JJK S2 Ep 40 – Battles of Fate and Flames of Destiny; Episode-Wise Review And Spoliers Head


So have you watched JJK S2 Ep 40?

From start to finish each of the seconds was unimaginably brilliant. I was hooked and couldn’t afford to look at my phone even for a microsecond.

So, without any ado, join TOTT in seeing what I liked from episode 40 of Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya ARC. Let us get going with-

JJK S2 Ep 40 – The Narrative

Megumi faces off against Toji, but Toji’s strength and speed continue to overwhelm him. Eventually, they both find themselves in a tight spot, narrowly avoiding a fatal blow and deciding to step back. Toji reflects on the past when he sold Megumi to the Zen’ins and curiously asks for his name. When Megumi replies with “Fushiguro,” Toji takes his own life by stabbing himself in the head, very much at peace with realizing what happened to Megumi.

Megumi intends to seek healing from Shoko but is unexpectedly ambushed by Haruta. Meanwhile, Kusakabe and Panda are cautiously patrolling Shibuya to avoid conflicts when they encounter some of Geto’s former followers.

Their skirmish is interrupted by the intense battle between Sukuna and Jogo. Jogo unleashes powerful flames, causing massive destruction in Shibuya.

However, Sukuna skillfully evades and counters with remarkable intensity, even taking a moment to play with the sorcerers caught in the chaos.

Sukuna reveals his “open” technique, demonstrating his ability to use fire to combat Jogo directly. Jogo is quickly incinerated, reuniting with Hanami and Dagon in a white void, expressing their hope to meet again.

Sukuna praises Jogo’s strength before encountering a curse user from his past, Uraume. Meanwhile, elsewhere, a mysterious creature attacks Haruta and an unconscious Megumi.

JJK S2 Ep 40 Source MAPPA
JJK S2 Ep 40 Source MAPPA

Things I Liked From JJK S2 Ep 40

Fierce Battles: The narrative includes intense and engaging battle sequences, keeping each anime audience or viewer hooked with the action between characters like Megumi, Toji, Sukuna, and Jogo. It was mindblowing, and missing a second was not happening in any way.

Character Development: The story provides insights into the characters’ pasts, motivations, and interactions, adding depth to their personalities. Toji’s reflection on the past and Sukuna’s encounters with familiar faces contribute to the overall character development. Well, I am just wondering what more shocking situation will this ARC deliver to the non-manga readers.

Surprising And Shocking Twists: The plot contains unexpected twists, such as Toji taking his own life. This was something I didn’t see at all coming. And Sukuna’s unique abilities kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Actually, I was pretty much excited to see the position finally on screen.

Emotional Elements: The story incorporates emotional moments, like Jogo’s reunion with Hanami and Dagon in a white void, expressing a desire to see each other again. These emotional connections add a human touch to the supernatural space. Jogo being praised by the King of Curses also makes him teary which both Jogo and Sukuna did not see coming at all. It was a spiritual release for Jogo at least.

Strategic Maneuvers: Characters like Kusakabe and Panda showcase strategic thinking by patrolling Shibuya to avoid conflicts, adding a tactical aspect to the narrative. But I did not expect what was about to happen to them. Well, I can imagine the terror all of them underwent when Jogo and Sukuna were fighting. However, when Sukuna shockingly catches up with them it was a horrifying sensation for me. Also, I felt sad for Kusakabe.

Mystery and Intrigue: The mention of Uraume and the creature attacking Haruta introduces mystery and intrigue, leaving viewers curious about what will happen next. However, I am once again terrified to see Megumi’s condition at this point.

Visual Descriptions: The vivid descriptions of the battles and Sukuna’s techniques create a visually compelling experience, allowing the audience to vividly visualize the events unfolding. It was awesome to watch.

TOTT’s Take On JJK S2 Ep 40

From intense battles and surprising twists to emotional reunions and strategic maneuvers, the story weaves a tapestry of thrill and intrigue. JJK S2 Ep 40 burns brightly, revealing the depth of the characters’ pasts and their unique abilities.

As the dust settles, the stage is set for new challenges and encounters, leaving fans like me and global viewers eagerly anticipating the next plot in this captivating show. Another wait for a week.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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