Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 – So Was This A Light Episode Which Yor Along With The Audience Definitely Needed? An Episode-Wise Review Spoilers Ahead


So, as Matthew instructs Yor, she takes good advantage of her free day enjoying the rest of the cruise trip with her fake family. But her genuine investment was deep from her heart. Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 also had moments, showing what happens typically when a family returns from a trip.

So, buckle up, and let’s get started with-

Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 Enjoy the Resort to the Fullest – The Plot

So, Princess Lorelei hits up the resort island, and The Forgers are all about fun activities, and then Loid has to lug an exhausted Yor and Anya back to the ship. Back in Berlint, Sylvia spills the beans to Loid about the SSS sweeping the ship incident under the rug. She warns him to stay on his toes for other groups messing with the peace between the East and the West.

Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 Credit Wit Studio & CloverWorks
Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 Credit Wit Studio & CloverWorks

Things I Liked From Spy X Family S2 Ep 10

Princess Lorelei Rolling In: So, Princess Lorelei shows up on the resort island, bringing in all the excitement and leaving us wondering what’s gonna happen next. I loved the moment when Loid and Anya noticed happy Yor standing and waiting for her family to come, and Anya runs to her Ha Ha, it was so sweet.

Also, can’t ignore Loid’s sharp eyes and quickly notices Yor’s facial injury from her last night’s rendezvous. He is always on his toes. Further, when Anya plays with Loid’s mind it was so witty of her right!!

Forgers Having a Blast: The Forgers are just kicking back and having a good time with various activities. It’s cool to see them all buddy-buddy and having a chill vibe. I loved it when Yor was worried about scuba diving, however, Anya understands the concern.

But Yor also tries her level best to give her daughter a great time regarding which she was effortlessly successful. It was another sweet moment from this part of the episode.

Loid Being Mr. Caretaker: Loid’s being all sweet, carrying a tired Yor and Anya back to the ship. It was a total heartwarming moment right there.

Sylvia’s Chill Talk with Loid: Sylvia’s giving Loid the lowdown in a casual way, adding a touch of friendship and camaraderie to their convo. It’s like they’re just shooting the breeze.

SSS(State Security Services) Sweeping Things Under the Rug: The SSS doing some hush-hush on the ship incident isn’t exactly straight and narrow, but it adds this mysterious twist to the story. Makes you wanna know more, you know?

Sylvia Dropping the Warning: Sylvia’s like, “Hey Loid, heads up, things might get real.” It adds a serious vibe to the plot, keeping us hooked and curious about what’s coming next.

Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 Bragging About Vacation – The Plot

So, Anya rolls back into school after her vacation and starts bragging to Becky and her other classmates about cruising on Princess Lorelei. But the class is all like, “Meh, that’s normal stuff.” Trying to amp up the drama, Anya spins this wild tale about stopping bad guys on the ship, hoping for some attention.

Well, her classmates aren’t buying it and start poking fun at her for these crazy “lies.” Feeling down, Anya as soon as she returns, she discusses this with her parents and Yuri. And get this, Loid, Yor, and Yuri, the squad of all truth-tellers, go on about how lying is a big no-no. Talk about ironic, right?

Things I Liked From Spy X Family S2 Ep 10 Bragging About Vacation

Anya Being All Hyped: Anya’s all jazzed up and stoked about her vacation and cruising on Princess Lorelei. It’s cute how she’s just sharing her excitement and good vibes with everyone.

Craving the Spotlight: So, Anya’s got this thing where she wants some attention, you know? Pretty normal, especially for kids. Adds a real, show-off vibe to her character.

Cooking Up Crazy Stories: Anya’s spinning these wild tales about taking down bad guys on the ship. Shows she’s got a wild imagination. Even if it gets a bit mixed up, it’s kinda cool and funny.

Classmates Throwing Shade: Her buddies in class are just messing around and teasing her. It’s all in good fun, adding a funny twist to the whole situation. Real relatable school vibes.

Yuri Being All Excited: Yuri’s excitement was so prominent that his captain instantly realized the reason behind his happy mood. His repeated visits to the Forger home might disturb Loid though which is kind of obvious too.

Anya Spilling the Beans to the Fam: Anya spills the deets to her parents and Yuri, keeping it real and sharing what’s on her mind. It’s nice to see she’s got that family support system going on.

Truth Talk at the End: So, Loid, Yor, and Yuri drop this truth bomb about honesty, which is kinda funny considering the whole situation. Adds a moral touch, reminding us to keep it real.


TOTT’s Take On Spy X Family S2 Ep 10

So this is my take on Spy X Family S2 Ep 10, I enjoyed the simple family stuff that everyone looked forward to having in their comfortable happy life. Also, I enjoyed Anya trying her level best to mark her presence in the class. But her family got her covered.

It was a happy, light, fun, and entertaining episode which gives hope for deeper scenarios to pop up in the upcoming episode, let’s wait and watch for now.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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