Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review With Spoilers


Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 was an interesting chapter that had drama, intriguing montages, insights on relationships, and more. I am back with my review or more of a first impression on the Invincible Season 2 Episode 6. 

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Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review

So, Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 begins with a shocking situation, actually, it’s shocking for me, I seriously thought someone magically would appear to save Rex’s butt. I was terrified of what happens with Rex next. 

The depiction felt so real, like based on so much information that you stay alive for some seconds even after your heart stops working. He was shot in the brain. The strong gasp said everything. I like Rex’s energy and his intense funny demeanor in the show. 

Now back at the Martian ship. The entire montage was really heart-pumping. The direction was super engaging and I felt that blinking might not be a great idea right now. All, of them, tried their super duper best to tackle the situation with wit and strength. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review Picture Credit Amazon Prime
Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review Picture Credit Amazon Prime

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I totally appreciate how Shapesmith helps the Earthlings. However the moment Invincible snatches the amplifier from Immortal’s hand, I was confused. Yet, I liked how Immortal was reasonable, and not tried to be a leader. 

After all those attempts when we see Eve and Rudy under the control of the Sequids, I was disappointed. But Immortal and Invincible save the situation once again with intelligence and strength. Also, Rus Livingstone, the primary mission to save the American Astronaught is successful as of yet.

Now back on Earth, something shockingly strange happens. Rex regains consciousness even though he is bleeding from head to toe. Also, one of his wrists is absent. He wakes up and beats King Lizard just the way he should have. He was bleeding, from his head, like the blood kept spouting. 

Now, he was brutal in his actions and nothing like before. He kills King Lizard in the process. Just like the soldiers, I was astonished at the scene as well. And the enthusiasm expressed by Rex was weirdly surprising. Seemed like this is a new Rex.

Also, Shrinking Rae is alive too. Hurray!!!

So, the Earthians have started a war with the Martians, simply because Earthlings are kind and grateful for the simple support that Shapesmith provided during the most difficult situation.

However, I felt a bit disturbed by what Invincible does to the Martian Soldiers. They wanted to punish the betrayer. Shapesmith’s one wish to explore the outwardly world cost the race a lot, so, it was obvious right!!!

But to save one Martian, Invincible damages the soldier ships while putting their life at risk. It seemed unreasonable to me.

I once again I appreciated how Amanda takes her stand. 

So, we are in Grayson’s house where Debbie and Mark’s brother have bonded. Cecil was also present and his presence was as predictable as it could be. The little one calls Debbie Mama. The response to the call, I didn’t like it. He is a toddler, he doesn’t have to know where his mother is. 

But the way, Debbie shows confidence on the topic of raising the toddler without GDA’s help was a nice finish to the scene.

Now, back at GDA, the rescuers finally learn what happened when they were fighting for their lives in space. I was feeling bad for Immortal since his relationship with Kate was new. On the other hand, Rae and Rex are fighting for their lives.

I liked, watching Eve cry for Rex, made Invincible quickly visit Amber. It was touchy.

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So, Nolan’s new kid has a name now, which is Oliver. He now walks and can talk as well. The way he walks towards Mark and calls him ‘Brah Brah’ was so adorable.

Now at the funeral service, Immortal realizes how much Kate meant to him. He admits that the relationship was special and felt they were going to be together for a long time for sure. The brave man cries. The speech along with the one-to-one conversation implies that whatever they had was serious and quite profound just like Kate said to Rex.

At the cafe, Mark and Amber engage in a very serious conversation about the future of their relationship. Every point accumulated in the process has a point. But what I really didn’t like was Amber dating Mark because he is a superhero. The notion in itself seemed problematic. 

Mark is more than a superhero, is what I believe. Also, she feels uncomfortable lying about her superhero boyfriend with her new friends. I disliked Amber in the last season. And the feeling is kicking in once again.

However, I was surprised that Debbie is putting a sincere effort into helping Oliver grow big and strong which is very nice.

After that upsetting conversation, Mark returns to his dorm room and finds Rick in good shape and size. The audience has the idea of everything underneath the situation though. 

So, it was kind of Mark to visit Rex.  Rex is a changed person at heart as well. He understands where he went wrong all this time and he watched his life flash in front of his eyes. He simply can’t believe that he had to go through all those terrific situations only to realize how much of an asshole he was to all of his girlfriends.

I really liked how he understood that something is not right with Mark. He allows him to rant about what’s going on with him. Also, I appreciated how he totally ignores telling the situation in detail to Eve, like go find out yourself.

So, finally, Debbie gets a nanny for Oliver. It was so smart of her to catch Helga the nanny sent over to Debbie by Cecil. April, the very new candidate assures Debbie with her sweet words and now, the Grayson’s has a nanny for Oliver. However, I am skeptical of this situation.

Cecil like always fails to manage a situation by himself, which is, convincing Eve to join the Guardian. Well, the team needs a helping hand. But her assurance to help if there’s a need made Cecil leave politely. 

So, Mark and Amber seek advice from Eve and Art for the future of the relationship. They both listen patiently and direct them to one another very beautifully. I truly appreciate how Mark never sees the bad in Amber like I do.

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However, finally, Mark gets some of the books written by Nolan from Art. I hope he finds some clues.

Just like Donald, Rick is also experiencing trauma from his lost memories. Hope it’s not that bad for this young individual. 

Mark reads two of the stories written by Nolan. The former one was nice at least it blew up a star. However, the last was very horrific. Like, I didn’t expect the female lead to be killed in some seconds.

So, Allen is on his way to take Invincible. However Immortal, enraged with what Cecil wanted him to take on, rush to handle the circumstance all by himself. It seemed like he wanted to escape the topic. Without knowing who is it, he courses claiming that it’s Omni-man. Only Cecil knows that it cannot be Omni-man.

Invincible arrives exactly on time and saves the case from going downhill. I was scared for Allen.

Amber on the other hand is seen contemplating on texting or not texting to Mark, which again seems justifiable seeing from her POV.

Well, it appears that many rules along with several terms are the same in both Allen’s and Mark’s worlds. 

So, Allen and Mark share important information about whatever they have but Mark refuses to visit giving a good reason. Instead, he shares the books and informs about the stories that Nolan wrote. Turns out that all the stories might share real details that might help the Coalition of Planets beat the Viltrum. Allen leaves and Mark assures that he will help when the right time comes. It was nice.

So, as Allen talks about Vitrum prison, the audiences gets a sneak peek inside. The Vitrumites want Nolan to rejoin and wreak havoc again like he used to. However, Nolan is silent which shows that he has a clear change of heart. The interaction makes me want to believe that Nolan really loves Debbie and his life there on Earth. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review Picture Credit Amazon Prime
Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review Picture Credit Amazon Prime

Okay, back with Rus, I can’t digest the fact one of the Sequids came back and remained inside him all this time. Also, we don’t know what happened with Shapesmith. However judging by Rus’s current standing, a new problem is at hand.

At the end of episode 6, we meet Angstrom once again traveling back to his dimension, leaving us with a lot of questions, as to meet with whom, is it the Maulers or Invincible or GAD? Let’s find out in Episode 7.

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While TOTT Concludes

So these are all my thoughts and opinions on Invincible Season 2 Episode 6. Now it’s time for me to learn yours. The episode was one of the most entertaining one which made me excited from time to time. Mark and Amber’s situations, and Debbie and Oliver’s lives were the only times that gave the audience some normal moments to settle with since the episode was packed with quiet interesting moments. I am all excited for the 7th one now. 

So, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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