Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Breakdown -Did you like the debut episode of the much-waited TV show?


Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 came out on November 3rd, 2023. I took a long time to come up with a review of this content. I loved the first season a lot. So, here I am with an episode-wise review of the second season 1st episode.

So, without any further ado, let us begin the

Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Breakdown

So after a recapitulation of the previous season, we finally enter the next ARC which kind of confuses me a lot. The narrative begins with Invincible going hand in hand with Immortal. When Invincible says ‘I have been hit harder like way harder’, typically took me in the last episode of season 1. Omniman was ruthless while beating the shit out of him just to bring Mark in his support.

The combat sequence was equally engaging and way intense. Immortal was a heavy-built superhuman while Mark was just a teenager. However, his punches seemed strong which justified his name “Invincible” pretty clearly.

Mark’s question ‘Why can’t you trust me?’ to Immortal was indeed interesting, which you will find quite deceiving if you rewatch the episode. However, Immortal’s answer was right on the point. But till now, the entire sequence has confused me a lot.

And just when Mark needed a hand, Nolan appeared out of the blue and chopped off the left hand of Immortal eventually killing him in the process. Well, he was straightforward in his process.  However, what shocks me the most, is when Invincible too follows the path of violence. He squashes the decapitated head of Immortal without a speck of regret on his face.

The twist was, that Mark was nodding happily with what his father did in the last season. It was very unlike his usual self which we observed in the last season. Also, after listening to what Omniman speaks about Immortal, it was clear that he wanted the superhero by his side on his quest. He seemed disappointed.

Now what Mark says again puts me in a continuous loop of confusion. He says that Immortal was just trying to lead us away from something significant. To which Omniman replies that this means only one thing that they are close. 

This situation was enough to bring me to the conclusion that this entire incident was taking place in another dimension. Here Mark is siding with his father blindly because he believes in his father, and killing anyone who refuses to follow their path is nothing to him.

My argument was clarified, in just a few seconds, later when Omniman along with Invincible finds the hideout of the resistance.  

Let us throw some light on the announcement situation for the time being. We see a burning city with people almost dead and scattered in the demolished city. Invincible announces that the people of Earth are going to be part of Viltrum now, where people will be able to eat freely while no one dies of cancer ever. More importantly, no alien will be able to mess with Earth like we watched in the last season. 

So, in this dimension as well Mark was resistant to his father taking over Earth. However, something happened and he is now supporting Omniman. His words sounded extremely manipulative and definitely toxic. In fact, his last address to the People of Earth calling out his name as an adjective was definitely unlike him. This can’t be our Mark from season 1 for sure. 

Next, we meet Angstrom a new character in season 2. We also meet Robot, Robot Twins, and Eve. Their meeting comes to a deathly pause when Omniman and Invincible barge in. Just like Angstrom, I was scared too. It was definitely a bloody affair. This entire sequence made Omniman look extremely cold. His reply to Robot Twins was savage. 

Now let us talk about Mark and Eve. When Mark said that he had to kill a lot of innocent men just because they resisted and he would never kill Eve; his tone and his words genuinely sounded ironical and intensely villainous. 

Next, what he does to Eve is simply super- inhuman. Killing her would have been much better according to me. The tears in her eyes answer my concern. Now, Eve would have to suffer watching all the devastation taking place in front of her eyes and she won’t be able to do anything as well. 

What shocked me more was, that Mark practiced his hand on some civilians, what he did to Eve. I wonder if he assumed such a situation might happen and he might have to do it anyway. He also mentioned that he has some people who will take care of her so he will visit her from time to time. Who are his people? I hope to get an answer in the next episodes. 

One of the very next instances that made me laugh was when Angstrom came forward and called the father and son duo murderers to which Nolan bluntly responded and called him out as a volunteer. He was very savage and his actions looked like his birthright. Which was actually!!

Omniman and Invincible were more concerned about killing the people in resistance so that they did not have to wait for food. What happened in Bangkok genuinely upset the old man. So he wanted to take care of the situation as soon as he could. The smile on Invincible’s face was sick, I must say. Like he was waiting for the chance to kill. He sure seems bloodthirsty at this point.

Next comes one of my best moments of the episode when we return to the OG universe and we see Mark being typically Mark saving every possible individual on his home planet. The background score Karma Police by Radiohead seamlessly synced with the montage. And the soft and gentle direction caught my attention a lot. 

Mark reminisces over the past, then helps out the firefighters by bringing the wave of water with him then fighting the mer-elephant on his way is typical of him. What makes the montage more intense is when he levitates in the sky while the crime sequences and the critical situation take place, side by side which is smoothly handled by him. He was present yet wanted to go unnoticed by the civilians the cops and medical professionals. 

But when he comes to find out about the alien invasion, just like the background score, he loses himself. His trauma from the betrayal of his father comes back haunting him which kind of distracts him from his motive of helping the cops. So, he returns home disappointed. His situation is genuinely understandable.

Next, we see, Mark and Debbie choose to restart their life after Nolan has left them for good. Both of them seemed to be not fine at all. They are holding back their emotions because I feel, that they feel their words and actions might hurt the other.

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Now, we move to another significant part of the episode where we meet the jailed Mauler twins rescued by Angstrom Levy. However, he is not the one whom we met previously. 

Judging by the physicality of the area I assume it’s the dimension where Invincible and Omniman are working together. Also, regarding the demolished structure, where the Mauler brothers get teleported to, did you notice the skeletal structure of the military officer who was there in their universe all ready to give them food? Well, this is what I assumed, make sure to correct me. 

Here I was with the Mauler brothers. Honestly, it was suspicious, following someone with superpowers without knowing the intention behind it. It was terrifying, I mean practically. Also, Levy threatened to leave them behind was not good at all. Like the planet was ruled by Invincible and Omniman it’s definitely dangerous.  

Now, Mark returns to his school where everyone looks at him with empathy and sympathy. Especially the bully, Todd whom we met in the last season. However, he gets saved by his girlfriend, Amber.

Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Source Skybound Animation/Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Source Skybound Animation/Prime Videos

What appears disturbing is the part when Mark gets haunted by the memories of his fight with his father. Every time he is reminded of Omniman his trauma triggers and people who suffered childhood trauma will totally relate to him. The flashbacks give him the insufferable pain that he absolutely did not deserve. 

Now what we can perceive is that Mark is feeling quite broken and intensely guilty.  He feels like making up for what his father did, which is not attending school fighting crime, and saving people. He feels like he could have done much more which he did of course, he saved planet Earth while on the verge of sacrificing his very own existence.

See Amber was right and her words were assuring and much more comfortable than what she appeared in the last season. However, Mark was not satisfied at all. 

His persistent nature pushes him to talk to Cecil. And just like Amber, Cecil assures him that he did a lot. But still, he needs time to mentally and emotionally recover. The conversation once again proves that Mark is not ready. It also throws some solid light on Mark trying to prove that he is not his father and all this time he is trying to prove that he is a hero indeed.

Now Cecil returns back and the audience gets to know that there is a need for an extra powerful hero like Invincible to beat the Giant, a villainous situation that is currently handled by the Guardian. So, the Gaint had a mental age of 8 who wanted to be president of America while being an astronaut.

He was physically strong therefore his presence was proving calamitous for the team. Also, it seemed that the heroes were mean to the kid and they were simply bullying him. The villain also said the same. In the later part of the episode, we understand that the giant was defeated. 

Once again we are here with Levy and the Mauler brothers and we learn what’s his plan.

So, Levy created a similar machine to the somatic encoders like that of the Maulers, but in size, it’s larger. The technology reads copies and writes human minds. Levy failed to get it working so he needed the Mauler brothers to get it to function. So, the Mauler gives him the solution. 

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Now comes another interesting part of the episode which is, what is the purpose of the machine? So, Levy was born with the ability to open an infinite number of Dimensions. He reveals in most of the dimensions Omniman and Invincible teamed up and took over planet Earth. Imagine how horrible it could be. 

Levy continues with his fascinating description of the dimensions. My imaginative mind was lightened up when Levy said that there is a dimension where there is different literature associated with Shakespeare along with tech which was beyond human understanding.

People think differently in some dimensions as well. And there are interesting philosophies of peace too. Further human problems such as famine, climate change, and the invincible cancer, are solved in some of the dimensions.

So, Levy wants to bring together the knowledge of such wonderful worlds from different dimensions and help the world that is in need of such solutions. His motive is genuinely pure. He wants to save trillions of people with the knowledge of different dimensions. 

Therefore he took the chance to bring Levy from all the Dimensions which he refers to as his Family. If paid close attention we can see the Angstrom from the Earth which we watched at the beginning of this episode. 

Like the Maulers, asking the question would have been simple right? But Levy’s visionary thinking is what requires the program to work.

Also, I liked what the Mauler wanted for them. Good food, a dimension with no superhero, and a population who will consider them God is enough for them. Such simple-minded beings, right??  

So, we meet Olga the wife of Josef. She returned and let herself in in the absence of Debbie and Mark. Honestly, this action was pretty sus to me. I mean I would have kept an open eye on her, unlike Debbie who opened herself to her and talked herself out which she needed. Also, Olga cooked the dinner. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Source Skybound Animation/Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Source Skybound Animation/Prime Videos

Now I was given an answer by Debbie along with Olga. Debbie was suspicious of Olga’s sudden visit. And when they were drinking the red wine, I also doubted if Olga could be mixing poison in the drink. Olga answered me too. 

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Nolan killed Olga’s husband, therefore revenge could have been expected. But I guess Olga felt what Debbie was going through like she was cheated by the man she was with for 20 straight years. Nolan called his wife a pet. Sure this is hurtful. This montage made me wonder, did Mark from other dimensions take the reference of a pet easily? 

So, Olga’s presence proves nice to Debbie, and this is something that she also admits that she wanted. Meanwhile, Mark returns however, he is low. Just like any teenager, he takes off to his room and avoids any conversation. 

Now, Olga hands over a card that she sought after Josef was murdered by Omniman. I assume it’s a business card of a therapist because it’s not clarified in the episode. Additionally, Debbie refuses this help, which gives me another evidence in this regard. 

Next, we are brought back to the guardian where Cecil shows clear disappointment about the last event handled by the Guardians. So, he gives Immortal and Bulletproof the charge of the Guardians to not mess up any further situations. 

Typically Rex steals the spotlight. The witty lines made him look like an asshole for sure. However, it was something the audience needed after all those insightful and intense montages. Also, when he addresses Immortal’s smooth landing just before Cecil announces his intervention into the Guardian, Rex simply takes every word from my mouth. Like really, did they practice the entry? It was so smooth. 

Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Source Skybound Animation/Prime Videos
Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Source Skybound Animation/Prime Videos

His interaction with Bulletproof was also something. Like he can’t stop himself at all.  But Bulletproof’s rich comeback was enough to stop Rex for the time being. 

Rudy gets dismissed as the leader which he called for. 

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Next, we see Mark finally coming in face-to-face with Eve. Their deep meaningful conversation again brings us to an understanding that Mark is struggling with the topic of becoming like his father. He intended to be exactly like Omniman. However, Omniman turned out to be a villain. And he fears, that his desire, if it becomes true in the long run. 

However, he wants Cecil to trust him. But, what I felt that Cecil was asking him to rest since Mark is mentally not doing okay at all. And it’s true since we as the audience know that whenever the topic of his father gets announced in front of him, he gets flashes of the one-month-old incident. 

So, Eve asks him to prove him which is obvious since Eve is a good friend of Mark.

This encouragement was enough for Mark to visit Cecil and get assigned with instant job of a superhero, which he needed. 

Cecil was investigating the Mauler from another dimension and they found out they were up to something which they believe is of no good. Yes, it was obvious since their history brings nothing but bad experiences. 

Cecil’s line ‘Someone gets this kid an earpiece’ kind of gave me a flashback which is ‘Someone give this man a shield ’. You got me right right. Please do comment down with this emoji🛡️.

So, the Maulers and Levy, are all ready on their program to conquer knowledge from all the possible dimensions. Another thing is that this entire affair is interdimensional as well. The Mauler gives Levy a lot of warning. Out of which, one that stuck with me was that, once it’s started it can’t be stopped. This concerns me because I knew that Invincible was on his way to the location. 

Giving the entire program a deeper look gave me the idea that it’s very great. Hence I was siding with Levy in this concern. But Invincible saw Mauler in the association. Hence he was worried that this was not something good. 

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So, levy tries to convince Invincible which he refuses. Feeling helpless he calls in the other Mauler from different dimensions to keep him under check. In the process, we come across a lot of Maulers. There was even a female one. What was common in every one of them was that they all wanted to kill Invincible. They went bashing the boy left and right without any mercy.

This infuriated Levy and he went out of his path of the program. But this action backfired and it was extremely bad. It killed all the Maulers and all the Levys. And since Mark is literally Invincible, therefore he was one piece.

Now the devastating situation once again takes back Mark in his guilt trip. However, whatever Rex adds to lighten up the situation is right. Cecil also adds assuring words to the moment to help Mark feel not bad.  

Mark goes back home only to see his mother almost drunk and sleeping and lost track of time. He also explains the injury and says what happened. What lightens up the moment is when Mark insists on making the dinner but ends up learning about his acceptance letter from the University.

I was genuinely happy for Mark since something right happened that he needed badly to cheer him up. He and Amber will now go to college together just like he wanted to.

However, on his way back he meets Immortal who warns him and says that he will be watching him which once again makes him low.

Now, at the site we the audience find out one of the Maulers is alive however he is not in his old self. And the OG Levy is also alive. However, now he holds an abundance of hatred for Invincible since he has the memory of other Levy’s from other dimensions. He is all in for revenge. Also, he is in a distorted shape now, which somehow grosses out the Mauler as well. 

I support what the alive Mauler says here. He tries to put justifiable thoughts but fails. 

What makes the montage questionable, is that the Immortal was asked to check for survivals right? We see him eyeing Mark, later. So, as a Mauler and a Levy is alive what did he do then?  Did he know about their survival? 

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While TOTT Concludes

The debut episode was genuinely an epic start to another season. I loved the narrative, the direction, and the background score Karma Police. I can only get excited thinking about what is waiting for the audience in the next episode. Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 without a question was interesting, thrilling, and engaging.

Do tell me in the comments what did you enjoy from Invincible Season 2 Episode 1. Also, do you agree with us on the Invincible Season 2 Episode 1 Review and Breakdown; comment down below. Make sure to point out if I missed anything.

So, this is it for today, I hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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