Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 11 An Episode-Wise Review Spoilers Ahead


So, have you watched Tenjiku ARC Ep 11? The episode is nothing more than a profound context that shows the audience about siblinghood and friendships. The episode was packed with flashbacks from memory lane that gave the viewers what was the relationship dynamics between Izana and Shinichiro and Izana and Kakucho. 

It was insightful actually. Also, we got to learn why Izana is not okay. In addition, the audience also understood what was Mikey’s perception of the complex situation. It would be better if we dive straight into the review portion. So, without any further ado, let us get going with-

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 11 – The Narrative

So, the plot was the continuation of the previous installment which began just at the juncture where Izana started planting those brutal hits on Mikey.TOMAN and the Tenjiku members respected the battle and maintained a cool distance. 

However, with the advancement of the plot things become extensively tense. The anime watcher learns a lot about Izana, Kakucho, and Shinichiro Sano. The dynamic shared between the half-brothers was truly strong. However, Izana’s over-the-top possessiveness is a crucial reason behind his insane emotional processing.

But what made Mikey a golden child? It is what he says amidst the fight which is, that he along with Emma would have accepted him if Izana had made the effort to come to them.

Nonetheless, the plot was filled with extensive action sequences which however seemed that Mikey was letting Izana bolt out. However, toward the end, he unleashed his true potential once again making Izana bleed. 

Things turned ugly when Izana failed to realize that Tenjiku had lost and it was time to give up. Kakucho came forward and tried to convince him. However, things turn deadly when Kisaki takes charge and shoots at Kakucho which was predictable to me.

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 11 Credit - Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 11 Credit – Liden Films

Things I Liked From Tenjiku ARC Ep 11

The Flashback Sequences:

The journey through the memory lane gave me insight into the past and present. Shinichiro was a great brother to Izana which made Izana obsessed over him and eventually grow possessive about the young man. Shinichiro basically taught him life lessons which was very much intimate to the young Izana. 

But learning that Shinichiro wanted to pass on Black Dragon to him and Manjiro, was not an appreciative idea at all. I also felt that the thought of meeting Emma was unwelcome by Izana. 

Anyway, we now know why Kakucho was so dedicated to Izana. Izana was practically the man who saved Kakucho from committing suicide that very day. They shared a lot of great days together and they grew up together so the bond is much more precious and unique.  

However, Kiskai’s shocking step to eliminate Kakucho from the picture might impact Izana and bring him into clear light. Well, this is what I am assuming.

Mikey’s Generosity

Mikey is understandably the complete opposite of Izana. Learning about the fact that he might have another older brother only made him happier. He admits that he along with Emma would have welcomed Izana if he had made an effort rather than going all rogue and murdering their only sister in the process which is unjustifiable from every angle.

Mikey gives Izana ample opportunity to bolt out. He approaches Izana at an emotional level taking slow steps at a time. However, when he finds that Izana is stubborn and is not willing to give up on the false belief that he is all alone, forces Mikey to hit him hard and make him bleed aggressively. I understood where Izana was coming from all this time. 

However, he chose not to work on himself but rather nourish and nurture the negativity which is very wrong. His vision also showed the boy clearly how much he was on the faulty side. It was his fear and a massive amount of guilt, that made the sudden and shocking sight appear, that Emma and Shinichiro were supporting Mikey. 

The Ending:

Honestly, I speculated the same when the gun stopped by Kisaki’s feet. The man is I don’t know at some other level. The moment Kakucho tries to convince Izana about the result between TOMAN vs Tenjiku I experienced a hunch that Kakucho might be shot by Kisaki, which happened. But it was Izana I must say, who generously poured fuel into Kisaki’s motive. 

I feel so disgusted at what Kisaki says after shooting Kakucho. I am assuming that this juncture might be a sincere turning point for Izana since Kakucho is special in Izana’s life. Also, we have already seen it was Kakucho in the future who murdered Takemichi and Naoto, so, there is the possibility that Kakucho might recover. 

But I am really hoping that Izana considers the friendship seriously and takes sincere action against Kisaki this time.


TOTT’s Take On Tenjiku ARC Ep 11

So, this was everything I liked, and the narrative of Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 11 in brief for you all. I hope I have covered everything dominant and prominent from this 11th drop of the season. If by chance, I did not cover anything make sure to comment about the same below, we will have a discussion over there. 

Now tell me what were your thoughts and opinions on Tenjiku ARC Ep 11. 

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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