The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 Review With Spoilers


The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 was a silly, funny, entertaining, and profound chapter into the lives of Yukichi and Saku. The episode had a lot of their time in their apartment which was great. But what’s more. Without any further ado, let us jump straight with-

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 Review/First Impression 

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit GoHand Studios
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit GoHand Studios

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 takes off from a judgmental perspective of Yukichi. He dislikes the fact that Saku is incapable of segregating the trash, which is understandable. Like those who divide trash on a daily basis, like me, I totally get Yukichi here. Before Yukichi came into her life, her home was literally a garbage dump. 

No wonder Yukichi keeps wondering how can she get hired. However, we have seen her commitment to work. But, here as well, we must give credit to Yukichi for taking care of Saku in such a motherly way. 

Once again Saku shows her gratitude for having Yukichi in her life. The dinner delicacy was so yummy, Saku’s expressive remark was enough to melt Yukichi and stop him from judging this girl. The blushy cheeks said everything. 

Saku’s preparation for getting into cooking clearly shows her willingness to succeed in cooking, so she is all geared up. But it’s too much. Who carries a fire extinguisher? Well, I know the answer. It is Saku Fukuzawa.

The shy face sufficiently suggests that Saku is living in a bubble even though she takes responsibility for corporate stuff at work, efficiently. A quadruped,  (who is now a biped) for the sake of happy living, learned to cook, clean, and do all the human tasks. And here is Saku, entertaining the audience with her innocence.

Yes, without Yukichi, she is a slob who is a risk to her own life as well. 

Well, I too agree with Saku here. I appreciate the effort honestly, since it’s a troublesome situation for sure. I mean everyone at work believes she is the cook while she is the kid, Yukichi is taking good care of.

The title of the recipe book was a damn insult to Saku’s talent in cooking. Yukichi was looking for a recipe that a monkey would be able to cook. But from a different perspective, it’s not an insult to Saku, if you pay close attention it seems like an insult to the monkeys. 

Seriously, I didn’t like myself while watching this portion of the episode, since I could not help but see Saku from a very critical angle. The recipe was a child’s play, to be honest. Yukichi even prepared the rice. Cracking an egg, drizzling soya sauce, and adding garnish were all Saku had to do.

The enthusiasm Saku presented while coming to her cat insinuated that she wants to master the art of cooking so that she is able to cook her own lunch. However…

She should have been focussing on learning the technique from Yukichi, rather she was interested in how Yukichi was able to hold chopsticks with his paw. I feel Yukichi.

She even calls the ready-to-eat dish her first-made dish. I was surprised at this point. 

And I was lost when she emptied the soy sauce bottle just in one go. I couldn’t stop laughing. I was wondering about Yukichi’s incomparable patience with his biped. The poker face was so apt.

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I was shocked to see Saku, who now wants to try cooking another dish; mind you simpler than this one. 

So, this book was the ABC book of cooking for Yukichi. Saku instantly catches the fact, that this book taught Yukichi his current culinary talent. No wonder she is so good at her job. But the way Yukichi hides himself in that cat basket was so adorable right??? 

Saku’s remarks also state, that earlier meals were not as tasty as these are right now, and that his cooking skills developed over the years. So, that means Yukichi developed himself to be a masterful cat, which is superb.

Without wasting any more time he starts preparing the food that Saku wants to have defining his willingness to make Saku happy and nourished. Also, he knew what to do with the egg rice recipe that ‘Saku’ prepared.

Another day starts with the fresh morning light reaching inside the small yet cozy apartment of these two. I just love the bright fresh ambiance inside their home a lot. And Yukichi like every other responsible adult, starts preparing the lunch for his human. 

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit GoHand Studios
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3 Review With Spoilers Picture Credit GoHand Studios

But his morning routine gets interrupted by the fly. Well, I couldn’t ignore his adorable inquisitive stare at the fly. It was extremely cute.

However, what followed next twice consecutively, I felt very bad for Yukichi. When Saku headed out for work, I felt a little relieved since Yukichi could rest now. Nevertheless, his day kept going downhill. Those who have practically experienced each of those events, that happened here, to Yukichi, know pretty well what he was going through emotionally.

The cat has a bank account. What else do I have to watch next!!!

Now this is interesting, watching your human on TV can be a surprising change to your day. Also, Saku being typical Saku, she expresses her gratitude to Yukichi for making her carry the umbrella. It was a sweet touch that Yukichi needed to uplift his mood for the day.

The small interview rewarded Saku as soon as she returned home. Yukichi was so happy that he prepared everything that would give the day a super duper finish. Well, I must say that it was an awesome finish to this day. 

This anime keeps so much in stock to entertain the audience in ways one can never expect. These are uncalled-for humor which makes the anime seriously funny. 

Saku never takes her cat for granted. Therefore to make the day a little bit more special, she brings Silvervine sticks, which I assume kitty Yukichi loved. She was hoping to watch Yukichi behave exactly the way, he used to as a kitten.

On the contrary, what Yukichi does, it was simply astounding. Honestly, Saku watches a lot of strange things on a day-to-day basis, and these are weirdly interesting. 

Who carries a thermometer on their apron?  Yukichi does, and it’s normal.

Just like Saku waking up before Yukichi was surprising to the cat, I was shocked to see the cat carrying a thermometer casually in his apron.

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On regular days, Saku cries to not go to work. On a day when she actually has a fever, she wants to go to work. Also, beg to differ here with Saku, she claims herself to be a responsible adult. However, she is only a responsible adult at work. 

I liked it when Yukichi came back to pat sick Saku. He appreciates Saku’s effort at work and her trying her best to provide Yukichi with the good cat food that he genuinely deserves.

The moment Saku realizes that Yukichi was trying to soothe her and make her feel warm and comfy, the sudden change of mood of taking the day off shows, that she definitely recovered. Also, this montage gave me the feeling, that she struggles to go to work every day because she wants to spend more time with Yukichi. 

While TOTT Concludes

So, this was my first impression of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3. The episode began with a judgmental note for sure, but ended on a very warm cordial note, depicting the typical life of a cat parent and her cat, ignoring the size and the skills.  

The episode had wholesome moments, like making Saku’s first dish, then Yukichi feeling all happy and making a feast for dinner, and lastly the fever situation. Yukichi might judge Saku all he wants, but I feel he loves Saku a lot which he also, doesn’t realize. He thinks that he is all here for the food, however, it’s a deep relationship, that is growing stronger every day. 

Now tell me what are your thoughts on The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 3? 

But, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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