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9 Miyo X Kiyoka Moments From My Happy Marriage Which Marked My Heart; Ranked From Least To Best

Miyo X Kiyoka Moments From My Happy Marriage Source Netflix
Miyo X Kiyoka Moments From My Happy Marriage Source Netflix

9th Episode 12 – Light in the Darkness

Kiyoka adamantly declines the idea of abandoning Miyo, and in a discussion with Arata, he is advised to concentrate on the impending invasion by the Grotesqueries on the capital before they engage in a duel.

The duel unfolds with Kiyoka initially having the advantage, but his focus is shattered when Arata conjures an illusion of Miyo, leading to Kiyoka’s defeat. Consequently, Miyo is entrusted with the care of her family. Despite this setback, Kiyoka vows to retrieve Miyo once he has addressed the pressing situation at hand.

I was genuinely sad watching both of them separate on a poor note.

8th Episode 1 – The Meeting

Miyo embarks on a solitary journey to the distant Kudou estate, where she encounters Yurie at the front door, Kiyoka’s loyal servant. She was amazed to meet Miyo, and it seemed she was the only person apart from Kouji to make sense.

Yurie takes her to Kiyoka and upon her introduction to her fiancé, she is captivated by his striking appearance. She was mesmerized by his stunning aura. On the other end, Kiyoka was patient but was not ready to experience Miyo’s passive, respectful demeanor and lack of self-confidence.

7th Episode 2 – About My Husband-to-Be

Yurie comforts Miyo by assuring her that the stories of Kiyoka’s harshness have been overstated. However, when Miyo prepares breakfast for Kiyoka, he callously jumps to the conclusion that she was instructed to poison him.

Nevertheless, he tries to work on the damage, so later that night, Kiyoka commends her culinary skills, but he’s left puzzled.

His praise elicits tears from her, which is unexpected. It’s a superb moment according to me since Miyo was gifted with a chance to experience compliments for the first time in her life. This startling situation pushes Kiyoka to dig for information about his would-be fiancee, which only benefits the pair.

6th Episode 9 – Drowning in Dreams

Tired Miyo was left in her home under Miss Yurie and Hazuki’s watch. But at night Miyo had to be all alone. Kiyoka being busy with his professional responsibilities, was going through a lot. One night when he is back home, they spend quite a generous amount of time together, where Kiyoka assures Miyo that she is not alone, since Kiyoka is with her forever now. The moment was special and pretty intimate actually.

However, Arata interferes and angers Kiyoka informing him about Miyo falling unconscious in the streets. He returns home and finds Miyo dozed off which infuriates Kiyoka since he is pretty sure that he has repeatedly said he is there with her, so if anything is bothering her, he will listen no matter what.

But his loud voice and angry gesture traumatizes Miyo more which makes her faint. Helpless Kiyoka takes Miyo to Arata.

Well, honestly speaking none of them were at fault here. Both of them had a lot on their heads. But little did they what was going to happen in the next few hours.

5th Episode 7 – Glamorous Lady of Summer

Miyo expresses her wish to visit the Saimori residence one final time with Kiyoka. During their visit, she expresses her heartfelt gratitude to Kiyoka for saving her.

Now, upon their return home, Miyo and Kiyoka formalize their engagement. In the following days, Miyo has the opportunity to meet Kiyoka’s elder sister, Hazuki, who takes on the role of Miyo’s tutor.

Miyo and Kiyoka’s conversation at the Saimori estate was quite important. The entire conversation shows that both of them are ready to embark on an unknown and anticipated beautiful journey called marriage which was making both of them really excited and happy.

This prospect only makes Miyo ask Kiyoka to assign a tutor so that she can learn everything required to be the mistress of Koudo residence. This allows her to meet Hazuki and learn more about Kiyoka in the process. She was actually thrilled to be Kiyoka’s better half.

4th Episode 4 – The Gift

Miyo seeks Yurie’s assistance in choosing a gift for Kiyoka. Following Yurie’s advice, she decides to craft a kumihimo since she knows Kiyoka often uses one to tie his hair. Kiyoka also presents her with a protective charm.

While shopping for the gift, Miyo unexpectedly encounters Kaya and Kouji, a meeting that significantly depresses our pure girl. Yurie later informs Kiyoka about this encounter and encourages him to wholeheartedly love Miyo.

When Kiyoka invites Hana, a servant Miyo was once close to in her childhood before the unjust actions of the Saimoris led to her dismissal, Miyo is overjoyed to see her. She realizes that Kiyoka must be aware of her entire history, including her lack of spiritual abilities, yet he still wishes to marry her.

This revelation brings immense relief to Miyo, and she decides to gift the kumihimo to Kiyoka on the spot, who promises never to abandon her.

This proved how Kiyoka’s name was butchered by all of his ex-fiancees. He is a gentle soul who found his match and was putting endless effort into making this union beautiful and everlasting.

3rd Episode 5 – Ripples

Miyo gratefully accepts the kimono thoughtfully purchased by Kiyoka. Also, in a gesture of gratitude and friendship, she invites Godou to join her for dinner as a way of expressing her appreciation for reuniting her with Hana.

Later that night, Miyo is haunted by a distressing nightmare, and Kiyoka provides her with comforting solace. In her turmoil, she unintentionally forgets her protective charm while delivering a bento to Kiyoka, and shortly after, she falls victim to a kidnapping situation.

The episode holds some spectacular moments that were sure to give someone butterflies. Firstly when Kiyoka was stunned at Miyo’s beauty at the entrance of the Koudu residence. Later, Miyo clearly says she wants to stay with Kiyoka Kudou for the rest of her life which makes Kiyoka blush.

So we can see that even though there were very few moments of these two coming close spiritually and romantically, still, those minute sequences were amazing according to me.

2nd Episode 3 – Our First Date

Kiyoka extends an invitation to Miyo for their first outing, which was more of going on a date. Feeling uncertain about what to do, Miyo attempts not to inconvenience him, while secretly harboring the fear of her lack of spiritual abilities driving him away.

Unrevealed to Miyo, Kiyoka recalls Yurie’s mention of her repairing her clothes. So he secretly commissions a kimono for her beforehand. In a bid to conceal her absence of supernatural talents, Miyo decides to keep this fact hidden.

As the day unfolds, Kiyoka surprises Miyo with a thoughtful gift – a comb, even though Yurie has suggested that such a gesture signifies a proposal. The next day, an informant named Iwashimizu provides Kiyoka with detailed information about the Saimori family’s history.

While Kiyoka is appalled by the clear evidence of abuse Miyo suffered, he also discovers her lack of spiritual powers and her connection to the Usuba family.

I liked that he purposefully does everything with the guidance of Yurie in this episode. He invites Miyo to the date, and later they engage in a meaningful conversation at the restaurant which was wholesome to watch.

Next, they visit the book shop where Miyo finally understands that she likes this young man and would not like to be parted. Back in the restaurant, Kiyoka also hints that Miyo has started growing on him which is very nice.

Later at night Kiyoka also gifts a comb which is a sign of proposal.

Without a doubt, this was a superb intimate episode where both the characters began navigating their other unravled personality which was very wholesome.

1st Episode 6 – Determination and Thunder

Kiyoka and Kouji make their way to the Saimori residence to rescue Miyo. Upon their arrival, Kiyoka dispels a protective barrier crafted by Minoru and Shinichi. In the ensuing confrontation, Minoru attacks Kiyoka with his pyrokinetic abilities, resulting in the residence catching fire.

In response, Kiyoka counters by striking Minoru with a bolt of lightning, rendering him unconscious. He arrives in the nick of time to save Miyo. Meanwhile, Kaya approaches Kiyoka, expressing her desire to be his fiancée. However, Kiyoka dismisses her, citing her selfishness and arrogance.

When Miyo regains consciousness, she finds Kiyoka by her side. He reassures her that none of what happened was her fault, and with immense relief, Yurie is also grateful that she is safe and unharmed.

I loved watching the man burning the home of the abusive family to save the Love of his life. He destroyed the place that nurtured Miyo’s toxic experiences.

While Wrapping Up

As we conclude this blog on My Happy Marriage, we are reminded of the enduring message that love can triumph over all obstacles, and that sometimes, the most extraordinary and unexpected connections can lead to the most profound happiness. Miyo and Kiyoka’s story remains a testament to the above-given situations. If you have watched the series, you clearly know what I mean down here.

I will be waiting for your thoughts and opinions on this blog.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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