Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7 Episode-Wise Review *Spoilers Ahead*


Have you seen the Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7?

The 7th episode of the Tenjiku arc of Tokyo Revengers is now available. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend doing so before reading this episode-wise review to fully understand my perceptions of the content. I can say that as the episodes progress, the characters’ dark sides become more and more apparent. It is up to us to decide which characters we feel most connected to.

So, without any further ado, let us get going with-

Things I Liked About Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7 Source Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7 Source Liden Films

The Plot

The plot is TOMAN collected all his men except for Mikey and Draken to face off against the criminal gang of Yokohama Tenjiku. The leaders of Tenjiku tried their level best to weaken the foundation of TOMAN by attacking the leaders namely, Mitsuya, Smiley, and at a significant level Mikey and Draken to pull the team down.

However, Takemichi arrives with his teammates and friends along with the other TOMAN members to face the 1st Generation Tenjiku. It was unexpectedly surprising for Izana, however, Kisaki was confident about Takemichi in this regard. Each of them was injured because Tenjiku pulled all strings to weaken the teammates, from the moment they arrived in the city. Nevertheless, they arrive and shock the would-be criminals at play.

From the beginning, Tenjiku appeared quite bold and confident. Izana even defeats the notorious men who belonged to other criminal groups to strengthen their base to begin their criminal life at large. This position of the episode genuinely creates an impression that Tenjiku is invincible.

However, when Shion gets hit with Pey-han’s first punch, he loses his consciousness. The Vanguard match seriously shakes up everyone bringing smiles to the Tenjiku members, as if the ball is in their court. However, the deadly punch was enough to shock the would-be criminals while motivating the TOMAN members and the leader significantly.

Kisaki remained off the field though. Therefore the situation was, that TOMAN would have to defeat the nameless Tenjiku hoodlooms first before facing off against the leaders which are Izana, Haitani brothers, Mucho, and more. Chifuyu being the experienced one takes the lead and assists Takemichi.

Surprisingly Chifuyu too defeats the renowned Mucho with his strong kick. It was unexpected from my end but it appeared that he took revenge. After seeing the collapsing situation, Izana along with the other leaders comes forward. Izana handles Pey while the other tries intimidating Smiley and Hakkai.

With his masterful kick, Izana showcased that he is after all the half-brother of the beloved Mikey who is also notorious for throwing skillful kicks right!!

The plot throws light on friendship, situation complication, leadership, criminal minds, and heroism as usual. The direction was so interesting that I was hooked till the end. The episode ends on a polite note which keeps the audience looking forward to seeing what happens next Wednesday.

The Characters

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7 had some eye-opening moments. We can also conclude that the montages were positioned to justify the character development of the show.

Such as we got to see 2 important flashbacks. One that showed us a glimpse of Kakucho’s and Izana’s childhood moments where they promised each other never to lose again. Now the question remains what happened that made them promise such commitment?

The other was Izana tackling everyone singlehandedly becoming the leader of the current members of the Tenjiku.

One thing is clear Izana has a strong personality for sure, he is physically strong as well. He is a strong and villainous leader who never flinches.

The narrative also includes two significant moments that mark a solid position once again in the character development category.

In this episode, Takemichi poses a question to Kakucho about his knowing about Emma’s murder to which Kakucho says yes without showing any remorse. In the previous episode, we witnessed that Kakucho was not happy with the plan. In fact, his conversation with Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7 shows that he might seem confident but he is not a criminal by mind yet.

The other instance is when Inupi tries talking with Koko where we understand that Koko joined Tenjiku for money and Akane is still an important human in Koko’s life. I need more information on Akane now. We also learn the love that Inupi brewed all these years to revive Black Dragon is known to Koko.

They both have individual reasons, but there is more to Koko’s context which we might learn eventually.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7

Overall the episode was intense. However, it was a build-up episode to the upcoming episode where we will watch Izana fighting Mikey and Kisaki fighting Takemichi. The episode showed brotherhood and comradeship neatly which is not a surprise in Tokyo Revengers at all. But it was fun watching the nameless Tenjiku hoodlums get beaten up and the leaders trying to intimidate the vice presidents of TOMAN to make the situation a bit comfortable for them.

I enjoyed Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7, and I hope we are on the same page. However, even though we are not make sure to share your review of Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku ARC Ep 7 in the comment section below.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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