Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 Review With Spoilers


Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 started with a gentle note. However, with every second, the show gave me the expected narrative which you can anticipate from the 7th episode of a second season. It would be better, that we delve right into my first impression or review of the episode right now-

Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 Review

Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 begins on a cordial note, where Mark and Amber spend time together at Comic-Con. The best part of this portion is when Mark and Fillip Schaff give the audience some details on how the animators speed up their work quite skillfully, to manage the timing. It was harshly true when Filip added that artists can get away with anything. 

When Mark’s cell phone rang, I was sure that he would have to leave. However, I was wondering what made Rex take such a quick decision. He answered it though in some seconds. It seemed very drastic. Also, I appreciated Amber’s reasonable attitude, here in this regard. 

Now the action sequence that Rex and the Octa-boss were having, seemed light and entertaining one for me. However, without Invincible coming on the spot, Rex might have lost the fight. Proving my point, he managed the later part, very meticulously which was impressive. 

I liked the montage when Rex and Invincible talk after the fight. I feel that Rex is a deep guy. However, his nonchalant behavior all the time, makes everyone not take him seriously or does he want that for himself???? 

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I was wondering what made Amanda finally agree to what Rudy wants for her. I guess, her respect for Rudy, made her sit down with the VR training session.

I feel bad for Rudy. He wants the best for Amanda since he likes her and wants her to grow up normally. On the other hand, the feminist side of Amanda cannot let Rudy take control of her situation at all. I find both of them right. What do you think???

Bulletproof puts in front the current status of Guardian which seemed very apt. Like from his POV Amanda is careless. However, what Black Samson defines is also on point. Bulletproof is new and had some expectations from the team. Also, he is young.

On the contrary, Black Samson is with the Guardian for a considerable amount of time.  However, calling Black Samson bald was too personal.

Immortal gives a good reason to retire, but seeing the current situation of GDA, his retirement seems like a loss for the country. I liked it when he said that he should be trusting Invincible more, though. Yes, he seems to distrust the lad just because he is the son of Omni-Man which seems unjustifiable.

Rick’s nightmare was unimaginable. Also, the nightmare happened in real, in a part of his life which is horrible. Also, I was shocked to find out Sinclair working for GDA. Was there something shown back in the last season, that I have missed?

Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 Picture Credit Prime Video
Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 Picture Credit Prime Video

Back at GDA, Donald is also struggling with his recent realization of life. Quitting seemed easier. However, what comes after his constant nagging to Cecil is sure not cool for the brain. Like watching yourself getting killed on video tapes and not remembering any of it. Also, there were a lot of folders to check. 

Now, surprisingly Principal Winslow is Dean Winslow and it proves advantageous for Mark. Like always, Amber goes with Mark to offer her genuine support. I wonder if will Mark be able to prove his commitment to college life and to Amber this time. See, I want Mark to be Invincible and there is a shortage of manpower in GDA. So…

Donald learns that it was he who chose to remove all his memories and it’s pretty practical. Yes, the trauma he experienced from his on-field duty is certainly too much to handle. However, William’s call sure feels extra to handle at this point. 

Back at the Graysons, Paul finally asks Debbie for the dinner. In some blogs before, I showed my sus, and now it’s the truth.

I genuinely like how Oliver calls Debbie Mama and Debbie never says anything like she did earlier. 

I also, liked how Mark came and hugged his mother. The conversation after was really deep. It was profound and meaningful and it offered some insight to Mark I feel. Debbie feels grateful that he has Mark and Oliver in her life. It is so nice of her to even consider Oliver a significant part of her life, now. 

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So, the way Donald convinces Rick is so good. Everything he brings to the table makes a valid point, especially about people whom we love and who love us. That totally helps Rick to calm down. Once again Donald proves his worth in this plain showing that he makes the world a better place for sure again.

Mark and Amber were having a superb time together and the BGM beautifully synced with the montage. However, with Anissa suddenly appearing on the spot, I was shaken. She was holding Amber’s head, and trust me I was terrified by just feeling what Mark and Amber were experiencing that time.  

Invincible, not handling the sudden Viltrumite situation at hand, all by himself was intelligent. Cecil and everyone at GDA backed him up showing the efficiency of the team. Now, Anissa shows the audience that she has some important points, and till now also, she appears quite harmless(not considering Amber’s situation though).  Cecil tries to take advantage of her point which is smart, and honestly, Anissa saves the day.

I kept wondering whether she was not aware of Cecil and the team listening to their conversation which Anissa clarified at the island giving me satisfaction. 

But the moment she growls, I was sure, bad news for Mark. 

She is infinite times stronger than Mark is and I was scared. Invincible was getting such bad hits. Except for him, no one is that capable of tackling such a sudden deadly, and suspicious situation.  

Cecil seems right. But Mark’s ego takes center stage which makes the montage very scary.

I also remember Mark was given a task to carry on Nolan’s mission which he totally forgot amidst college, Amber, Oliver, etc. 

Mark seemed serious about what he did with Anissa and this attitude put a satisfying smile on Cecil’s face. However, it seems that this is just the beginning and I am terrified.

The moment that Mark and Amber spent was heartbreaking and much needed. They both wanted to be together but when Amber admits that her being used as a weapon can be a situation Mark can face again. Parting is the only option as it seemed. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 Picture Credit Prime Video
Invincible Season 2 Episode 7 Picture Credit Prime Video

Also, when will it get better for Mark, it’s getting worse every second now. Some minutes before it was Anissa and now it’s Angstrom. What a good timing!!

Anissa fights Allen. But seeing, that Allen’s one punch was enough to make a Viltrumite bleed was nice. It kinda gives hope. Also, Allen being smart and acting to faint just to be carried inside the prison makes me wonder, like is there any hope? 

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While TOTT Concludes

So, this was everything about Invincible Season 2 Episode 7. The episode was full of action, drama, suspense, intense tension, and some relatable moments which made the episode superb. I can’t wait for the 8th episode to drop soon. Like there are so many questions that need answers. I liked it very much. 

Now tell me what are your thoughts on the episode? 

But, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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