Summer Ghost 2021 Review; Should you be watching this short movie at all?? SPOILERS AHEAD


Summer Ghost is a short movie that was produced by Flat Studios and it received a global release in November 2021. The movie is about four characters who individually hold different perspectives on life. It begins with a gentle and easy energy. But as it progresses, many layers of the narrative, beautifully unfold in front of the audience.

So, should you be watching the movie or not??

Things You Might Like About Summer Ghost 2021

Summer Ghost 2021 Source Flat Studios
Summer Ghost 2021 Source Flat Studios

The narrative talks about the four stages of life. We see our four prominent characters, representing the different levels of life in their own magical way. To give you clarity-

Tomoya Sugisaki– Shows the struggles in life that one can overcome and live life to the fullest.

Aoi Harukawa– Shows a bit more challenging corner of life, where one suffers hardcore bullying daily at school, which can force someone to attempt suicide several times.

Ryō Kobayashi– Shows the life that is about to end in nine months at most.

Ayane Satō– Shows life that ended 3 years back, prior to the narrative that we are watching right now.

Now let us talk about the urban legend Summer Ghost.

According to the story, the spirit of young women would appear when fireworks are lit. So, three students who were introduced to each other through online portals, meet up to see if Summer Ghost is real or not…

They take their chances and invest their precious time in calling the spirit girl by setting off a number of fireworks at an abandoned airport. To their surprise, they meet a young woman called Ayane who is rumored to have committed suicide. The meeting was quite brief and the students were not satisfied with the answers to their questions asked to the spirit.

Each of the students was struggling in their life and no one was happy. Tomoya wanted to be a painter who was repeatedly pushed to secure good marks in academics by his mother. Ayo was experiencing bullying and she was not rescued even by the adults, from her horrible daily school chores. Next Ryo, he had only 9 months to live.

Except for Ryo, the other two were very much interested in learning about what happens after one dies. For instance, Ayo was curious about ghosts who can bully. While Tomoya was interested in learning a spirit’s perception…


The answers were nice but not as satisfactory as I perceived. In fact, their interaction was very brief as well.

Well, there were some creepy instances, when Ayane entered the plot. Like the fireworks still sparkling, it was unnatural. Then Ayane reveals the fact, why Ayo can see her, putting the audience in questioning Ryo’s and Tomoya’s situations too.

Well, in the later part, we are made aware of the situation that Tomoya was dead inside because he was pushed towards a life that his mother wanted for him. While Ryo is about to die in 9 months.

Now let us talk about the friendship that bloomed between Tomoya and Ayane. I loved the platonic chemistry a lot. Their time together at the art museum and their deep conversations watching the city from a distance at night were exclusively profound. I was feeling sad that this relationship had only a handful of days to last.

I felt terrible thinking, about the shocking death of Ayane as well. She was too young to meet her brutal death like that. The spirit looked everywhere for her body but failed every time while she watched her mother live a painful seclusion life waiting for her to return all these years. The lady was oblivious to the cruel death of Ayane. It was pathetic actually.

Thanks to Tomoya and his friends who helped the poor spirit get back to her missing body.

The moment was heartwrenching when Tomoya watched the spoiled body of a beautiful young girl whom he befriended after her death. These are some situation that makes us feel grateful for whatever small and big we have in our life, don’t you think?

In fact, these small days of friendship impacted Tomaya so significantly that he finally gathered up the courage to talk clearly to his mother about his future prospects in Art. The communication, between the mother and son, genuinely helps the young boy take Art as his future course, which was nice.

And we also, see Ayo, taking small steps to protect herself from the bullies at school.

See, I felt that this movie is simply about Spiritual Awakening where one must live for themselves and take care of themselves. We often fail to see the bliss we have in our lives, isn’t it? The constant humane pressure and exterior negativity, tend to pull us down. The only choice that remains is to escape from the living world. But Ayane never wanted death to arrive such early in her case. The same goes for Ryo. They wanted to live beautiful life and life was unfair to them. So never give up no matter what, because LIFE is precious and beautiful.

The characters from the narrative were very relatable as well. Tomoya, Ryo, and Ayo can be found in almost every locality and in every country. And for the mothers, you can also find these relatable females almost everywhere. I loved each of the kids and how bravely they tackled their lives, beginning to live life on their own terms and standing up to the challenges. All credit goes to our kind Summer Ghost Ayane.

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I can’t deny, that every conversation between Ayane and Tomaya was enlightening while being extremely sentimental. I felt really bad that the friendship lasted for such a brief period. Further, Ayane became so important in Tomoya’s life that he spent all the seasons waiting for summer in that very abandoned airport.

Well, it was also because Ayo and Tomoya wanted to meet Ryo again.

While TOTT Wraps

So, Summer Ghost is a wonderful movie that throws light on so many important factors of life. It’s an insightful narrative that teaches that life is harsh but we need to appreciate everything small and big we have in our life. Summer Ghost also talks about loving yourself more than anything else is nice and there is nothing selfish in this idea. Yes, it is not easy, but small steps toward the proposition are what you need to settle with.

The story has layers that unfold beautifully and take us to dive deep into a different perspective of the human world. 40 minutes was enough to talk about the different challenging situations each of the characters faced in their life. And still, we are made aware skilfully that giving up on life is never an option even though it gets unbearable.

I give Summer Ghost

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Now, have you watched Summer Ghost? What’s your take on the narrative, the characters, and everything…

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