Happiness Korean Drama Review – Should You Give A Chance to This 2021 Horror Thriller K Drama


“Happiness” takes viewers on a gripping journey through a world plagued by the mysterious and devastating Mad Person Disease. Starring Yoon Sae-bom (Han Hyo-joo), a Special Operations Unit member, and her fake husband Jung Yi-hyun (Park Hyung-sik), a police detective, the drama unfolds with a unique blend of suspense, horror, and thought-provoking themes.

As the characters navigate the complexities of the outbreak, societal discrimination, and ethical dilemmas, “Happiness” presents a compelling narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Happiness Korean Drama Review Picture Credit TVN
Happiness Korean Drama Review Picture Credit TVN

5 Things That I Liked From Happiness Korean Drama Which You Might Have Liked As Well

Plot and Setting:

The drama kicks off with Yoon Sae-bom encountering a trainee infected by Mad Person Disease, setting the stage for a gripping storyline. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Sae-bom, seemingly immune to the disease, makes a deal with Han Tae-seok (Jo Woo-jin) to secure an apartment in a luxurious yet stratified building. The introduction of class discrimination within the building adds another layer of tension to the unfolding chaos.

Character Dynamics:

The characters in “Happiness” are well-crafted and multi-dimensional, each facing their own internal and external struggles. Yoon Sae-bom’s resilience and determination to find a cure, Jung Yi-hyun’s commitment to protecting the residents, and Han Tae-seok’s complex motivations create a trio that keeps viewers invested in their fates. The supporting cast, including the enigmatic building residents and the mysterious Oh Yeon-ok, adds depth and intrigue to the narrative.

Themes of Discrimination and Humanity:

Class discrimination becomes a central theme as the outbreak intensifies, with upper-floor residents clashing with those living below. The ethical dilemma of how to view and treat those infected with Mad Person Disease raises thought-provoking questions about humanity and compassion. The psychological battle faced by Sae-bom, Yi-hyun, and Tae-seok adds layers of complexity to the characters’ decisions and actions.

Outbreak and Quarantine:

As the disease spreads within the building, Jung Yi-hyun takes charge, establishing quarantine rules and securing the premises to protect the uninfected. The tension escalates with conflicts arising, especially with the antagonistic Oh Joo-hyung. The struggle to balance safety, compassion, and the unknown cure creates a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps viewers hooked.

Motivations and Personal Sacrifices:

The backstory of Han Tae-seok adds a poignant layer to the narrative. His desperate search for a cure is driven by personal tragedy, adding a humanizing touch to his character. The moral choices made by characters in their pursuit of happiness and survival create a narrative that explores the lengths people will go to protect their loved ones.

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While TOTT Concludes

Happiness Korean Drama offers a thrilling and emotionally charged viewing experience. With its well-executed plot, compelling characters, and exploration of societal issues, the drama stands out in the world of K-dramas. The delicate balance between horror, suspense, and human drama creates a captivating series that leaves a lasting impact on its audience. As “Happiness” unfolds, it not only entertains but also prompts reflection on the fragility of human relationships and the choices we make in the face of adversity.

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