Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12 – Was This Another Fabulous Drop Of The Season? Let’s find out *SPOILERS*


Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12 was a profound episode where the audiences were given many confusing details that would take time to fit into the brain. Like there was so much going on and many things you were rooting for. Any way it would be better that I dive straight into the context.

So let us get going with-

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12 – The Overview

So, Kisaki just could not keep calm and ranted out all that was going on inside his head, out loud informing everyone about his true intentions, which might backfire on him. But one can clearly see the rage in his eyes. Now, in his aggression, he shot Izana in place of Kakucho, which genuinely changed the entire atmosphere of the context. This changes the future too.

The heartbreaking situation took the audience down the memory lane where we learn that Izana is in no way related to Mikey or any one of the Sano siblings. We learn that Kakucho was very dear to him and was everything he had. We also learn how Tenjiku came up which was sincerely quite deep.

Sadly the story of Izana and Kakucho ends here in Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12. But this gives Takemichi Mikey and Draken ample motive to finish Kisaki and Hanma, the dominant criminal duo.

So, taking charge in hand Draken and Takemichi leave the situation chasing Kisaki and Hanma on their bike and it was quite stressful to watch. Gladly, Takemichi finally manages to face off against the notorious being all by himself.

But sadly, the episode ends here giving us bundles of hope and aspiration to remain all excited for Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 13.

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12 Credit - Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12 Credit – Liden Films

Things I Liked From Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12

The Flashback

So, I really appreciate that Izana revealed the truth about his parentage to Mikey before leaving for good. Like he was in the dark for a long time, he did not do the same with Mikey it was generously nice. At least there won’t be any regret running behind Mikey, for not saving the only sibling he was left with.

Kakucho’s Loyalty

Kakucho never asked for anything from Izana even though Izana was his best friend. As Izana called him the servant, he remained the same till the last. Thank goodness, Izana admits the importance of Kakucho vocally as well, which gives Kakucho the peace that he deserves.

Now, throughout the flashback session, we watch Kakucho being present with Izana all the time, being loyal to him which is simply precious. When Kisaki pulls the trigger consequentially thrice, Izana’s body does not hesitate and comes in front to save his family Kakucho which is simply heartwrenching.

Also, we see Kakucho does not flinch in saying that he will join Izana soon which was again an impeccable exhibition of loyalty, right!!!


Izana and Kakucho were happy together. Izana was the leader of the group who helped Kakucho see a wider side to life. Undeniably Izana was kindhearted as a kid even though he suffered a lot emotionally. He was at least kind to Kakucho.

So, making the igloo and then dreaming of building a great country while calling them ‘ours’ was so pure to hear. Then the reference to Journey to the West and Son Goku, I never thought would be called out like that. However, this is how Tenjiku comes up and the overall background was so sweet and memorable.

The Climax Of Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12

The bike chase between Draken Takemichi Hanma and Kisaki was stressful. Apparently, Kisaki still had the gun which he could have used, thank goodness he did not. I was very scared honestly. However, when Hanma and Kisaki fall crashing their ride on the road gives me a moment to smirk.

Then Takemichi pushing hard to run behind Kisaki with bleeding feet, about which I completely forgot, gave me another moment to bite my precious nails. Then Draken offering his piggyback took us back to season 1, where it was the other way around.

Unfortunately, Hanma catches up with them with a metal rod that generously makes the proposition challenging. I really hope that Draken kicks Hanma’s butt hard this time.

Now coming back to Kisaki and Takemichi, as expected Kisaki took another criminal step when he launched the brick to hit Takemichi. But being the main character, he is saved. Finally, the anticipated showdown begins in Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12 which will be carried to the next episode.

I am now patiently and eagerly waiting for the plot to make me mentally satisfied and happy.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12

The episode was a literal rollercoaster ride that was filled with emotional moments that made me cry again. Izana killing Emma made me wonder for a very long time, however now I know, he was not emotional because she was never his sister, to begin with. But I still can’t justify the act.

Next Kakucho’s relationship with Izana was deep-rooted and was wholehearted from both sides.

Draken and Mikey backing up Takemichi exhibited their endless faith in Takemichi. Also, the moment when Takemichi realizes that Hina has been there with him all this time and leaving her there is not right, Mikey assuring him that he is here with Hinata so that Takemichi can go after Kisaki was so rewarding.

Also, I must mention, that after Izana and Kakucho’s demise, Mikey being a leader of TOMAN, who graciously takes responsibility to clear the situation all by himself, even though he is grieving was remarkable. This exceptional characteristic of Mikey was enough for the Haitani brothers, Mucho, and the other dominant Tenjiku leaders, to stay behind to help him as well.

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Let’s just wait for now for Ep 13 to drop next week.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication. Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Ep 12.

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