Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Review – Did the 2nd episode amaze you as well?


Invincible Season 2 Episode 2  is a slow burner that appears more of a paved ground for the 3rd episode for me.  Since we already knew from the debutant, that Mark would be now working for Cecil some plots were predictable.

Additionally, watching Debbie in the last episode also gave us the understanding that Debbie and Mark need time to reconcile with the past and move on. But what was interesting was bringing back the story of a Martian Man from last season which was left unspoken. And also, we now know the significance of the King of Atlantis, Aquarus. 

So without any further ado, let us get going with-

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 – Review

So the episode begins with Mark and his friends graduating from high school and all ready for the next chapter which is college life after summer. We are finally reintroduced with Mark’s best friend who was missing in the last episode. Honestly, I was concerned about him.

Now the speech delivered by principle Winslow was sure boring, well, for me at least. Also, the boring expression on his face gave the idea that he might be the Martian Man impersonating the principal. Also, I must say, that the similar expression on all the students gave an impression that the graphic quality was not up to the mark in this portion of the episode at least.

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos

So, we see Amber, Eve, and William being present at their respected graduation ceremony while Mark fighting the villain, Dr. Seismic whom we watched in the last season as well.

Amber has changed a lot from last season. When William was complaining about Mark being absent from his own graduation party saving the world, Amber sides with Mark and trust that he will be here in no time, which I personally appreciated. 

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This time it’s Pentagon for Dr. Seismic. I genuinely smiled when he corrected Mark saying that he never taught indicating why he is not a professor, ever. Just like Mark, I was also wondering what happened to him since he fell inside a volcano last time. Most importantly how is he alive? To which his answers, but it was vague. But in some seconds it was clear. 

So, basically Dr. Seismic is fighting for Earth since humankind is focused on irrigating every single mineral that they can find to maximize their profit. Inquisitive Mark wanted to know why this historical building though. Well, almost every other building is made on earth with the mineral excavated from its core. In this regard, Dr. Seismic answers that he is ready to settle with the building made of wood. 

So while he fell into the big pool of lava he made some new friends, Magmanites whom he brought with him for this endeavor.

I should add here that the Principal’s speech seemed like a description concerning the combat that Mark was fighting with the Magmanites. The path that Invincible, chooses to defeat Dr. Seismic once again proves how much Mark is physically strong, and that he is Invincible.

Now, Mark gets relieved from his morning job and he returns to his graduation ceremony bringing a smile to Amber’s face for sure. William’s remark on Abraham Lincoln’s quote placed by their principal was a light touch on the episode. He couldn’t believe Abraham Lincoln could say such words, I was wondering why not. But Mark also sides with William in this regard; still wondering why not!!!

Also, I liked how Mark likes sharing about his adventures as a superhero with Amber. I also liked, how he represented Dr. Seismic to Amber, and it was truly worth talking about.

I liked how Mark flicks his graduation hat which rises up so high, this I kinda predicted would happen. And I must say how the title of the TV show got announced as it happens in every single episode. The boring expression on the Principal’s face just added fun to the context.

Now, I liked how Eve and the others were hanging out at Eve’s place which was genuinely so cool. I always wanted to have a tree house. However, the lack of space in my grandfather’s place really did not side with this particular desire. So watching the 4 hanging out made me happy. 

The expression on Eve’s face is genuinely so direct when William talks about losing her virginity. I would have also expressed my feelings with such apt expression I must say. 

So they all share their summer plans and it was understandable judging from the way each one of them is. However, Mark being recruited by Cecil, was on call, for a sudden mission. This was quite inspiring.

Also, do tell me in the comment section did you knew the definition of the comptroller before this episode.

As soon as the bottles finished up, Eve filled in the empty hands with new bottles which was magical. I was fascinated just like William. What made the moment more magical was that Eve gave Mark a Virgin Mai Tai since he is on the call. 

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Now we are taken back to USSA(we all understand what USSA is ) and the professionals are talking about the Martian Man situation which was never touched for once, in the last episode, after that very particular episode (or if, please do correct me if I am wrong in the comment section below.)

Yes, they barely survived. However, an interplanetary war, just imagining it, is giving me sweats.

Now talking about Livingstone he is the Martian Man who is intensely scared of what might happen to him if the earthlings find out about him. His begging for life totally makes him look innocent and not harmful at all. Also, we now know that the Martians have three-chamber hearts. Also, Rus adjusting his head when asked to do so metaphorically was funny, I mean he is a simpleton alien who wants to live that’s it.

So, when I saw that Eve was helping out the construction workers back in Chicago, I honestly doubted that the construction that she pulled through her superpower would not be as effective as it seemed from the outside. However, when she is showered with praise from the Civilians I thought I was thinking too much.

Now, when the encouraging words pushed her to rebuild the park, and when the kid stepped up on the seating area around the fountain, I was relieved thinking that I was surely overthinking. But then what happens later answers my concern crystal clearly.

I didn’t expect Debbie to be unaware that his son has been drinking coffee ever since he got his superpower. Correct me if I am wrong, but it might be because she was focused on her life with Nolan all this time. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos

So, the conversation that takes place between the jilted mother and son, was certainly relatable. They were uncomfortable, yet Debbie tried to make things right for both of them by planning a holiday. Mark too wants to take a break from living their regular life. However his focus on proving that he is not his father was eating him so much that he was relieved as soon as he got the call from Cecil. 

I totally get what Debbie was going through since Mark is everything that she has got. On the other hand, Mark was trying to escape from being identified as Omniman’s son and proving that he was not his father. His mother’s attempt to make everything right turned wrong. 

Now, while the Guardians are all training their ass up for boosting their performance during actual needs, Mark is someone whom Cecil is depending upon is what I understood. 

I was shocked to find out Dupli-kate and Immortal. Like because of Dupli-kate, Eve and Rex broke up in the last season. Well, Rex is definitely a red flag. However, Dupli-kate pretending to be someone nice and righteous ticked me off. 

We are again here with Rus who is enjoying his off time eating frozen pizza. He was asked for rent which he doesn’t know anything at all about. 

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So, Martian Man is appreciated by the government and is considered one of the greatest heroes of the Guardians which brings a smile to Rus’s face. And the words spoken about the Martian Man were genuinely nice and cordial.

Mark is again on his next mission which was very interesting. We come across the sidekick of Darkwing, The Night Boy. He is dedicated to his boss and still is proud to carry out the work of his superior.  He typically kills scumbags since he believes these people are scumbags.

Now what Mark does after entering the dark curtain, can be totally related, he is just a teenager. But I, in my early 30s will also do the same for sure. The ambiance was totally dark and mystical and I was thoroughly looking forward to knowing what will be the mission this time.

So, what I am sure about is that Night Boy, now Darkwing, hears voices that make him kill/punish anyone whom he believes needs to be punished.

Now, when Mark gets trapped in the Shadowverse, oh boy, I was scared, like I know that he is the protagonist and nothing bad will ever happen to him. But I was still terrified. Now, the way he manages to manipulate the situation in his favor is remarkable. He uses his position as the son of the Omniman, and successfully reverses the situation.

So, when Mark says ‘Like you said I am Omni-man’s son, you have no idea what I am capable of’ it was dark. 

Debbie takes the role of a concerned mother, which I believe Mark would never have appreciated, if he by any chance came to know about it. But seeing the situation from Debbie’s side it is understandable, don’t you think?

Now, as the conversation proceeds, Cecil becomes very straightforward with his words. It’s like he is been comparing Nolan and Mark all this time. Debbie is truly hurt when she realizes the comparison because she knows firsthand how much Mark is struggling with the betrayal. 

When Cecil says that he is going to look after Mark, just after some minutes we find he sends Mark off to marry the Queen of Atlantis. Did he forget his promise, or does he consider the policy of the Atlantis to be funny?

Coming back to this montage again, when Debbie finds out Donald walking and breathing a normal life, she is shocked like me. I also kept wondering after I was made remembered what happened in the last season with the recap shown before the episode took place.

We are taken back to Eve’s father’s place where the family is undergoing a financial crisis after her father has lost his job. Eve’s attempt to help truly gets depreciated by the parents. The couple believes in earning and not taking advantage of the superpower which is again kind of honest and pretty understandable. 

But I liked it when Eve gets notified about her interview with The Times, about her work in Chicago. Again it was nice and inspiring.

So, Mark takes Amber to a lunch date in Las Vegas. It was genuinely an effort worth an ‘A’. I love how Mark and Amber spend their time in this season honestly.

But Mark gets called by Cecil to get married off to the Queen of Atlantis. 

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I liked how Debbie and Amber both wanted Mark to make his own decisions. The thought is kind of free. I was also shocked when Mark flew down and left Amber on the stage. His return answered my concern just the way I wanted.

Now, Mark needs to marry the Queen of Atlantis since his father killed Aquarus. Cecil really seemed unbothered by the policy and considered it nothing of importance. But, when Mark gets into trouble underwater he instantly sends in help.

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos

I knew what Mark would do, and he did what a superhero would do. He finally got a situation where he could prove that he is not his father, and I was genuinely happy for the kid.

Let’s talk about the Lizard League for some seconds here. Just like Cecil I also thought, is this really something worth energy investment? So, he gets the Guardians on this mission and there comes ShapeSmith. I totally understand Rex when he sees his doppelganger standing next to him with a smiling face. 

Now when Mark tries to convince the Queen that he won’t be able to marry, truly represents his honesty towards Amber. He is a great lad for sure. 

In response what the Queen says sounded quite empowering. She definitely doesn’t need the king, which assures Mark but what came instead of the marriage was uncalled for. Just the moment I heard ‘Trial by Combat’ I was taken back to GOT. 

Mark took the assignment very lightly, which he shouldn’t have. The news of not getting married before he wants, excited him so much that he started taking the combat unintentionally lightly.

Now I feel there might be a connection with doors opening up. Like with the kitchen cupboard door and with door of the mailbox. And why is it with Debbie all the time? I want these situations to have a connection to be shown in future episodes for sure.

The toxic husband that Debbie encountered at her work not only infuriated Debbie but I bet the audience too. It was the perfect example of treating your wife like a pet since she doesn’t bring money to the table. Well, I feel this is genuinely a very poor way to behave, don’t you think?

I totally appreciated Cecil’s concern regarding Mark and the combat. He was genuinely stressed. 

Mark was cornered about the aftermath of the civilian of the Atlantis, to which Cecils says that the crowd was totally enjoying the combat. Mark’s response in this situation that’s why he will go back just won my heart.  

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He successfully saves Atlantis and returns home. Also, his bravery dismissed everything the GAD had with the Atlanteans. 

Now, Donald also finds it suspicious of Debbie’s reaction to seeing him. The montage made me question as well, like what is Cecil hiding since he handles the questionable situation with intellect and very seamlessly. The stare at the end made the situation quite suspicious. 

Eve is back with her parents and they did what an honest individual would do. And we also learned that Eve needs to work on his construction technique. Since what happened in Chicago might be pulling a bad image on her and even on the superheroes. However, honestly, I was feeling bad for Eve.

We are back in the Greyson’s home where Debbie loses her composure and it was definitely coming. I wonder how she managed to keep calm after such horrible heartbreak for one whole month. The empathetic look on Mark’s face was again quite relatable. The way she asks Mark to not let her stop crying is what feels hard. She needs to cry a lot and drain that feeling out of her.  Both of them should take a break. 

Now, the Guardian and the Immortal bring ShapeSmith to their base which makes the Martian Man happy. I was laughing at the frustration shown by Rex, though. It seems that he is truly hurt.

Shapesmith’s back story is something pretty generic and fascinating. He is like a newborn who has just learned to construct sentences.  While he tells his story, we the audiences are given a quick recap of what happened back on Mars. The direction was nice. Also, he seems harmless.

The audiences are given a quick brief on the Lizard League now. King Lizard regains his position, by shooting a headshot at Supreme Lizard, even though he was jailed. But, I wonder if he is actually King Lizard, or someone important in the league. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 2 Picture Credit Prime Videos

Now, the ending takes us to some other dimension where we see Mark is in captivity and is questioned by Angstrom Levy. Invincible speaks about some people who were smart and who successfully ambushed Omniman which compromised most of Europe and those people wore Invincible down. And I guess that’s when he was captivated. In this dimension, we see a female version of Cecil and Donald which is interesting. 

As soon as Cecil and Donald enter, Levy assures them that he is on their side which is ironic because a few seconds back he pretended to be a friend of Invincible and Omniman. He asks Cecil and Doland to make Mark pay for his heinous crimes.

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While TOTT Conclude

As I said at the beginning of Invincible Season 2 Episode 2  review content, the episode was a slow burn. It had some genuinely interesting portions but, this episode paved the ground for episode 3 I guess. I liked the direction. The music scores played in the background were also apt to the situation, and the narrative was pretty good as well.

So did you like Invincible Season 2 Episode 2? Do let me know your comments below. Also, if I missed anything make sure to point that too. 

So, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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