Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24 – An Episode Wise Review With Major Spoilers Ahead


I am here with another episode-wise review of the Rurouni Kenshin 2023 series. Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24 was the finale of the season and mind you the ending was impactful than the rest of the show. The narrative when it began, was very slow.

However, opponents coming in the way showed us the exceptional character development of each of the individuals present in the anime. It was not limited to Kenshin only which made the anime deep and more than just swords fight and a Meiji era political drama.

So, without any further ado let us begin with-

Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24 – The Story In Brief

Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24 Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24 Source Liden Films

Okubo informs Kenshin of the urgent need for his presence in Kyoto due to the resurgence of Makoto Shishio. Shishio, a former Ishin Shishi assassin, possesses extraordinary skills coupled with dangerous ambitions.

Although he was initially executed out of concern that he might seize control of Japan during the establishment of the Meiji government, he miraculously survived. Okubo grants Kenshin a week to make a decision.

Meanwhile, Saito adheres to his Shinsegumi principles and eliminates Akamatsu and Shibumi promptly, considering it his duty to swiftly dispatch enemies. As Kenshin contemplates meeting with Okubo to discuss his decision, an associate of Shishio assassinates the Home Minister. Kenshin arrives at the crime scene, where the killer taunts him before disappearing into the crowd.

Both Kenshin and Saito realize that Okubo’s death could lead to civil unrest, a situation Shishio would exploit.

Having reached a decision, Kenshin bids farewell to Kaoru. He explains that while a part of him retains the Hitokiri Battosai persona, he only reverts to it in situations jeopardizing himself or Kaoru. Embracing Kaoru, he expresses gratitude for everything she has done before departing.

Things I Liked From Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24

Kenshin’s Sense of Duty: Kenshin’s willingness to respond to the call of duty and face the threat posed by Makoto Shishio showcases his sense of responsibility and commitment to maintaining peace. See by now, we have encountered this characteristic of this remarkable human being, multiple times. Therefore it was obvious.

Saito’s Principles: Saito’s adherence to his principles as a member of the Shinsegumi, where he promptly deals with enemies, adds a layer of integrity to his character. It was the turning point of the show actually, making him a likable figure for those who appreciate steadfastness and discipline.

Kenshin’s Contemplation: The fact that Kenshin takes time to consider the situation and the potential consequences of his decision demonstrates thoughtfulness and a careful approach, making him a more relatable and considerate character.

What made the portion nice was when each of his present friends came to support him. In the process, they also understood why Kouru was worried and assured her too.

Okubo’s Demise: The sudden deadly attack on Okubo was uncalled for. The young assassin, appeared so calm and diligent about his task, genuinely gave me the creeps. It was so shocking for me. Also, when the nameless scumbags take charge of pre-planned assassination and massacres the already dead body of Okubo makes the part of the narrative quite poignant.

Kenshin coming to know about the incident seriously gives him the scope to consider Shishio and his possible upcoming action. This sudden change of events makes him feel concerned about his present life and the well-being of his friends the most.

Also, I feel that if Okubo was alive then he would have returned to his Rurouni life once again.

Kenshin and Kaoru’s Farewell: The emotional farewell between Kenshin and Kaoru, where Kenshin expresses gratitude for her support and understanding, adds depth to their relationship and highlights the emotional aspect of the story. He clarified everything to Kouru, about what was going on inside his head all this time which was very nice of him.

This emotional ending and its representation genuinely made me sad. I watched this portion from Kouru’s POV and it seriously made me cry. The ending also kept me wondering what would be the response of Sanosuke, Yahiko, and Megumi in this regard.

Further, it seemed that Kenshin waited for everyone to leave so that he could bid adieu while expressing his genuine feelings that he developed all this time for Kouru.

Kenshin’s Resolution: The moment when Kenshin makes a decision and prepares to face the challenges ahead indicates character growth and a willingness to confront difficult situations, making him a more admirable protagonist. It makes our wait for the anticipated second season much more exciting and impatient.

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TOTT’s Take On Rurouni Kenshin Ep 24

According to me, it was one of the most fabulous episodes of the anime. The episode once again threw significant light on how deep is the character Kenshin in general. He might look all happy and collected but deep down he was struggling a lot.

Any way it was quite a remarkable episode that gave the audience solid reasons to wait patiently for the second installment. Let’s just hope that it comes out quickly.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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