Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Review With Spoilers


Here is TOTT with Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Review. The narrative was again a slow burner and honestly, I felt that it had some unneeded portions. Some portions such as Allen, we were made aware of him and what happened to him in the plot. Also, the Coalition of the Planet is significant in the advancement of the story, is what I believe. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get going with-

Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Review

So, Mark is here at Upstate University to start his new phase of life: college life. Debbie sees him off in his college. I liked how Mark tries to make the goodbye not sad. 

As soon as Debbie says that it is time to push her baby bird out of her nest, Mark says at least he can fly which I must say was genuinely witty. Also, Mark assures her that he can reach his mother in just like 5 minutes. Well, he is Invincible duh. 

But I felt what Debbie was going through. See, life needs to go on. But because they were betrayed by someone integral to their life and who they loved wholeheartedly, moving on is different for them. 

So Mark’s starting with his college life came very fast to Debbie’s life, which I felt at least. Even though she assures Mark that she will be fine, it is hard to believe and we all know what happens later in this 3rd episode, right?

The conversation on drugs between the mother and son was funny, don’t you think?

Mark promises to come home on Sunday for dinner, which he might not be able to keep, I believe.

Now, honestly, I kept wondering what Debbie would do after she is all left alone in her home. This situation made me question a lot of things. She is definitely sad and brutally heartbroken. Moving on is not easy when you are cheated and called a pet by your beloved. 

Mark was only holding her back and pushing her towards a positive side of life. When she brought out the card left by Olga gave me relief though. Also, the call that she made was a positive step.

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Gladly, Mark will be sharing his room with his best friend William. By the way, Willaim’s side of the room is super neat, classy, and elegant which made me question my decluttering and organizing skill.

So, when Mark throws away his collectible to begin fresh as a college student, I felt bad. Like he was trying to change. 

Taking out Seance Dog only, was sad for me. Like did the other collectibles did you do something bad Mark? Well, as a 32-year-old I am still unable to afford myself the collectible that I want to. So when he threw them away it made me feel annoyed a bit. The moment was a perfect example of peer pressure.

Mark and Amber finally do it. Just like the narrator, let us take a break from Earth and peek at Allen’s life now.

We get a detailed history of Allen’s leniency and what happened to his ancestry. The Viltrumite is sure something. I believe Allen was one of the Kind and he is the best experiment of the breed so far.

I can’t remember about the Coalition of Planets in Season 1. If it was mentioned in Season 1 please do tell me in the comment section below. The narrator explained everything so clearly. It provided the audience with everything that they needed to know to empathize with the character.

What happened to him in the plot was so bad!!! We can clearly see how good the alien is. So, when Thaedeus talks with him about a mole and when he is enquired about the conversation by his girlfriend, I genuinely thought, that his girlfriend might be the mole. However, my bad. 

I genuinely hated what the Viltrumite does to Allen. It was so wrong and bad. They were merciless and their action was further suspicious. They were inquiring Allen about Mark Greyson. 

However, what caused them their unnecessary enragement made me furious. Like killing Allen will not take them to where they need to go right??? So why did they leave him almost dead in space?

I feel, that since Allen was given the task to find out the Mole, Thaedus asked the Viltrumites to leave him undead so that he could take care of the same seamlessly afterward. 

Just like Allen, I was wondering about the whole thing. Like just a few minutes before, he revealed about Mark Greyson, in front of the Coalition of Planets, and now the Viltrumites ask him the same question. There is a mole, who is not his girlfriend. 

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Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Picture Credit Prime Videos

If Thaedeus hadn’t killed Allen, I believe Allen would have lived a happily ever after life with his partner after he recovered. I really hope that the viewers get to see a deserving outcome for Thaedus, later in the plot.

Now, we are back on Earth, where Rex is back with his quirkiness. I love how he manages to be an asshole while being funny at the same time. He just could not get the idea that he got cheated, lol!!!

However, I was also looking forward to an answer, which Dupli-kate delivered right on time. I got the bond, that Dupli-kate and Immortals share, which obviously Rex did not get. He was trying hard to prove himself that he is a good guy. His effort made the montage quite funny. The witty remarks added by Amanda should be praised as well. 

To add more humor to this portion of the narrative, Shapesmith arrives and surprises everyone with his attempt to use the treadmill. His attempts to be a normal earthling seriously make his presence on screen laughable. I was with Rex this time.

Now, Rudy finally collects all his courage to ask Amanda for movie night, and they go as well. The additional dinner date at Burger Mart was a nice finish after the movie, I felt.

So, what did you think about the conversation between Rudy and Amanda? The profound explanation about fear and resolving the situation kinda feels relatable to me. But what Amanda says is also significant, don’t you think?

Finally, we learn what was the business card all about. It’s like a support group where spouses of Superheros meet and talk about their grief and sad experiences to keep on living after the tragic death of their other halves. 

So Debbie was greeted with warmth and understanding by Carol who is the host of the support group which was kinda nice. She needed this. Also, I must add here, that when she deleted the ‘I Miss You’ text that she wanted to send to Mark, I kinda felt good. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Picture Credit Prime Videos

Like she is a mother of course, but she is a human first and she needs to look after her mental health right now.

The conversation at the bar between Theo and Debbie was painful. One knows who killed the other’s family and still has to continue listening. 

Also, the moment she realizes that Theo is Alana’s husband, she is terrified and shattered. So, I totally get it when Debbie takes a break from that miserable conversation. 

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William’s talk about Rick, that takes us back to Season 1, which still makes him feel disturbed. But in a few seconds, what happens and Willaim’s expression and the way he returns back and shelters himself under the sheet was funny. No wonder how he reacted right?

Marks’ reaction and how Willam tries to hide the weird situation were also understandable. I was worried about other students finding out, about Mark’s true identity though. Also, I must say, that Mark was relentless with the imposter.

I completely understood what Mark was going through. He is a good guy who wants to save people while finishing his education, side by side. This sudden thing coming up was confusing. I was confused as well.

His decision to side with Nuolzot became much easier when Willliam helped him find an answer. It was about saving 42 Billilon insect people, after all.

After his conversation with Cecil, I started to worry about this superhero kid because he is innocent and he is healing. Making a random decision to help an alien planet is something worth time investing in.  And it seems unpractical, to just suddenly take off.  

I appreciate that Amber supports Mark for his next mission though. And the way Mark asks her to break the news to Debbie shows that Debbie would have sided with Cecil this time for sure. Also, I really hope that Amber has heard what Mark feels for her; the moment was special.

So, Debbie couldn’t hold back her broken emotions anymore. It was genuinely too much. Mark leaving for college then learning about the support group and finally learning about Alana broke her, which was quite understandable. Her coming out as Omniman’s wife was like salt in the wound for Theo. Judging by Theo’s expression it was quite clear that he was full of negativity for Debbie at that moment.

Also, at this very juncture, I was wondering, how would Debbie react if she learned right now that Mark has left Earth to save some other planet. Imagining being in her shoes makes me sad.

So, Invincible arrives at Thraxa, and the beauty and peace of the planet was so nice. However, when I noticed that there was no ongoing meteor shower, it made me concerned for Mark. Also, Nuolzot forgot about the meteor shower as well. 

The repeated mention of ‘Monarch’ gave me stress honestly. And then we finally meet Nolan. He planned this ruse to meet his son. I wonder what awaits next. The way Mark sounded is worrying me, since based on the other dimensions, Invincible teamed up with Omni-man so….

Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Picture Credit Prime Videos

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While TOTT Concludes

This is everything on Invincible Season 2 Episode 3 Review. I liked how seamless the direction was at the end when Nolan met Mark once again after one year. I totally didn’t assume it coming. The narrative was good, but can’t say brilliant though. Yes, some portions seemed unnecessary. But I hope those ends will add value to the show later in the narrative. 

So, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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