The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 Review With Spoilers


The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 is a wholesome start that has a masterful big-sized cat and his human in the lead. The story revolves more around food, and some portions show how they spend their weekdays and a weekend. It’s a normal beginning without the big reveal.

So without any further ado, let’s get going with my first impression of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1.  

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 – Review

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 commences with a very beautiful landscape of Tokyo which every anime enthusiast would love watching. The magnificent Mount Fuji and the beautiful morning sunlight, enlightening the lives of the people gave me a fresh start to another journey, that I have embarked upon. 

We see Saku the protagonist being cared for by a shadowy figure. Of course, the big reveal still remains. Judging by Saku’s morning routine, there is less than a significant role in the process. She wakes up goes into the bathroom and voila everything is prepared and ready to go. 

The typical depiction of the morning in Tokyo is represented in a balanced way. Saku heads for work and the kids head for school. The packed train for the daily commuter while the rich take their work route on their personal vehicle. Everything before the title that comes up, builds the foundation of Saku’s morning weekday life.

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 Review
Picture Credit GoHands
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 Review
Picture Credit GoHands

So, after the long intro, we finally see the kawaii face of Saku who is curiously looking at the biggest cat images during lunch. The spark in her overall face shows how much she waits every day for lunch hours for sure. And the bento box is definitely something to crave for.

When Yuri comes and shares her opinion on cats and how Saku cannot get married if she has a cat, I didn’t like it at all. I love cats therefore the opinion was not cool, according to me at least. And I believe there are many out there who disliked Yuri in The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 because of this remark. 

However, what Saku says shows that she prefers living with her cat to get married which is kawaii like her. Well, there are married couples who are cat parents as well, right???

Also, Yuri suggests that if Saku is struggling with her cat, like if taking care of the feline is getting difficult for the lady, Yuri can ask her parents for the same. I once again disliked the remark here. She was constantly intruding on Saku and her life with her cat.

Yuri’s words marked Saku’s heart so significantly that she was pondering over the topic back home.

Yes, the big reveal is finally here. Yukichi is the masterful cat, who is way bigger than the typical size. He was wearing an apron and doing something that appeared cleaning the floor carpet. I too agreed with Saku, taking care of a cat can be challenging unless it’s Yukichi who is taking care of Saku.  

So, Yukichi has everything cooked for Saku for dinner but Saku returned late, of course, Japanese work culture. The way the masterful cat shows he is not very happy and he assumed that it’s half day Friday so Saku should have returned by dinner time, it was kind of nice.

Like you have someone preparing good-looking food and waiting for you at home. Also, to preserve the quality of the meal, he wrapped them up which was again a skillful step.

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Saku judging by her cheerful personality, appreciates the effort and doesn’t hold back from enjoying the meal wholeheartedly. The smile on Yukichi’s face was pure delight to watch; my goodness. He appeared like a proud Mama.

He is a Mama. After that wholesome meal, he took Saku to the bathroom for a deserved shower, which made me a bit jealous. Also, the way he dresses up before showering Saku, depicts his skill which obviously enhanced due to supposed daily practice in this affair.

OMG!! He also takes out the lunch bag from Saku’s work bag. Like we need this Cat in our life. 

Also, the confident smile after he finds out that the lunch box is swiped clean because of a definite reason(the food looks and tastes TASTY!!!) shows that he won the day. However, he doesn’t want Saku to know about his happiness in this regard. 

So, it seems he loves making Bento boxes for Saku. Her appreciation makes the cat blush, like so adorable. 

Saku knows how to manipulate the cat as well. The way she praises Yukichi for the cheese-stuffed chicken breasts makes Yukichi prep the same then and then. He kept this as a side dish for the next day’s bento box, but the Mama heart made him cook the same for Saku right then. 

Also, mind you Saku had a full meal just a few minutes before. So, we can imagine, how delicious the meals are. 

I was also wondering how far will this cat go to satisfy Saku’s appetite.

I just loved how Saku gives a shit to the thought of marriage when it comes to enjoying the mouthwatering delicacies made by her cat. It’s relatable. Food comes first.

See I am married and I love the concept of marriage, but marriage and living with a cat is great. So, when people like Yuri remark on the situation, I get a little triggered. Don’t mind me.

Yukichi is just a cat who is intelligent, walks on his two feet, and loves to feed his human a lot. 

He wakes up a bit earlier just like any adult would do, to get ready for the day. Till now, Yukichi has shown substantial cases where it seemed he is the adult in this home. 

After he prepares the lovely warm bento box for the day, Yukichi sure seems impressed at his own work. He even prepares the breakfast which also looks appetizing.

Just like every adult serving the corporate Saku too struggles to leave for work. Her immature self is something very few can express. So she cries her heart out which I assume many do in secret. 

Everything Saku says, for instance, the printouts, the jammed train, and the drunkards are sure authentic problems, that tend to be overlooked. However I liked how Yukichi gave his human a shoulder to cry, it appeared cordial. But it was not LOL!!! He also locks the door, just in case…

Like this struggle is real and this struggle is what made me start Tale Of The Town.

Anyway, the bright warm sunlight made Yukichi take a sunbath which was kind of cute. He cannot go out and sleep under sunlight like normal cats would do right. So, this is the best. 

In the earlier part of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 we watched how Saku spends her lunch time. Now, we witnessed, what Yukichi does. And this cat even drinks tea while learning a new recipe. If you pause and repeat, you might also learn a new Japanese recipe that you can try out today!!!

But this cat has an awesome memory. Like I just said you might pause and repeat to learn the new recipe, However, it’s not happening for Yukichi right??? He gets the entire new recipe memorized. I am envious of  Saku. 

So, he cleans the bath and gets it ready for the night. Here we also understand, what’s with all the dressing. He is not good with the water which is typical of cats. 

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He ensures that the dinner is also ready on time. Once again the impressive look on his face was enough to tell, how much proud he feels right now. The call sure was not cool. I assume if Saku had called 30 minutes earlier Yukichi might not have gotten that furious. 

However, one call from Yukichi was enough to make Saku finish her work on time and reach home to be with Yukichi and enjoy dinner on the side. She went into Saiyan mode. 

Well, it’s obvious he would smell like sunshine, cause he takes sunbaths,  we all know it.

Yuri gives Yukichi a present. I really didn’t think that through. Well, I mean, Yukichi won’t fit into it. However, the innate nature of a cat cozying up in an enclosed space is nature itself. He tried to fit in, regardless fitting only the head was possible. 

Yes, Yukichi is really thoughtful cat. He gifts Yuri madeleines. However, it was only for Yuri nothing for Saku. The way he smacks it is authoritative. Well, Saku doesn’t know that Yukichi learns new dishes in his free time to surprise this corporate girl. I hope she is grateful. 

I was again disappointed at what Saku’s colleagues said in regard to her supposed cooking skills. She would be a good wife. I will say that she is already more than that. She might be immature, but, the way she finished all her tasks on time and reached home was marvelous. This shows her commitment to work and her cat. 

Also, she feels guilty taking Yukichi’s credit for the madeleines.  Yukichi is also lucky to have such a genuine human in his life.

What makes me laugh at the moment, is just when Saku decides to stop bringing Yukichi into conversation, the name comes up.  And this time it’s her boss. The conversation was more about Yukichi, than the estimation of the C Company. 

Well, it seems Saku feels uncomfortable about Yukichi going public since he is different which is kind of reasonable. Now her chief says that he has met Yukichi. From Saku’s POV, it sure seems shocking, like Yukichi is a big cat and also, I guess she doesn’t remember anything. I hope to see the reference in the upcoming episodes for sure.

But still, what is she expecting to happen? 

The moment she entered her home, the mouthwatering food was enough to make her happy just as expected. 

So, Saku is scared of every other person learning about the existence of Yukichi, while Yukichi is taking care of the home all by himself. In The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 we see that the cat even takes out the trash. People might have seen him then. See, the granny was totally normal with him. In fact, she appreciates his effort. 

Towards the end of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1, we get to know the beginning of Saku and Yukichi’s relationship. Even the granny knew how immature Saku is. 

The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 Review
Picture Credit GoHands
The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1 Review
Picture Credit GoHands

The granny and Yukichi share a good bond. The granny even shares seaweed with Yukichi which he loves. 

He loves seaweed but he shares the same with Saku showing his generous side. 

The free mood was enough to inform the audience that this might be Saku’s day off, and she clarified the same in just a few seconds. 

But I totally liked it when Yukichi brought the weighing machine to make Saku not consider the second serving. He is a cat with a gold heart. Even though he spoils Saku with his yummy food, he wishes her good health. Hence he changed those yummy meals to healthy options. Such a thoughtful cat.

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While TOTT Concludes-

So, this was everything in my first impression of The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1. I loved it. However, I have so many questions bubbling inside me. For instance, how is Yukichi a masterful cat? Then their story with some more detail. I believe the anime will provide me with a satisfying ending. 

Now tell me what are your thoughts on The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again Today Episode 1? 

But, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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