The Summer of Dioxin – 2001: An Anime Masterpiece Unveiled- Review *Warning: Spoilers*


Hey, my TOTTers have you watched The Summer of Dioxin?

So I recently fell across the title ‘The Summer of Dioxin’. After researching a bit on the motivation, I decided to give it a try. Now, I am here with a detailed review of the movie. Hope you read till the end and find similarities in the things I liked from the movie. It’s a very short movie, so can you watch it any day you want.

Mind you this movie review is packed with spoilers.

So without any further ado, let us begin with-

The Summer of Dioxin – The Narrative

This movie is inspired by the Seveso disaster and centers around a group of friends—Giulia, Maria, Enrico, Lucio, and Angelon—who find themselves caught up in the crisis. Joining forces with Japanese journalist Shiro Ando, they embark on their own investigation during a week-long period of exposure when ICMESA fails to inform the public about the poison.

With animals dying and people falling ill, the children and Shiro uncover the release of deadly dioxin. They inform Enrico’s father, the town mayor, who takes swift action to evacuate all citizens. Shiro delves deeper into the situation and discovers the negligence of La Roche, the company controlling ICMESA. Knowing they violated safety laws and protocols, La Roche destroys evidence of their crimes.

The children attend a press conference to tarnish La Roche’s reputation, as the destroyed proof may not be sufficient in a court of law. A momentary celebration when Giulia’s pregnant sister, who chose not to abort, gives birth to a healthy girl. The joy makes their life better, however, the family stays on the edge about future unexpected prospects.

The Summer of Dioxin Source Magic Bus
The Summer of Dioxin Source Magic Bus

Things I Liked from The Summer of Dioxin

Real-World Relevance: The film is based on a real historical event, the Seveso disaster, which adds a layer of authenticity and relevance. This connection to actual events can engage audiences like me who are interested in learning about and reflecting on historical incidents.

Diverse Characters: The inclusion of a diverse group of friends, each with their own personalities and backgrounds, adds richness to the narrative. This diversity allows for varied perspectives on the disaster and its consequences, making the story more relatable and appealing to a broad audience.

Investigative Element: The storyline involving the group of friends teaming up with a Japanese journalist to conduct their own investigation adds an element of mystery and suspense. This investigative aspect can captivate audiences who enjoy unraveling complex stories and piecing together information.

Ethical Dilemmas and Corporate Accountability: The focus on the negligence of La Roche and its violation of safety laws and protocols raises ethical questions. The exploration of corporate accountability and the consequences of destructive actions can resonate with viewers interested in social justice and responsibility themes.

Community and Leadership: The involvement of Enrico’s father, the town mayor, in taking decisive action to evacuate citizens highlights themes of community responsibility and leadership. This was an appealing corner for audiences since the story here emphasizes the importance of leadership during crises.

Emotional Depth: The personal story of Giulia’s pregnant sister choosing not to abort and the death of Grandma Sonia adds emotional depth to the narrative. Further, the departure of Maria leaving the gang was quite relatable. This emotional connection can evoke empathy from viewers and make the characters more memorable as well as relatable.

Social Justice Theme: The children’s decision to attend a press conference to expose La Roche’s actions reflects a commitment to social justice. Themes of standing up against corporate misconduct and seeking justice can resonate with audiences who appreciate stories with a moral or social message.

TOTT’s Take On The Summer of Dioxin

The context of The Summer of Dioxin is based on the Seveso disaster is compelling for several reasons.

Firstly, it addresses the real-life tragedy of the Seveso incident, providing a platform to explore and bring attention to historical events that may not be widely known. The storyline involving a group of friends and a journalist engaging in their own investigation adds an element of suspense and intrigue, making it an engaging narrative.

The plot’s focus on the ethical dimensions of the disaster, with ICMESA refusing to inform citizens of the poison, sheds light on issues of corporate negligence and accountability. The revelation of the release of deadly dioxin and the subsequent efforts to expose the wrongdoing adds depth to the storyline.

Furthermore, the involvement of the town mayor, Enrico’s father, in taking decisive action to evacuate citizens upon learning of the danger adds a layer of community responsibility and leadership.

The exploration of La Roche’s negligence and their destruction of evidence adds a layer of corporate misconduct, contributing to the complexity of the plot. The decision of the children to attend a press conference to expose La Roche’s actions reflects a commitment to justice and accountability.

The inclusion of personal stories, such as Giulia’s pregnant sister choosing not to abort and Grandma Sonia’s death adds an emotional element to the narrative. This combination of personal and collective struggles enhances the film’s impact by connecting the audience to the characters on a stirring level.

Overall, the context is rich in its exploration of real-world issues, ethical dilemmas, and personal tragedies, making it a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant storyline.

I am delighted to rate the movie-

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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