Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Review With Spoilers


Invincible Season 2 Episode 5  was interesting. Again lot was happening and everything wrapped in this episode had significance for the narrative to advance further. TOTT is here with the review or more of what I felt about each of the portions of the episode. 

So without any further delay let us get going with-

Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Review

Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 begins at Thraxa with Mark looking at the burning city. When Mark was looking at the burning city, I felt sad and terrified. 

When Mark first arrived he was amazed to see the serene and beautiful landscape of the planet, which is burning right now, and it was a few hours before this current situation. We find some survivors of the massacre.  Thank goodness Mark’s sibling and his mother Andressa were all in good shape. I was happy seeing Nuolzot survived the Vitrumites as well.

Now, when Marks brings up, that the current situation of Thraxa, is because of Nolan the Viltrumite, what Andressa suggests is kinda required to be followed on Earth as well. They believe in not complaining or blaming. They focus on moving ahead which is genuinely good advice that we can take from the content right.

A small and funny instance was, Nuolzot referring to the college as a center of learning and drink. 

Again we observe how much Mark feels responsible for the trouble that cost so many lives at Thraxa just because of his father. He’s willing to compromise his happiness and stay there on a strange planet to help the people over there which is genuinely an example of good parenting.

Now, what Andressa does is pretty profound while being extremely heartbreaking. When she talks about taking his son to Earth, I understood then and then, where she was going. Well,  Andressa is old now, unlike when we saw her for the first time. 

Every point Andressa puts in front of Mark is significant. Besides she says that if Nolan by chance gets the opportunity to come back, he will go searching for Mark and not Andressa since he knows very well, that there will be no Andressa in some days or months, maybe. It’s brutally true.

So, when Debbie returned from work, her closeness with Paul made me suspicious, but I will root for her no matter what. However, it was nothing to be suspicious about. 

Mark finally came home and I felt what Debbie experienced, a pocket of joy after working hours. Also, it’s been two months. 

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Whatever Debbie says, I totally side with her, here. Nolan did have a choice. But talking about all of these with Mark was not right I think.

Actually, Mark also felt the same way when Nolan said that the Thraxans might be under attack, which came true in just a few seconds, right!! 

Now, when Mark says that he is willing to take a year off from college to look after his little brother it is very nice of him. He was willing to sacrifice the life he craved so much just for the sake of his younger brother. I know it’s not right but this act of kindness makes his personality so admirable, don’t you think??

Debbie understood the love Mark had developed for his brother all this time. Her pitching the idea of managing the parenting situation for now clearly shows, from where Mark gets all his kind qualities. 

Judging from where Donald stands is freakishly weird. Also, after episode 5 I know that Donald sure holds a good position after Cecil in GDA, which is kinda impressive.

So, we finally have an answer to why Debbie was shocked. Well, I felt Cecil did nothing wrong. He saved Donald and gave him a new body that looked exactly like him. He also explains everything, regarding his intelligence and his memory loss. He adds that Donald is better, stronger, and alive which made sense to me at least.

However, Cecil’s remark on existential angst was out of the line. I guess he never experienced any emotional breakdown ever, or his experiences in the past might have made him this way.

So, Mark finally returns to college. Whatever Willliam said in regards to his absence was right on point. But hanging William after saying that he met his father and then leaving for Amber was wrong of Mark.

Now, we can see that Mark is genuinely not a good employee that you would keep for long in your company. Just Kidding!!

Well, he should have checked in with Cecil first and then went to his college. I understand that Debbie and Amber are important but he should have just informed him and then gone to college. 

I am saying all this because it was Mark who wanted to work for Cecil when Cecil refused to take him. He was the one who showed commitment to prove Cecil wrong, and now since he has done something Cecil might never approve of, avoiding Cecil simply put him under more focus. 

Also, I don’t know why Cecil is always the bad guy. His justification for not installing cameras at Debbie’s place clearly shows that he is genuinely looking after her. If his intentions were wrong, he would have denied everything and would not have listened to anyone. 

If you differ from me on Cecil please do let me in the comment section, did he do something in the last season that makes him bad and that makes everyone not like him at all? 

So when Cecil says that they will be sending a team to pick up Nolan’s kid, it makes me concerned just like it did to Mark. However, Mark standing up for the situation is worth appreciating. Also, how he lowered his voice and said that he would join work tomorrow, seemed strong, and responsible. 

Mark gets reunited with Amber which made me happy. Mark shares everything that happened in the past two months, back in Thraxa. Also, we got to learn that a lot happened here on Earth as well with Amber, and it was genuinely a lot. 

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What makes the moment nice is Amber’s assurance to Mark that what she feels about Mark is not going to change irrespective of who his father is. It was good. 

What Donald dreams about the robot, and the gasp and the shock is totally understandable. Like, you knew all this time that you are human, and suddenly you have PTSD and you are a cyborg. It’s not easy. I guess the thought itself is suffocating the man.

I completely appreciate how Amanda stands up for herself. It portrayed her strong personality as well. 

However, Rex’s remark on the argument makes the small montage funny. Also, how he screams when Cecil arrives suddenly at the spot is laughable. His argument in this regard was also on point. And I guess, Cecil also understood therefore he listened to whatever Rex had to say.

Now, let’s go back to the Martian problem once again. The way Shapesmith tried to handle the situation was turning to be dramatic. However, Cecil along with the others knew everything except how he got here. 

This montage says, that this Martian is genuinely dimwitted and will prove a disadvantage for the upcoming situation for sure. His dramatic narration on how he reached Earth might have been valiant from his end. But this cost the life of one of Earth’s astronauts. He is nothing but a stupid Martian who is a brilliant example of liability. 

Rex is a profound character is what is established in this part of the series. He seems playful all the time who takes almost every aspect of life not so seriously. But his long meaningful conversation with Eve showed what he truly is. I appreciate his listening skills. He first listens to what Eve needs to unload. Then after assuring her, he puts in front his actual reason to meet Eve. 

Adding here one more thing which is Rex met the couple who were saved by Eve and shared the information that both of them are doing fine which is genuinely great don’t you think??

We are back at Grayson’s home, and I was surprised to see Debbie so calm with Nolan’s new baby. She is a good human being. She is patient with the alien baby and is very generous in the process of parenting once again.

But I liked how the baby responded as soon as Mark entered the room. He was delighted to see a familiar face. 

Well, it seems that Mark has forgiven  Nolan completely and has moved on, unlike his mother. He believes whatever his father instructed while being captured. 

Once again Mark gets assigned to another space program. And, I felt bad when both Mark and Debbie refused to take Cecil’s help with the new baby situation at hand. But I feel that Debbie might consider the option. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Picture Credit Prime Videos

I totally understood what Amber felt at the moment when she was informed that Mark was leaving for space AGAIN!!! They get very little time together and it hurts when you get very little time to spend with your love.

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So, in the Earth spacecraft, we see Invincible joining the mission with Eve. Now, the moment Eve joins, the enthusiasm shown by Mark and hugging her tight, represents how significant Eve is to Mark. He didn’t get the chance to meet her after returning back to Earth so his reaction was pretty justifiable. 

Well, I have to say, Rex makes everything seem easy. At least it does for me. 

Just the moment Rex said that there would not be two crises at the same time, I was sure that something wrong would take place right now.  His wish came true and it was horrible. 

I wondered how Shapesmith not worry about the consequences at all; back in the space, I was shocked at his audacity to say clear-cut that he would not like to share Martian Military secrets. I know he is stupid but this was too much to handle.

His simplemindedness was making me angry and laugh at the same time.

He proved a liability for Mars and of course Earth.

Thanks to Eve’s presence on the mission. She proves her presence worthy, a lot of times on the program significantly. 

Now, back on Earth we find the remaining of the Guardian, while Rae, and Kate not willing to chill but are forced to chill by Rex. However,  Cecil’s call, made Rex worry since he did really want to chill.

Bulletproof’s one abrupt step intensifies the mission too much, in an immeasurable manner.

The situation both on the Martian ship and on the Earth seemed tough.

Okay, so every time the Superheros, thought something to save the situation, every time it was tackled pretty intellectually by the sequids.

And on Earth, I was horrified to see what happened with Rae and Kate. When Kate and Rae get killed, the horror mixed with sadness in Rex’s eyes is invincible. No wonder he was skeptical about his fate as well. We still don’t know if he’s alive or not.

Now back in space, when Mark was motivating Eve saying ‘You can do it’, I found it annoying. Like, it was already hard for Eve to hold on to the shield for such a long duration. It appeared that Mark’s motivation was not doing anything good. 

But I also get Invincible here. Since he was feeling helpless with all the situation growing harder every second, motivating was the only thing he could do. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 5 Picture Credit Prime Videos

And things go downhill just like that. 

However, Allen is alive and Thaedus is a Viltrumite. He wanted to test Allen’s sheer will to fight back for life which Allen did and he is much more stronger physically now. And Thaedus is not the mole. 

Now, I am wondering if will Mark ever be able to live his desired life on Earth. He will be summoned to talk with Thaedus now by Allen as I am predicting. Let us see what happens next.

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While TOTT Concludes

So, this was everything I found interesting and that needed a review from Invincible Season 2 Episode 5. I really hope that we are on the same page here. But I would also like to know what you think about Invincible Season 2 Episode 5. Please do share your thoughts and opinions on the exciting 5th episode of the second season. 

So, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point.

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