Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 13- Was This A Satisfying Ending To The Second Season? *Spoilers Ahead*


Tenjiku ARC EP 13 was the finale of Part 2 of the Tokyo Revengers Season 2. I sat with a lot of anticipation of watching Kisaki and Takemichi having a bloody fight. But the confrontation was much more practical and understandable. Anyway, it was a lot of talking than brawl letting the audience find answers to so many questions.

So without any further ado let us get going with-

Tenjiku ARC EP 13 – The Narrative

Takemichi and Kisaki persist in their heated confrontation, during which Kisaki elucidates his scheme to transform the Tokyo Manji Gang into a Yakuza organization spanning the entire nation, all in an attempt to impress Hinata. In the midst of a pursuit that leads them to an intersection, Kisaki comes to a halt in the middle of the road and endeavors to respond to Takemichi’s inquiry regarding time leaping.

However, tragedy strikes as Kisaki is fatally struck by a truck, succumbing to his demise before Takemichi’s eyes. Subsequently, Takemichi encounters Kakuchou at the hospital to discuss the latter’s injuries. During this conversation, Takemichi reveals that he continues to tremble, haunted by the sight of Kisaki’s untimely demise.

Tenjiku ARC EP 13 Credit Liden Films
Tenjiku ARC EP 13 Credit Liden Films

Things I Liked From Tenjiku ARC EP 13

  1. The Confrontation between Takemichi and Kisaki: The ongoing brawl between Takemichi and Kisaki from ep 12 provides ample material for us to discuss, exploring the dynamics of their conflict and the underlying reasons for their confrontation. It was uncalled for, however in the last season when Hinata revealed her association with Kisaki it was somewhat anticipated.
  2. Kisaki’s Plan to Expand the Tokyo Manji Gang And For What: Kisaki’s revelation about his plan to turn the Tokyo Manji Gang into a nationwide Yakuza organization to impress Hinata is a significant talking point. The instance where Takemichi gets a vision of the possible future where Hinata dismisses Kisaki’s marriage proposal is surprising. He tells the audience that this was the place where Hinata got burned to death however that was the same place where Hinata rejects Kisaki as well.
  3. Chase and Intersection Scene: The chase leading to an intersection is visually dynamic. Well, the intersection was shown in the end credit not giving me the slightest hint about its significance in the anime. Now the conversations could have been resolved safely. But the intensity of the chase was undeniably giving me tension, hinting that this might be the end of Kisaki, which happened by the way.
  4. Kisaki’s Attempted Explanation about Time Leaping: Kisaki’s interruption to address Takemichi’s question about time leaping adds a layer of mystery and intrigue. Sadly we might never get to know.
  5. Tragic Death of Kisaki: Kisaki’s sudden demise, particularly the shocking and abrupt manner in which it occurs, is a highly impactful and emotional event. I genuinely thought that Takemichi might take the chance to save the criminal. He was seriously disturbed. What I liked the most was Mikey’s response to the situation and how he protected Hinata in that critical moment. Now, watching Kisaki in this horrible position was not making me happy, rather I felt very bad about such a death. But then I remember Emma’s untimely death, Naoto’s death, Hinata’s death, Baji’s death, Izana’s death, etc.
  6. Takemichi’s Meeting with Kakuchou: Takemichi’s encounter with Kakuchou at the hospital presents an opportunity for rekindling what they had in the past. I genuinely liked that Kakucho is alive.
  7. Takemichi’s Confession about Trembling: Takemichi’s admission of continued trembling after witnessing Kisaki’s death opens the door for discussions about the psychological and emotional impact on the protagonist. This could lead to explorations of trauma, character development, and the evolving nature of Takemichi’s journey. Let’s wait to see what this anime has in store for us.
  8. The Aftermath: The explanation delivered at the end gives us the audience a detailed picture of what happened after Takemichi and Draken left. The 5 dominant figures of Tenjiku got arrested while 3 suffered death. It was the aftermath that I never expected.

TOTT’s Take On Tenjiku ARC EP 13

Honestly, the finale of Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC was nice. It opened up avenues for so many narratives to line up in the upcoming seasons for us.

Basically, Kisaki wanted to become the Hero who stole Hina’s heart. He wanted to become Takemichi to have Hinata all to himself. That’s why he kept calling Takemichi Hero all this time. I was shocked, to watch a prodigy could turn into such a nuisance after hearing a misleading conversation.

Takemichi wanted to be Japan’s number one hudloom which inspired Kisaki to become the same and have Hinata. I can’t imagine this POV had so much negativity that killed so many lives in the process. His plan was all set but Hinata’s true love for Takemichi even after they broke up had so much power that Kisaki murdered the love of his life pushing our Cry Baby Hero to take the mantle and run the race that he left so many years ago.

Honestly, the anime is more than bikes, fights, and gang affairs.

Let us now wait for the anime to land with another jaw-dropping ARC very soon.

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