Kiyoka Kudo – Is He That Flawless Man We All Want in Our Life?


So when I sat to watch My Happy Marriage for the very first time, I was genuinely skeptical. However, after I finished the first drop of the season I felt totally uplifted by the narrative and the relatable characters.  

Yes, Miyo Saimori was portrayed as a Japanese Cinderella. But when we meet her at the end of the first season, we realize she is the hero of the plot. But who made her realize her true potential? Can’t ignore the fact, that we need positive surroundings to bloom and it was Kiyoka Kudu’s presence that helped Miyo realize her entity comprehensively.  

I have already written about Miyo and her enigma🔗👇. But it’s time to throw some significant light on her better half. 

So without any further waiting let us get going with-

6 Things About Kiyoka Kudo That Makes This Male Character A Flawless and Great Human Being 

Kiyoka Kudo From My Happy Marriage Credit Netflix
Kiyoka Kudo From My Happy Marriage Credit Netflix

He Is Handsome Both Outside And Inside

The idea of ‘Judging The Book By Its Cover’ perfectly sits with Kiyoka Kudo. He looks extraordinarily handsome which is his soul as well. He was born to be with Miyo otherwise his previous engagements didn’t last because of his so-called rude personality. 

The thing is that he unfortunately met some pompous arrogant young girls similar to Kaya. Miyo’s gentle, kind, and humble aura was enough to bring out Kiyoka’s honest individuality. With the advancement of the narrative, we learn that this man is a gem indeed.

He is Powerful 

When I am talking about power it’s not physical strength it’s emotional as well as supernatural abilities. Kiyoka was a misunderstood soul yet he was living his life without any regret. He was identified as a rude human being. 

However, as we advanced with the plot of My Happy Marriage we were shown the kinder and happier version of this young man. His mental and emotional strength was dynamic enough to help him live a full life even though perceived and talked poorly about it. Being categorized as a negative human did not push him to change his individuality at all.   

Now coming back to power, Kiyoka was the most powerful man of his generation having the supernatural ability of pyrokinesis. The emperor along with Minorou Tatsuishi was terrified when they learned that Miyo was about to be engaged with Kiyoka. The anticipated bond between Miyo and Kiyoka would be so powerful that the ruler and another gift user were tormented significantly.

It’s another kind of achievement I must say.

He Is a Great Brother

When Hazuki enters the narrative, the way Hazuki treats Kiyoka simply suggests that the relationship is extremely great. Kiyoka when alone with Miyo exuded an authoritative weighty persona. However, when he was around Hazuki he was her introverted shy younger brother. 

Kiyoka could not rely on anyone else but Hazuki to teach Miyo the etiquette and rituals to become the lady she desired to become. They simplified the subject of having siblings beautifully to Miyo, which eventually taught her that it was normal and the life that she was burdened with was not.

In fact, Miyo’s calm, kind, humble, gentle, and lovely demeanor was so appealing that Hazuki wanted to take Miyo home which terrified Kiyoka, LOL!!!

The dynamic that the siblings shared typically, was brilliantly portrayed when Arata defeated Kiyoka. Hazuki did not hesitate to plant a sibling smack when she was infuriated on hearing that Kiyoka was defeated by Arata; it was unacceptable to her. 

When Kiyoko was sucked into the world of Grotesquries Hazuki was constantly by his side which is obvious I know, but she was the only person present from his bloodline. 

And last but not least, Hazuki’s ex-husband was the immediate senior to Kiyoka. I was surprised when I came to know about the relationship. Kiyoka was so cordial with his supervisor and his past with Kiyoka’s sister was nothing in between them. This genuinely increased my respect level for Kiyoka.

He is a Remarkable Captain

From the beginning itself, it was shown that Kiyoka was dedicated to his professional duties as the captain of the anti-grotesquery unit. He kept his work and love life perfectly balanced. When he was home with Miyo he would be perfectly invested in his fiancee and while at work he would be completely engrossed with his professional duties. 

He was cold to his subordinates yet had no rivals or enemies in his workplace. His soldier Godo was not treated substantially yet, he was Kiyoka’s fan. Kiyoka’s cold demeanor didn’t fool him to the least. He knew that there was much more to the cold face Kiyoka was successfully putting up all the time.

Now when he was fighting the grotesqueries toward the end of the season, he did not hesitate and came forward to save his soldier Godo which impeccbly hightend Godo’s respect for Kiyoka. Nonetheless, we found the boy wailing his heart out when Kiyoka was in a comma-like situation.

What I perceived is Godo was the younger brother Kiyoka did not ask for…

He Is An Amazing Head Of The Family

Yuri is the one who confirmed the statement multiple times in the anime. From the beginning till the end, she was a kindhearted mother figure to him who was happy to serve Kiyoka wholeheartedly. She never for once belittled her master or talked poorly about him in front of Miyo. She was happy working under him; in fact, from time to time guided him when he required the same. 

She was rooting for the relationship from the moment Miyo stepped inside Kudo residency. Miyo and Kiyoka were blessed with Yurie in their life. She is so special that she was the only person present when Kiyoka got officially engaged to Miyo.

When Kiyoka was in the translike comma situation Yurie was there. In fact, she was always there whenever Miyo and Kiyoka needed emotional and physical support, which is a blessing. 

If Kiyoka was not a nice person Yurie wouldn’t be positive around her professional surroundings right????

He Is An Amazing Lover

Honestly speaking I was dedicated to the series to know Kiyoka more and more. I felt that he was shown less on the screen because he is a charismatic character who just gives you butterflies. 

He might be not showing his lover side too prominently or dominantly, however, when he wanted Miyo back he burnt the Saimori house to the ground. He was struggling to share Miyo with Hazuki. Yes, he was extremely busy at work, but he managed to return home and spend some good time with the Love of his life and showed infinite interest in knowing about her. 

He was suffering all by himself when Miyo suffered from daily nightmares. He respected Miyo’s decision instead he tried taking the assurance path so that Miyo would feel comfortable sharing what troubled her.

He ran back home when he learned Miyo was suddenly unconscious on the road. He chased around Miyo and was head over heels in love with her. Well, it was obvious to the audience, that he wanted to make Miyo smile more every day. He gave his 100% while fighting Arata and was confident that he would win. But unfortunately, the master of illusion tricked him with Miyo and won the battle. 

The disheartened expression was enough to tell the viewers how much sad he was. But his professional responsibilities were so much that he did not have time to collect himself back from this shocking loss. 

Moreover, the entire anime has uncountable instances that prove Kiyoka is a lover boy and he has simply raised the bar.


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TOTT’s Take On Kiyoka Kudo

Simply he is a remarkable gentle man who every girl deserves. He is one woman man, he is a superb captain, he is an amazing brother and an awesome head of the family. Becoming Kiyoka Kudo is simply a task that needs lots of patience and effort. Also, I believe that there are a lot of Kiyoka Kudos out there, and thank you for existing.

So this was my take on Kiyoka Kudo, let me know if I missed any traits from this amazing anime character. Also, are we on the same page? Let me know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on Kiyoko Kudo as well. 

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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