Which Moment From The Garden of Words Made An Impression In Your Heart?


The Garden of Words, directed by Makoto Shinkai, is a visually stunning Japanese animated film that unfolds against the backdrop of the rainy season in Tokyo. The story centers around Takao Akizuki, a 15-year-old aspiring shoemaker, and Yukari Yukino, a 27-year-old literature teacher, as their lives unexpectedly intertwine in the serene setting of Shinjuku Gyoen, a garden in the heart of the city.

Here I am with 4 important moments from The Garden of Words which beautifully define the narrative. Make sure to read till the end and comment down which was your favorite moment from my list and from the movie. So, let us get going with-

4 Moments From The Garden of Words That Marks A Permanent Impression On Your Heart; Ranked From Least to Best

The Garden of Words Source CoMix Wave Films
The Garden of Words Source CoMix Wave Films

4th The Enigmatic Encounter in the Rain

The film opens with Takao’s decision to skip class and sketch shoe designs in the rainy garden, leading to his mysterious encounter with Yukari. The initial meeting sets the tone for a definite unique connection. Yukari bids farewell with a tanka, which somehow impacts Takao. He in fact asks his brother about the same.

However, the subsequent encounters in the park create an unspoken bond between Takao and Yukari, which is the dominant essence of the narrative. The use of poetry only adds a symbolic layer to their relationship.

3rd A Collective Consequent Wholehearted Gestures

Takao’s decision to make a pair of shoes for Yukari is a touching and symbolic gesture that reflects his growing affection and commitment to her, even though they haven’t formally introduced themselves.

We can’t forget that Yukari gave an expensive book to Takao as a gift which he was unable to buy even though he was running some part-time jobs. It was something from the heart from Yukari’s end. She wanted to help the kid achieve his dream while she kept struggling in her work life.

After Yukari’s identification in the story Takao simply couldn’t stop himself but he hits the girl who was solely responsible for Yukari’s resignation. It is something undeniably from the heart.

And in the later part before getting trapped amidst the heavy rain, Takao finally answers Yukari’s Tanka which she threw at him during their first meeting at the park. He recites the 2,514th poem from the Man’yōshū Japanese poetry collection, which was the correct response to Yukari’s tanka, which he found in a classic Japanese literature textbook. This gesture also exhibits his interest in knowing Yukari more.

2nd Emotional Confrontation

The emotional climax where Takao confesses his love is unexpectedly called for. Also, Yukari’s revelation about her moving to Shikoku, and the subsequent confrontation along with emotional resolution in Yukari’s apartment was a significant part of the narrative.

This sequence reveals the impact of their time together in the park on both characters. Also, we can’t forget that Yukari gave an expensive book to Takao as a gift which he was unable to buy even though he was running several part-time jobs. Nonetheless, Takao falling for his teacher was something expected for a 15-year-old and it was understandable. Yes, it was hurting yet quite practical.

1st Revelation of Yukari’s Struggles

The revelation that Yukari is a literature teacher who faced gossip and bullying provides depth to her character. Her decision to retreat to the park to overcome her fears adds a layer of emotional complexity to the story.

She visited the park even though it was not raining and consumed alcohol and chocolate. Well, it appeared to be an out-of-character gesture too. Her actions gave the audience the implication that teachers are normal human beings who would also want to live their lives in the most nonconventional way possible.

While TOTT Wraps

These carefully crafted moments from The Garden of Words collectively contribute to the film’s spellbinding emotional depth, nuanced character development, and thematic richness. The Garden of Words emerges not just as an animated feature but as a truly compelling and unforgettable cinematic experience that lingers in the hearts of its audience.

So, what’s your call on the moment discussed in brief here? Make sure to share your favorite moment and thought on the narrative here in the comment box below.

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