Exploring the Profound Impact of Parental Relationships on Characters in the 2020 Korean Movie ‘The Call’


“The Call,” a gripping South Korean psychological thriller released in 2020, delves into the intricacies of time travel and the consequences of altering the past. Amidst the suspense and thrill, one underlying theme that adds depth to the narrative is the profound impact of parental relationships on the characters.

This blog explores how the intricacies of parent-child bonds shape the characters’ personalities, decisions, and fates in this intense cinematic experience.

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Seo-yeon and Her Mother’s Sacrifice:

The movie begins with Seo-yeon, the protagonist, discovering a mysterious phone that connects her to Young-sook, a woman living in the same house but 20 years in the past. As the plot unfolds, it’s revealed that Seo-yeon’s mother played a pivotal role in shaping her daughter’s destiny. The sacrificial nature of Seo-yeon’s mother becomes a driving force, leading to a complex web of emotions and choices.

Young-sook’s Tragic Past:

Young-sook, the character from the past, experiences a traumatic childhood marked by neglect and abuse. The absence of a nurturing parental figure influences her development, shaping her into a complex antagonist. The lack of positive parental influence contributes to Young-sook’s distorted sense of morality and her actions throughout the movie.

Time-Travel and the Butterfly Effect In The Call:

“The Call” employs the butterfly effect to illustrate how small changes in the past can lead to significant alterations in the present. The decisions and actions of the characters’ parents create ripples through time, affecting their children’s lives in unforeseen ways. This narrative device emphasizes the interconnectedness of familial relationships and the lasting impact of parental choices.

Emotional Turmoil and Character Development:

The emotional turmoil experienced by the characters is deeply rooted in their relationships with their parents. Seo-yeon’s journey involves confronting her mother’s choices and understanding the weight of sacrifice. Similarly, Young-sook’s actions reflect her tumultuous upbringing, revealing the profound impact parental relationships have on shaping one’s psyche.

Resolution and Redemption:

As the movie progresses, the characters grapple with the consequences of their parents’ actions. The resolution of the storyline intertwines with themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the possibility of breaking the cycle of pain. It becomes evident that understanding and reconciling with the past, both personally and intergenerationally, is crucial for the characters to find closure and growth.

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While TOTT Concludes

“The Call” intricately weaves the impact of parental relationships into its suspenseful narrative, highlighting the lasting effects of parental decisions on the lives of their children. Through time travel and emotional exploration, the film invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of family dynamics and the role parents play in shaping the destinies of their offspring. In doing so, it offers a poignant commentary on familial bonds’ profound and sometimes unforeseeable consequences.

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