Which Moments From Summer Ghost 2021 Mesmerized You So freaking much? Well These Are My Favorite Moments; Check These Out


Summer Ghost 2021 is a movie about deep aspects of life that at a superficial level we often tend to misread or ignore at most. Subjects like dismissal reflections for instance toxic parenting leading to suicidal thoughts, and school bullying leading to suicidal ideas are beautifully represented which people must be considerate about.

We also watch the other side of the story where one does not get to choose between life and death which is another harsh part of life. Keeping aside these brutal situations the movie still is beautiful and one can definitely watch the plot a hundred times a year. Well, this is what I personally felt after watching the same more than 5 times already.

So, I have some beautiful moments from this narrative which I am sure many of you have as well. Let’s see does my ranking of the wonderful and profound moments matches with yours or not.

So without wasting any more time, let us get going with-

Top 5 Moments from Summer Ghost 2021 That Stole My Heart; Ranked From Least To Best

Summer Ghost 2021 Source Flat Studio
Summer Ghost 2021 Source Flat Studio

5th Ayane Arrives

The trio Tomoya, Aoi, and Ryo are online friends who are intrigued by the subject of calling and meeting the Summer Ghost. They collected a good amount of fireworks and visited a deserted airplane base since the ritual demanded lighting sparklers to call for the Summer Ghost.

So, after lighting some sparklers and still seeing no sight of the summer ghost, the trio was losing patience. But suddenly the atmosphere took a cold transformation and they watched Ayane standing right in front of them.

It was daunting yet satisfying since their mission to watch and have a conversation with the Summer Ghost was right on point.

They could watch Ayane since every one of them was contemplating death. And they wanted to learn what happens after death like are you on your own. Ayane was not clear about any of her answers.

After watching it so many times, I can feel that she was kind of generous towards the living since they have the chance to live the life they were born with and not meet an untimely death like her. In the later part of the movie, audiences are made aware that Ayane was looking forward to living a great life which she cannot now, and she is envious of Tomoya.

So she was not answering the aspects of being dead because she assumed that the trio might choose death instead of life.

4th The Beginning is the Ending

This is stunning alright. The first scene of the movie takes us back to the ending. Watching it once might make you ignore this small portion which foreshadows Ryo’s untimely death. The online friends did not forget Ryo at all, they patiently waited for summer to come to gather and call their dead friend to have a little chat and inform him what new things were going on in their lives.

Judging by Ryo’s face, I assumed that he was happy as well. However, Aoi was crying pretty badly which saddens me for sure, because it was kind of relatable!!

3rd Tomoya Finally Finds Ayane

After a long searching session, having a small squabble with Ryo, and then struggling with internal emotional battles, Tomoya finally meets his friend locked up in a trunk as confirmed by Ayane. Just imagine being in Tomoya’s position for a simple second; it was gut-wrenching for me.

Also, this is the moment when Tomoya faces his inner struggles. He admits that his toxic relationship with his mother was actually causing him to contemplate death and Ayane is just an excuse to give up on life.

Every conversation he has with Ayane shows how Ayane encourages Tomoya to live life as a king-size. After coming to peace with himself, he finally bids adieu to his new best friend, and the scene is amazing. He does not know Ayane was hugging him goodbye and he won’t be able to meet this girl like ever again. It was painful yet beautiful.

2nd Ayane’s Revelation

Ayane was never suicidal. She wanted to live a fulfilled life. However, her one small step ruined her entire planning. The story of Summer Ghost tells a lie that Ayane committed suicide, so, Ryo was furious at her because he was not getting the chance to live and prosper while assumbly, Ayane left her gifted and precious life.

But the revelation was shocking. And how she depicts the entire event is extremely spine-chilling.

1st Tomoya’s First Date With Ayane

The moment was precious for me. Tomoya was happiest taking his new friend to the museum where he was surrounded by art pieces all around. The time he spends there is represented so magically that I felt Tomoya was the happiest at that point in time in his life. Every single second was experienced by this young man and his new friend Ayane was the perfect companion he could have asked for.

Later when they sit in seclusion and have deep conversations watching the city from a distance under the bright shining moon it is truly something we all want to have on our date nights, isn’t it?

While Wrapping Up

So these are my favorite moments from Summer Ghost, now it’s time to learn yours. Make sure to comment about your favorite moment or moments from this amazing film.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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