who Saku might be going on her date with. Well, that was not the case. Yukichi was fanboying at the event which was understandable. Why Saku didn’t understand I wonder?

Even though Orizuka believes that he is not good with kids, he is definitely brilliant with kids. He studied the event and came all prepared for the show. Without hesitation, he takes up the quiz and wins. He then gives the gift to his niece. It was genuinely adorable. See, he keeps a straight face and calm demeanor, therefore this was sudden. 

So, Yukichi also came to give the picnic basket that he prepared with warmth and love. Well, each of the meals he prepares looks like they are made with Love, don’t you think?

Saku’s over-explanation was unnecessary here. She gets really stressed over such trivial things.

So, the day was really nice, fun and full of entertainment. 

After returning home, Saku was all prepared to have a talk with Yukichi. But deep in sleep Yukichi makes her adore her cat who was exhausted from all the travel and fanboying. 

Saku brought the UMYO Sea key chain for the fanboy which every fan could relate to, right? 

I would totally do the same what Saku does, and I believe you would do the same well. 

Imagine this, you find your pet dancing and fanboying/girling, you get that awesome chance to capture the moment to cherish it forever. Wouldn’t you have the done same? But she should have been careful since Yukichi is not the size of a typical cat. 

The shop where Yukichi visits experiences a lot of business only on days when Yukichi shops. So, the manager believes that Yukichi is the Beckoning Cat that brings luck and fortune to the premise. 

I believe that Yukichi is the Beckoning cat. See the moment he stepped inside Saku’s life, her life took a drastic positive transformation. 

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit Studio GoHand
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit Studio GoHand

Talking about Yukichi exercising, he does a lot of house chores which I believe is keeping this masterful cat physically fit.

The cat also advocates massaging over using patches. Like I always keep saying we need this cat in our life. When he was giving the massage to Saku, I felt jealous of her. 

His cat shows his dexterity in every episode. This time it was his gloves which he made for himself, customized for his finger fits.

I would never share Yukichi ever with anyone if I were Saku. 

While TOTT Concludes

So, The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4 gave the audience a day-out experience with your cat keeping watch over you. Just kidding, I feel, that if Saku rested that day, Yukichi would have gone to attend the occasion no matter what.

The episode was lovely, cute, and typically funny. I enjoyed every second of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Ep 4.

Now tell me what are your thoughts on The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 4? 

But, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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