Attack On Titan S4 The Three Chapters- The Epic Legacy of Sacrifice and Survival; Episode-Wise Review *Spoilers Ahead*


Hey, TOTTErs have you watched the final episode of Attack On Titan S4, yet?

In the annals of storytelling, some narratives resonate on a deep level, and Attack On Titan is this story, that weaves together themes of sacrifice, friendship, and the unyielding human spirit. The saga that we journeyed through all these years encompasses not one, but several interconnected stories, each layering upon the last to create a tale of breathtaking complexity and depth. Moving on will be difficult for me.

But Attack On Titan S4 doesn’t conclude with victory or defeat alone. It delves deep into the aftermath, exploring the meaning of the legacy we leave behind. The passing of generations, the enduring bond of friendship, and the resilience of humanity in the face of adversity are themes that echo through time.

Join TOTT on a journey through the episode-wise review of Attack On Titan S4, the final chapters shaped by Titans, a world that faces cataclysmic change, and a world that ultimately finds redemption, renewal, and a connection to the past. Let us get going with-

Attack On Titan S4- The Narrative

Attack On Titan S4 The Three Chapters Source MAPPA
Attack On Titan S4 The Three Chapters Source MAPPA

Chapter 3 – The Battle of Heaven and Earth – Scouts and Warriors arrive on Eren’s rib cage and render the Beast Titan powerless, only to discover that it’s an empty husk with Zeke nowhere in sight. Armin is about to transform, but he gets ensnared by a Titan’s jaws.

Unexpectedly, numerous incarnations of the Nine Titans from history materialize on Eren’s back, summoned by Ymir Fritz to protect him. As the Scouts and Warriors face imminent defeat, Annie and Gabi emerge on Falco’s newly acquired flying Jaw Titan. Simultaneously, Armin stumbles upon Zeke within the paths.

Chapter 4 – A Long Dream – Armin and Zeke engage in a profound conversation about the meaning of life, leading Armin to convince Zeke to share his perspective. Together, they reach out to the deceased Titan shifters from throughout the series, seeking their aid for the alliance. Zeke then manifests on Eren’s Titan and allows Levi to end his life, putting an end to the Rumbling.

Once Armin is rescued, he employs the colossal power of his Colossal Titan to obliterate Eren’s Founding Titan, releasing the centipede-like organism, the source of all Titan abilities, from Eren’s nape. Falco descends to the Liberio refugees, but the Warriors’ reunion with their families is cut short when the source turns nearby Eldians, including Jean, Connie, and Gabi, into Titans to protect it. Reiner, Annie, and Pieck engage the Titans and the source to prevent it from reuniting with Eren.

Meanwhile, Eren transforms into the Founding Titan once more to confront Armin, leaving Mikasa and Levi as the last ones capable of stopping Eren. Levi leaps from Falco’s back and utilizes a Thunder Spear to expose Eren’s human form within his Titan’s mouth, while Mikasa beheads Eren. This act releases Ymir from the Paths, allowing her to move on, and causes the Titan powers and the source to vanish from the world, transforming all Eldians permanently into humans.

Final Chapter – Toward the Tree on That Hill – Following Eren’s passing, Armin (and the others) remember a conversation they had with him before his death, during which he discloses his true motive. He aimed to ensure that his friends were celebrated as humanity’s saviors in the eyes of the world, granting them the long, gratifying lives he wished for them in a Titan-free world. After grieving their friend, Armin takes responsibility for Eren’s demise, while Mikasa departs to lay Eren to rest on Paradis. The survivors of the Rumbling hail the Scouts and Warriors as heroes.

Three years later, with eighty percent of humanity lost, the Jaegerists bolster Paradis’ military to brace for a potential future attack from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, the remaining Scouts and Warriors assume the role of ambassadors for peace negotiations on behalf of Paradis. Mikasa places Eren’s head under a tree, one that held special significance to him in his youth and continues to visit his grave throughout her life.

Many generations later, a futuristic Paradis is bombed from above and destroyed in a war. Over time, nature reclaims Paradis, and in this wild setting, a solitary boy and his dog approach the tree where Eren is buried. The tree has grown to resemble the original tree that held the source of the Titans’ power.

Things I Like From Attack On Titan S4

  1. Friendship and Sacrifice: In all the seasons actually, there is a strong theme of friendship and sacrifice. The characters are willing to make significant sacrifices for the well-being and happiness of their friends and loved ones. The protagonist gave up on his bright life(the memory says everything ok) and destroyed around 80% of humanity just for the sake of his friends. Crazy right!!!
  2. Moral Complexity: The plot explores moral complexity and the difficult decisions that the characters have to make, often blurring the lines between right and wrong. I am talking about Mikasa here. She was wailing her heart out when she was tasked with the job of killing the love of her life since it was mercilessly the only way. Even for Eren as well.
  3. Redemption: Characters seek redemption or make amends for their past actions and mistakes. Can you remember what Zeke spoke just before his last minutes? Comment down below.
  4. Legacy: The idea of leaving a positive legacy or ensuring the well-being of future generations is a recurring theme. It was a hard job undertaken by Grisha Yeager, is what I feel at this point in time.
  5. Reflection and Remembrance: There is a strong emphasis on remembering and honoring the past, as well as reflecting on the consequences of their actions. It was not only a significant setting on Attack On Titan S4 but all the rest of the seasons as well.
  6. Ambiguity and Open-Ended Endings: The ending of Attack On Titan S4 often leaves room for interpretation and contemplation(except for the story of Mikasa of course), allowing the audience to reflect on the story’s meaning and implications. We all have to prepare our own stories now. Like for example, I was wondering if that little boy an incarnation of Eren, because of the way he appeared he came off as a younger version of Eren to me. Will history repeat once again???
  7. Transformation and Growth: Characters undergo significant personal growth and transformation throughout the narratives. Yes, it was evident again throughout however it was broadcast pretty neatly in Attack On Titan S4.
  8. Nature’s Resilience: Nature’s ability to reclaim the land and adapt in a post-apocalyptic world is a theme projected nicely. It was beautifully represented at the end, according to me at least.
  9. The Passage of Time: The stories span multiple generations, highlighting the passage of time and how events and decisions have long-lasting effects. It teaches us a lot actually.

TOTT’s Take On The Final Episode Of Attack On Titan S4

So in conclusion we can say that in the grand tapestry of human existence, where the boundaries between friend and foe blur, and where the consequences of our choices reverberate through time, the saga Attack On Titan, has drawn a profound and poignant conclusion.

The battle against Titans, the Rumbling, and the quest to redefine the future have all left indelible marks on the characters who have undertaken this epic journey.


We all saw that Attack On Titan S4 serves as a timeless reminder that our choices, our sacrifices, and our enduring bonds have the power to shape the world and leave a heritage that transcends generations. It encourages us to reflect on the meaning of life, the complexities of our moral choices, and the resilience of the human spirit.

In the end, it is a story that speaks to our capacity to confront the unknown, find common ground, and create a better world for future generations.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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