Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10; An Episode -Wise Review *Spoilers Ahead*


Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10 gives the audience another epic episode which proves to be an interesting turning point for the narrative and the characters. I don’t know about you all, but I am a huge fan of Hanagaki Takemichi. And with every episode, this boy is proving me right.

It would be better if I go straight to the episode-wise review. So let us get going with-

Things I Liked From Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10 Source Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10 Source Liden Films

So the plot thickened a lot in the last episode itself when Kisaki without any remorse or hesitation pulled out the gun and pointed the same at Takemichi. This of course frightened up the prominent TOMAN members. However, this move could not make Takemichi flinch at all. This second was superb.

Well, by now Takemichi has experienced a lot which was sufficient to make this human being concrete strong and likewise, he does not flinch at all which shocks everyone around but Kisaki the most. I guess this also made an impression on Izana’s mind.

I was stunned by what our Cry Baby Hero was doing. His brave speech added charm to his personality once again. What makes this episode deeper is when Takemichi fails to stop himself even though he is hit by a bullet on his feet. He was getting punched and was losing a lot of blood however his determination to not give up was truly remarkable.

For some good seconds, I felt a bit disturbed thinking Takemichi might lose his life if he continues to lose blood like this. Also, I was imagining how much pain would Hinata feel watching her special one bleeding so badly.

But one thing is clear now Kisaki is not a time traveler, since whatever Takemichi blabbered while getting those hits only made Kisaki confused. Also, Kisaki’s stepping back only degraded his personality.

Takemichi’s determination pushed all the prominent TOMAN members which was enough to make Mucho teary.

And the moment Mikey stepped in was a marvelous moment that provided some significant sequences that made me teary. Draken pulls over and asks Hinata to drop this was again unexpected. The instance when Mikey says thank you to Takemichi was somewhat perplexing. I thought that since Takemichi kept on fighting and tried his level best to not let TOMAN lose the battle with the criminals, that is what Mikey was thanking him for.

However, Hinata’s explanation cleared the cloud which was certainly uncalled for. She gave me an amazing surprise which really made my day.

What makes the narrative more interesting is that Mikey and Draken seem to believe every word spoken by Hinata. This was enough to make them come and support our Cry Baby Hero on his mission to save TOMAN and his dear ones in the process.

Watching Mikey and Draken back in the game truly made me happy. When Mikey calls out loud to give him 20,000 people to beat up it was so typical of him.

Toward the end when Izana swiftly takes the opportunity to finally come face to face with Mikey gives a moment of the anticipated fight in the upcoming episode which I feel would be remarkable.

Last but not least, in this episode, Izana sees an uncanny resemblance of Shinichiro Sano’s personality with Takemichi which triggers him more. He was the only one left to see the similarities and this is done as well.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10

The episode was quite entertaining and interesting for me. Kisaki and Takemichi’s face-off was quite predictable however Kisaki stepping back when Takemichi did not flinch surely did not expect that. Also, Hinata spilling the bean to Mikey and Draken was certainly not on my list of expectations. And her words moving the leader and his vice captain to such an extent was something important for TOMAN and Takemichi.

However, Hinata doesn’t want any credit she is confident that Takemichi is the person behind the roar of TOMAN. Typically we watched comradeship and impeccable exhibitions of friendship once again in Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10. I loved the episode, it was an emotional journey for me.

So this was my take on Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC EP 10, let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on this latest installment, down in the comment section below.

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