Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12 – Was The Finale of The Second Season Too Wholesome? An Episode Wise Review With Spoilers


So, Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12 was the final drop of the second season. Now we can once again meet the Forger family in Spy X Family Code: White. Now EP 12 revolves around Bond and Loid and their secret engagement while they go on a daily walk type of situation.

It was a very calm yet thrilling episode, so, I am here with another episode wise-review for the matter. Therefore let us get going with-

Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12 Credit Wit Studio & CloverWorks
Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12 Credit Wit Studio & CloverWorks

Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12 – The Context

During the dog walk, Loid attempts to train Bond, but with limited success as it triggers memories of Bond’s mistreatment during an experiment. Following a premonition of a burning apartment, Bond guides Loid into the fire to save a trapped puppy and catch an arsonist nearby.

Loid gently scolds Bond for being reckless but assures him of his role in the Forger family. Upon returning home, Anya expresses her gratitude by giving them origami Stella stars for their achievements.

Things I Liked From Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12

Bond’s Protective Instinct:

One sweet moment is when Bond, despite his past trauma, leads Loid into a burning apartment to rescue a trapped puppy. This shows a protective and caring side to Bond, emphasizing his willingness to overcome his fears for the sake of helping others.

Loid’s Reassurance:

Loid’s reassurance of Bond’s place in the Forger family is a heartwarming moment. It demonstrates the bond and acceptance within the family, emphasizing that despite Bond’s past experiences, he is an integral and valued member of the Forger family.

Anya’s Appreciation:

Anya’s gesture of rewarding Loid and Bond with origami Stella stars for their accomplishments adds a sweet touch to the story. It shows Anya’s appreciation for their efforts and reinforces a positive and supportive family dynamic. But Loid’s talk to himself humorously made the context sarcastic.

The True Bond:

Well, Loid also couldn’t keep calm but reacted when fluffy Bond turned into a leaner Bond. In fact, his voice also turned weirder when he was all wet. Apart from Yor, no one knew the actual body type of Bond which was something fresh we the audience also learned from the episode.

TOTT’s Take On Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12

Well, the episode suggests a narrative that beautifully blends elements of family, growth, positivity, and teamwork. It was a story with likable characters and heartwarming moments, which made the finale of course wholesome. Let us now wait to see what the Forger family brings us in the Code White movie. The review is coming soon for sure.

Now tell me in the comment section what your thoughts and opinions are on Spy X Family Season 2 EP 12.

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