Tokyo Revenger Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 I know in my head, A Filler Episode Packed With An Emotional Plot, Episode-Wise Review *Spoilers Ahead*


Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 continues from where it stopped in the last instalment which is the predicted conversation between Inupi and Koko. Thankfully the creators gave me an answer by bringing the background story of Akane. The episode was honestly all about Koko and why he is being like that, but in addition there were some small portions that were added to finish the episode on a serious and funny note.

So, without any further ado let us get started with-

Things I Liked From Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 – I know in my head

Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 - I know in my head Source Liden Films
Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 – I know in my head Source Liden Films

Overall, the plot centers around the relationship between Inupi and Koko. They were friends for a long time. And Koko was in love with Akane, Inupi’s older sister. A massive fire at Inui’s residence burned her and she was barely alive for some days after that.

Lack of money which caused her no extra treatment is the primary cause of her death. This is a strong reason that made Koko obsessed with money. He joined Tenjiku for money which was confirmed in the last episode too. However, the profound flashback made it quite convincing.

I enjoyed watching the other side of Koko who is nothing but a crazy lover of Akane. He is devoted to the girl who doesn’t even exist now. He even goes to the extent of kissing Inupi because he looks exactly like Akane, which genuinely breaks him down.

However, the struggle which Koko is going through is not limited to him. Inupi also lost his sister and I suppose that is something that led him to run towards Shinichiro Sano who became his comfort zone. Shinichiro’s significance in Inupi’s life is what is driving him to restore Black Dragon once again.

They were sobbing amidst the chaos, which forced Muto to take over the fight.

Now, the minute instances such as Takemichi looking forward to fighting Kisaki who is not allowed by Kakucho is something that made us wait once again for the anticipated showdown. However, Izana’s brief description of how he met the notable leaders of Tenjiku and his comrades is another great story to ponder as to how they got themselves into the correctional center in the first place.

The Haitani brothers beat the renowned leaders of the Roppongi Max Maniac to death which positioned them as criminals which is okay like it was enough to mark them as criminals. But the other I need more flashback episodes that offer insights, profoundness, and character development to the story.

The funnier portion is where Chifuyu from a distance observes that the Haitani brothers have the ball in their court since they facing off against Angry and Hakkai. Their team was not syncing at all. When Angry was blinking Hakkai did not even understand what’s the deal behind that blink. It was funny actually.

But what really made that particular montage worth remembering is what they admit, that they are proud of relying on their older siblings which was kind of brave, since younger siblings don’t really do so quiet often.

The story of Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 ‘I know in my head’ is a very interesting narrative and gives the audience enough reasons why these hoodlums are like this in the first place. We get more connected to the boys and feel relatable at a level to the characters portrayed here in the anime.

TOTT’s Take on Tenjiku ARC Ep 8 I know in my head

The episode was more than a squabble and plot-developing filler episode. It was the story of Koko who is an inspiring unconditional lover, the side sad story I never expected. Takemichi is fighting his battle with Chifuyu and Hinata by his side. But there is no end to Koko’s agony and what he experiences every day in his alone time.

Koko failed to keep his promise just after some minutes after making the promise, which is excruciating. Besides he went to save his lady love but brought back his friend because they resembled so much which is quite painful for both of them at some different level I must say.

Just imagine your best friend, whom you love as a brother lamenting in front of you because he wanted to save your sister, not you, it’s hurtful.

Let us now wait for another anticipatory episode from Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC coming next week.


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