Why Mio Saimori Is The Embodiment of Strong Independent Women?


Mio Saimori the leading lady of My Happy Marriage is a manifestation of a strong independent female personality. How right?

The audience might have seen a Mio in their life or is the Mio Saimori themselves. However to clarify the idea more, I am here with-

Mio Saimori From My Happy Marriage Source Netflix
Mio Saimori From My Happy Marriage Source Netflix

5 Motivating Reasons That Make Mio Saimori An Inspiring Lady For Sure

Reason No. 1: She is self-sufficient

When Mio was asked to go and get engaged to Kiyoko Kudou, she traveled all by herself. Well, it seemed that it was the first time that she went out of her home. She belonged to a well-to-do family and the estate was packed with servants.

Therefore it appeared to me that since she was busy doing all the chores 24/7 she might have not had the chance to take care of external chores. But she took the travel all by herself and reached Kudo’s residence on time.

Further, when she started living with good people, they appreciated her excellence in cooking yummy mouthwatering food. Hazuki complimented the young girl for her brilliance in the kitchen work which Hazuki lacked.

When Miyo wanted to gift Kiyoka kumihimo she made the entire braid within a night since it was for her special person, and she was not ready to compromise. She learned the techniques and finished the same overnight.

She was so much powerful that the emperor had to conspire behind her back. This is something right!!!

Likewise, the anime is filled with such minute instances that prove multiple times how much Mio Saimori is self-sufficient.

Reason No. 2 – She wins hearts just by existing

She was with the wrong toxic people, therefore her values and her energy were soiled. When she started the new chapter of her life with Kudos, her entirety started to enhance and that took a positive turn. Everyone related to Kiyoka appreciated Miyo from their first meet and greet.

Be it Yurie, Godo, or Hazuki, everyone liked the positive, and pure presence of Mio even though she was infinitely skeptical of her capability. She believed herself to be giftless, however, she was more than the thought. It was Mio’s individuality that made Kiyoko fall head over heels for her in such a short period.

Reason No. 3 – She is exceptionally strong, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

Her childhood was bundled with toxic experiences. She watched her own father not support her at all while he kept supporting her stepmother in those horrifying physical and mental abusive days. Those who understand Mio’s condition and childhood trauma understand what she dealt with as a kid.

But the best thing is that she never wanted to give up on life. She moved on thinking nothing would ever change. She was further heartbroken when her step-sister got engaged to Kouji her childhood friend, whom Miyo liked and the feeling was mutual.

Mio accepted her fate and like her mother always used to tell her that her life would change, it really changed. She found the man of every girl’s dream who fell madly in love with Miyo when she was just being herself.

The change in environment showed the audience Miyo’s intensive character development. Each episode showed her spiritual mental and emotional strength which she developed all these years unknowingly. She started speaking for herself more freely and wanted to grow equal to Kiyoka to be his perfect match.

When she was kidnapped by her sister and stepmother, she was adamant about not leaving Kiyoka no matter what. She trusted her feelings and Kiyoka’s too which was great.

Later she was struggling with her relentless nightmares but she kept on practicing the lesson she learned from Hazuki. She was never giving up on her dreams at all.

When she was living with Usubas she was determined to meet Kiyoka also showed her determination to never give up on her love and trusted Kiyoka with her heart as well.

Then when Kiyoka was injured in the last two episodes, and Miyo was the only one who could save the Love of her Life, she confidently dream-walks even though it’s her first time and takes responsibility.

All through the beginning, the direction made me think that Kiyoka is the knight in shining armor who is born to save the damsel in distress. However, it was Miyo who saved herself in the end. Yes, cheers to Kiyoka, without his presence understanding her worth wouldn’t have been easy, but Miyo is her own Hero.

Reason No. 4 – She is a survivor

As soon as she moved in with the Kudo she started building a new perspective of life. Yes, it was difficult for her to trust the process thus she stumbled a lot in the earlier days. However, with the encouragement, love, and care shown by Yurie, Kiyoka, Hazuki, and Godo, she was able to see how powerful she was in creating her own reality.

She survived those traumatizing days and never talked about those horrible experiences since she assumed those were her wounds and she is healing them one day at a time. She is a survivor, more of a warrior who came as a blessing in Kiyoka’s life and enhanced his existence manifolds.

Reason No. 5 – She is a fast learner

Talking about how fast learner Miyo is, her persistent attitude must be credited. She was competing with herself in every possible way to be Kiyoka’s perfect match. It was her goal, and she went beyond that and unleashed her inner true potential effortlessly building a remarkable presence in her time and age.

Now when Kiyoka was spiritually wounded, even though Miyo had no previous experience she learned everything through the journey in the spiritual realm saving Kiyoka and returning home safely. She completed her lessons on time and attended the party mesmerizing Kiyoka which made Kiyoka propose to her once again. However, the answer that Miyo said was unexpected.

TOTT’s Take On Miyo Saimori

So, I tried to cover everything about this motivating and beautiful young lady from My Happy Marriage. But if by chance I missed out on any point make sure to tell me about the same in the comment section right now. Also, I would highly appreciate your individualistic thoughts on Miyo Saimori as well.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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