Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 The Blue Ogre – Episode Wise Review *Spoilers Ahead*


Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 still continues to build up the significant backdrop for the anticipated fight between Kisaki Tetta and Takemichi. Towards the end of this episode, we see a minute second of the hopeful fight. But Kisaki is on another level, he is not trying to fist fight but rather kill the enemy his so-called ‘Hero’ the very first chance he gets that is.

On an honest note, the episode was an eye-opening one. We watched the flashbacks giving us the profoundness of the characters we have in this narrative.

So, without wasting any more time let us get going with-

Things I Liked From Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 The Blue Ogre

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 The Blue Ogre  Source Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 The Blue Ogre Source Liden Films

The narrative was strong. We watched the character development of Angry. Actually, the episode was quite literally named after this specific individual. In the last episode, we watched how Hakkai and Angry approach the Haitani brothers together.

In this episode, I was shocked at how bad was Hakkai’s condition. For some awful seconds, I genuinely felt that Hakkai would not survive those deadly hits planted on his head. Also, the history of the Haitani brothers was enough to give such implications. Yes, we all know that Hakkai was killed by Mikey in the future but the montage was giving me all hopeless vibes.

However the kindest of twin brothers Angry emerged as someone new and totally stranger to even his teammates. Smiley knew and thus he was having a simple conversation with Mitsuya which was sufficient to give us a vivid picture of Angry as a person.

I must admit that I felt quiet relief when Angry punched all the upcoming enemies one by one. The worst part of the Tenjiku is that they are all murderers. They plan to kill their enemies. While TOMAN is all about making a name and fighting for friends. Angry’s revival in the game was enough to motivate the team members and it was typical of TOMAN.

Anyway, I was totally intrigued by Angry but things changed when Kakucho took the spotlight.

Just like Takemichi, I am too wondering what is making Kakucho follow around Izana and respecting him as his Hero. Izana killed his own sister for what purpose I don’t know yet. However what possibilities can make someone go to such an extent and I don’t know if will I be able to root for this guy ever or not. I am telling this because we see a glimpse of Izana watching Emma in Arcade which was however POV of Kakucho. Let’s see what more awaits.

Also, I would like to know about the horrific scar on Kakucho’s face.

I was surprised to see the flashback conversation taking place between Mucho and Mikey where Mikey like every time confirms that he needs Mucho. This flashback somehow was able to trigger the failed hoodlum to rise up and advance toward Takemichi. His actions and his emotions really did not sync according to me and this is what I felt. Correct me if I am wrong.

When Kokonoi comes and shows Inui that Takemichi along with TOMAN will lose today, Takemichi’s determination was enough to answer back Koko. It simply gave Inupi the needed emotional strength to feel positive about reviving Black Dragon which he needed at that moment.

Also, Takemichi’s persistence in never giving up was remarkable. His mental strength of never giving up on his goals and ambitions forced Chifuyu to stand in front of him. It was quite strange to look at that montage. Takemichi was getting strong punches from his childhood friend Kakucho while his present best friend more of his brother comes and stands in front of him to protect his leader.

Also, I was surprised to see how calm Izana’s expression was. He calmly with his cold voice kept on instigating Kakucho to kill Takemichi. He was listening to their conversation patiently however kept his cool demeanor the entire time. His facial expression cannot make you see what is really under that strange smile or patient look.

Chifuyu along with others totally agrees that they have lost the match however Takemichi was not giving up like ever. But this brings Kisaki to the front. He does not hesitate to point the trigger just like he did in the future. I was not expecting this since carrying a gun is a bit of a challenge than carrying a baseball bat or a knife.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 The Blue Ogre

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode it was deep and quite insightful. We got to watch the characters and their development from the past, yet a lot to see and understand. Let’s hope we finally see Mikey and Draken including themselves for a mindblowing fight and not at all looking for answers.

This was my take on the Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 9 The Blue Ogre, now it’s time to learn your opinions and thoughts on the context. Make sure to comment down below.


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