Spy X Family S2 EP 11 -An Episode Wise Review With Massive Spoilers


Spy X Family S2 EP 11 centers around Loid prominently and dominantly where he enamors ladies of different ages, just by existing. Thus the episode was packed with humorous moments where I couldn’t resist but laugh all the way through. It would be better if we dive straight into the review task for now.

So without any further ado, let us get going with-

Spy X Family S2 EP 11 – “Berlint in Love” The Overall Narrative

Motivated by her beloved TV drama “Berlint in Love,” Becky spontaneously visits the Forgers’ residence with the aim of winning over Loid for marriage. Unfortunately, her flirting endeavors bewilder Loid, prompting Yor to hurriedly take her to the hospital, mistakenly assuming she is intoxicated.

Impressed by Yor’s strength, Becky acknowledges her shortcomings and humbly requests Yor to guide her in becoming stronger, aspiring to enhance her appeal to Loid.

Things That I Liked From Spy X Family S2 EP 11 “Berlint in Love”

  1. Becky’s Initiative: Becky’s decision to take the initiative and visit the Forgers’ home unannounced shows her determination and courage to pursue what she wants.
  2. Humor in Confusion: The confusion that arises from Becky’s flirting attempts adds a touch of humor to the situation. Loid’s confusion and Yor’s reaction contribute to the comedic aspect of the story.
  3. Yor’s Protective Instinct: Yor rushing Becky to the hospital, thinking she is drunk, highlights Yor’s protective instincts and care for others.
  4. Becky’s Humility: Becky’s humility in acknowledging her need for improvement and her willingness to learn from Yor reflects a positive character trait. It shows that she is open to growth and self-improvement.
  5. Yor’s Strength: Witnessing Yor’s strength not only adds an interesting dynamic to the story but also becomes a source of inspiration for Becky. It sets the stage for a potential mentorship or friendship between the characters.
  6. Becky’s Desire to Impress: Becky’s request for Yor to teach her how to be stronger reveals her genuine desire to impress Loid. This can be seen as a likable aspect, as it shows her determination to be the best version of herself for someone she cares about.

Spy X Family S2 EP 11 – “Nightfall’s Daily Life” The Overall Narrative

During Loid’s family vacation aboard in Princess Lorelei, Fiona willingly assumed Loid’s missions and subsequently embarked on mountain training to demonstrate her competence to him. Upon reuniting with Loid and receiving a souvenir from him, Fiona discreetly revels in lovesick joy while maintaining an outwardly aloof demeanor.

Things I Liked From Spy X Family S2 EP 11 “Nightfall’s Daily Life”

  1. Fiona’s Initiative: Fiona’s voluntary decision to take on Loid’s missions during his vacation shows her dedication and willingness to go the extra mile for him.
  2. Commitment to Improvement: Fiona’s decision to train on the mountain to prove her worth reflects her commitment to self-improvement. This determination to enhance her skills demonstrates her strong work ethic.
  3. Emotional Vulnerability: Fiona’s inner happiness and lovesickness, despite maintaining an aloof exterior, add depth to her character. This emotional vulnerability makes her more relatable and endearing.
  4. Receiving Loid’s Souvenir: The exchange of a souvenir between Fiona and Loid signifies a connection or acknowledgment between the characters. This moment can be seen as a small but meaningful gesture that adds a positive note to their relationship.
  5. Balance of Aloofness and Happiness: Fiona’s ability to maintain an aloof appearance while secretly feeling lovesick adds a layer of complexity to her character. It creates intrigue and showcases her ability to manage her emotions.
  6. Unpretentious Romance: The scenario hints at a subtle romantic undertone, which can be likable for those who enjoy a touch of romance in a story. Fiona’s feelings add a sweet and relatable aspect to the narrative.

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TOTT’s Take On Spy X Family S2 Ep 11

In conclusion, in Spy X Family S2 Ep 11, the scenarios depict different approaches to romantic pursuits, unexpected and humorous situations, character growth, and unique relationship dynamics. The stories seem to be set up for potential development, with both humor and emotional elements contributing to their appeal.

I would like to add here, that I genuinely felt very bad for Yor when Anya was sliding with Becky for good and yummy food. But can’t expect much from a youngling right!! Also, I enjoyed the adorable other side of Nightfall in this episode.

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