Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Review With Spoilers


Invincible Season 2 Episode 4, the first few minutes gave the audience what happened after Nolan left Earth. We watched him fly for a great amount of time lost in his sad thoughts. He even tried to give up. But he found a new beginning when he saved the aircraft and met his new people in the process. 

But what happened immediately next, was a shocking revelation for Mark as well as for me. I fell sick for a few minutes. Actually, I experienced what Mark was feeling and I kind of wanted to register the information and the details shown on screen as soon as possible, so that I get to move on and enjoy the rest of the minutes of the TV show. 

Without any further ado, let us get going with-

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Review

Let me begin by appreciating that Viltrumites are genuinely a very powerful race. When Nolan was standing in front of the Black Hole, it was his option to either give in or just carry on with his fight. But we see how the spacecraft gets slowly sucked into the hole. Nolan was successful in pulling it out as if it was a child’s play for him. The representation was pretty impressive.

So, Mark finally comes face to face with his father or dad. He handled the situation just like an 18-year-old would have done, and it was perfectly apt. But when Mark gets introduced to Nolan’s new wife and shockingly to his little brother, it is upsetting while being extremely disturbing. The moment Nolan and his wife got intimate in front of Mark, I genuinely felt what Mark felt. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Picture Credit Prime Videos

Once again he feels cheated and betrayed. However, this time it’s much sicker since he was invited to a strange planet and forced to witness something that he had no idea about. It was gross and simply terrifying. 

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Debbie’s commitment to Nolan kept coming into my mind and her deteriorating mental health was troubling me to be honest. And this new life that Nolan has started genuinely made me feel sad for Debbie.

This also made me realize that Debbie might not be the first wife to Nolan if we choose another perspective to the narrative, don’t you think?

So, when I was wondering about Debbie, the scene takes us to what Debbie was experiencing, right at this moment. Her slow walk and the song, Olympus by Bombshell played in the background, kinda took me to the first episode’s directorial montage(talking about Karma Police), which genuinely enhanced the first few minutes on our Earth. 

When I found Debbie standing at the bridge lost in her thoughts seemed that she was trying to leave for good, which really made me very sad. But the scene then transcends to the graveyard. She cries her heart out, which she needed. 

Her question on why did Nolan marry her had a very simple explanation. He wanted an heir who would help him take over the planet seamlessly. However, the plan didn’t go as he wanted so, Debbie and Mark got heartbroken. I am curious, did my explanation not cross Debbie’s mind at all, all this time?

So, Mauler successfully gave birth to his clone and shared all his experiences and memories just like before. 

Meanwhile, Donald comes to visit Debbie. I assume he wants to know why she reacted in that weird surprised way when they met each other at GDA headquarters a few days ago. However, Debbie was not yet at her place, so that made him explore the damaged site in front of their home. 

We, all know what happened in the last season, so I am not wasting any reading time here. However, just imagine you finding out your old spectacle in a rubble pile and you have no idea about it. It feels very strange and weird to see Donald. 

Back in the college, we learn that Mark’s been away for one week already, and Eve is going through something as well. However, William and Amber are enjoying their college life just like they wanted. The good thing is that they made some new friends in the college as well. 

The way they both greeted Eve, I must say, that it was so cordial and warm. 

So, Nolan explains everything to Mark. From a parent’s perspective, Nolan is looking after his younger son while Mark is feeling cheated. But what makes Mark adorable is when he perceives the looming danger over his little brother. 

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See, both Nolan and Mark are practical and emotional. However, I found it quite convenient, that as soon as Nolan is done talking the information, the Viltrumites attacks. But Nolans’ subtle remark on the sudden ambush might put me in the wrong this time, and I really hope it does.  

Now, we got to see where Eve crashed. Also, we meet Killcanon stealing a powerball. Please do tell me in the comments, did we meet Killcanon in the last season?

Mark finally comes to terms with Andressa after he takes them to safety. We learned how both Andressa and Nolan bonded, and honestly, I perceived what Andressa felt after Mark’s repeated outbursts. 

Lucan a Viltrumite enters this nice moment and offers a term to Mark which is kind of understandable, from his end. When he was done talking, I wondered if Mark gives a shit to their terms which was laughable, since Viltrumites believe their power makes them some superior breed. But, this offer seemed silly to me actually.  Their one directional purpose makes it very stupid according to me.

I felt scared when Lucan learns about the existence of Nolan’s little son. But good boy Mark tries to save the family by utilizing every power he has. 

Viltrumites are extremely powerful. For some good minutes, I felt that Mark would be able to handle Lucan all by himself and this opportunity would give him the chance to level up. However, when Lucan pushed Mark’s head down on the surface with only one of his fingers, he as well, questioned Mark’s parentage. 

Nolan comes right on time and answer his question very demonstratively. Yes, Nolan is Nolan, he takes minutes to finish his job and saves the day. Also, can’t skip how swiftly Mark saves Andressa and his sibling amidst the chaos that was expected of him though. No wonder Nolan called him for help.

Back on earth Eve and Killcanon engage in a fight which does not end in a good way. And I believe the incident back in Chicago is what is troubling Eve.

Art comes and puts some serious thoughts inside Debbie’s head which she definitely needed to hear. It was insightful for me as well. We learned that Nolan was never around, he was busy being a superhero. Therefore she is the reason why the earthlings are still alive. Her parenting made it crystal clear. I wonder where was Art all this time. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Picture Credit Prime Videos

So, finally, Donald learns what happened to him, which sure is terrifying, imagining from his end.

Now, I felt sad about what fell upon the species that saved Nolan. They definitely did not deserve such trouble in their life. What makes the moment worth talking about is that Nolan shedding tears and feeling bad about this species. Mark’s remark on Nolan’s current emotional breakdown was right on point. I expect, that this comment opens the eyes of this Viltrumite. 

I understood that Mark holds back a lot significantly to end up not killing the villains on Earth. The moment he takes charge of his power, Thula, the Viltrumite starts to enjoy the combat. I appreciate what Nolan insights here. Mark needed to go beyond his Earth self to combat the Viltrumites since they fight like killing is the only option. 

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So, Mark upgrades as needed. But what happens I simply didn’t expect that to happen. Like seriously, Viltrumites are extremely strong. The ones calling Lucan weak, were not there to call the mission successful. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 Picture Credit Prime Videos

Anyway, both Thula and Vidor meet a gross and bad end, it was disturbing for me. However, now, I wonder if is Nolan dead. He can’t be right?  Since he is Omni-man father of Invincible, who is also injured and is bleeding heavily.

So, we learned that when Nolan left for good, it was Cecil who was providing Debbie and Mark with Nolan’s money all this time. But Debbie wants Cecil to give this money to Chicago whoever needs it which is genuinely something worth appreciating. 

Also, Debbie feels that Cecil is controlling them by providing them with money. Since Debbie has joined her job once again, I believe that gives her the freedom to make such liberal decisions, which is brave as well. 

Back in Thraxa, Viltrumites come and take back the bodies of their soldiers. In the process, they capture Nolan as well. But Nolan makes Mark remember whatever good he did as the hero. And on earth, we find those books, all packed for the garbage disposal van to take care of. 

Once again we see Eve struggling in her own thoughts. So she goes to meet her parents, I believe she went there to meet her mother. 

And back in Thraxa, General Kregg gives a deadly warning to Mark about executing his father while he has to take on the mission to conquer Earth for the remaining Viltrumintes otherwise they will not budge on killing millions on his behalf. 

I understand that Mark is not in the right space to think clearly. Also, I am afraid to even think about what happened to his younger sibling since there is no information revealed on their survival as of yet.

Back on Earth Donald tries to kill himself only to find out that the hand knife he uses to cut himself, has been bent in the process, which gives us so many questions to wonder and ponder. 

Lastly, the Mauler clone poisons the original Mauler, only to make the moment quite laughable. Like, treat yourself better to live longer and greater. 

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While TOTT Concludes

Invincible Season 2 Episode 4 was a rollercoaster ride. It is packed with so many things that you might have to re-watch to understand and then move on to the next episode. It was without a doubt a profound chapter in Mark’s life that pushed him to perceive life not in the way he wanted. He is left to decide what comes next which makes me feel intensely for him. Let’s see what awaits in episode 5.

So, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Leave your comments and let me know did we missed any point. Also, what’s your thought on this episode?

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