Comparing Picasso’s Blue Period to 2 Real-Life Art Movements – Enjoy The Artistic Symphony


Art is a tapestry woven from the threads of human experience. And each of these movements is a unique expression of emotion, philosophy, and societal influence. Within this rich tapestry lies Picasso’s Blue Period,”. It’s a pivotal phase in the artist’s career. This period has melancholy hues and profound introspection in the artworks.

We are here in TOTT to draw parallels between this period and real-life art movements. For instance, movements like Expressionism and Impressionism. Artists used this event as a lens to explore themes, aesthetics, and storytelling in Picasso’s work.

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So without any further ado, let’s get going with-

Picasso’s Blue Period

A Symphony of Melancholy Picasso’s Blue Period spanned from 1901 to 1904. The period emerged because of his personal turmoil and societal unrest. Therefore paintings dominantly depict poverty, despair, and isolation with a somber tone.

Picasso's Blue Period Picture Credit Pinterest
Picasso’s Blue Period Picture Credit Pinterest

This phase served as a canvas for Picasso’s exploration of human suffering and empathy. The predominant use of blue hues evoked a sense of melancholy. And this drew viewers into the emotional depth of each piece.

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Picasso’s Blue Period and Expressionism(1905-1920) share similarities as well. Both focus on personal experience and strong emotions. Expressionist artists, like Edvard Munch and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, are very notable in their field. They aimed to express inner turmoil and existential angst through distorted forms and vivid colors.

Now, Picasso’s artwork, such as “The Old Guitarist,” also portrays human suffering. The painting depicts the same emotion and psychological depth typical of Expressionist art.

Picasso's Blue Period The Old Guitarist
Picture Credit Suzanne Lovell INC
Picasso’s Blue Period The Old Guitarist
Picture Credit Suzanne Lovell INC

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Claude Monet and Edgar Degas developed the style of art known as Impressionism. And it focuses on capturing fleeting moments and atmospheric impressions. They used loose brushwork and emphasized light and color.

The purpose was to convey the beauty of everyday life. Picasso’s Blue Period and Impressionism both explore human experience and perception. Yet, there are dominant differences in palette and themes.

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Influence on Storytelling and Visual Style

Interestingly Picasso’s Blue Period influenced his storytelling and visual style as well. His work has had a profound impact on real-life art movements for sure.

Now, through Expressionism, Picasso portrayed sorrow and alienation. The paintings depicted visceral expressions of universal human suffering.

And, Impressionism instills a sense of immediacy and intimacy in them. This invites viewers like you to engage with the emotional landscape of each piece. Very interesting, right?

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While TOTT Concludes

Now we can see that Picasso’s Blue Period is a testament to the incredible power of art to transcend time and space. Observing Expressionism and Impressionism enhances our concept of humane experience and artistic expression. And Picasso’s symphony undoubtedly celebrates shared experiences.

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