SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2 Bond’s Strategy to Stay Alive & Damian’s Field Research Trip Review


🕵️‍♂️📺 Calling all secret agents, anime fans, and SPY X Fam enthusiasts! The moment we’ve been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. It’s time to dive deep into the two distinctive worlds of SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2!

In this latest installment of espionage and family intrigue, our favorite spy family, particularly Bond, gives his jaw-dropping action, mind-bending perception of his world, and course, those funny family moments that keep us all coming back for more.

The episode also had Damien and his friends showing the significance of real friendship and what life has in store for us.

Therefore, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a comprehensive review of this electrifying episode. I will discuss the things I liked from SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this one!

So, without any further delay, let’s unpack my thoughts and opinions on SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2, right now!!!

SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2- The Narrative

Bond’s Strategy to Stay Alive

In a fascinating turn of events, Bond experiences a vivid vision in which he meets his untimely demise, all thanks to a meal prepared by Yor. Frightened by this ominous culinary prophecy, Bond embarks on a mission of his own – a mission to find Loid and persuade him to hurry home and take charge of dinner preparations instead.

After a bit of sleuthing, Bond successfully locates Loid, and, in a true display of teamwork, the two spies team up. Their objective? To liberate an experimental truth serum for Loid’s top-secret mission. As they navigate this daring escapade, our dynamic duo demonstrates their extraordinary skill and resourcefulness, making it an exhilarating chapter in the spy-family saga.

So, with taste buds and secrets on the line, Bond and Loid unite for an adventure that promises both thrills and mouthwatering intrigue! 🍽️🕵️‍♂️🚀

SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2 Source Netflix
SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2 Source Netflix

Damian’s Field Research Trip

Concerned that Damian is burying himself in his books to score top grades during the holiday break, Emile and Ewen decide to stick around with Damian. So, Emile, and Ewen also manage to land a little detention due to being casual and join Damian for support. Then, Henderson, the wise custodian, arranges for the boys to go on an exciting field trip by the lakeside, with a special goal in mind.

The mission? To teach Damian and the gang a valuable lesson that unwinding, letting loose, and having a blast are just as essential as hitting the books. So, get ready for some lakeside fun, relaxation, and a dose of life lessons with these awesome friends! 📚🏞️🌞

Things I Liked About SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2

Bond’s Strategy to Stay Alive

The first thing that caught my attention was Anya’s mature remark on Bond’s endless happy dog life i.e., ‘Height of laziness’. However, within some minutes we understood pretty well that Bond too has struggles that we won’t be able to comprehend at all.

I wonder what Anya teaches Bond when they play. Her opinion on Yor is pretty misunderstood. Yor might be an assassin but loves Anya wholeheartedly; she is very close to her heart. Therefore, whatever Anya has taught Bond is wrong. But we cannot expect a lot from a supposedly 4 year old right????

However, I must say that it was all because of Anya in the first place, that made Bond work so freaking hard in locating Loid. This eventually benefitted Bond and Loid as well, he could return home earlier than anticipated.

The entire Bond part of the episode was nurtured with funny stances and a profound perception that Bond holds against the world where he walks. He has some definite challenges, like not being entertained by the shopkeeper for food, and the kids running behind to rag the poor dog, etc. which we might be unable to conceive.

So, when the blackout happens, Yor takes out Bond from under the TV unit and wants to surprise the family pet, it is a cute and brief moment that Bond sees as well as we. The entire precognition thing and Bond’s thoughts on handling the current crisis at his paws were thoroughly funny and cute and I can rewatch this portion a million times without getting bored at all.

More, I liked it when Bond goes to Anya to meet her for the last time, as soon as he receives the precognition of meeting an untimely death which indicates Anya is intensely loved by this family member as well. But Anya disregards Bond’s approach to play since this kid has homework to take care of.

Also, Bond understands that Loid goes to hunt(his job) wearing suits, it is innocently funny.

Precisely speaking, I was amazed to look at Bond’s lookout on the Forgers which was unexpected as well as amusing. Yor is the only dangerous family member whom Bond can’t trust with food or life. He is scared of the lady of the house.

Escaping was the only path that opened wide in front of him which he chose. And this made Yor worry the most as we all saw towards the end of this portion of the episode, didn’t it????

At some point, Bond was struck with hopelessness and his eyes were growing teary too. But he regains his motivation to eat good food and once again returns to looking for Loid.

Now, what Bond does is so smart. He helps Loid so that he gets back home and Loid prepares a nice delicious meal for him. His self-love intention also made Loid happy at the end of the day. Loid’s mission was a success and he could go back home early.

Have you noticed Loid wanted to go back home early since he kept repeating the same a lot of times while he was carrying out his mission?

Bond was utterly happy. Now when Bond explains why he is here, Loid understands that Bond wants to play, it is exactly practical🫣. Bond traveled all his way to a seemingly shady and unknown location, only to play with Loid.

I expected Loid would understand his bark, which was genuinely extra from my end but I didn’t expect Loid the famous Twilight to be such a simpleton. I am not being critical, but the way Loid is represented in the show, made me think so mighty of him🤨.

However, a little later we see, Loid being extra smart like himself which is funny as well. He assumes that Bond is helping him to avenge his dog friends, which kind of helps Loid in the completing mission fast before time.

Now, I must include that when Loid and Bond managed to sneak in, step by step it was quite meticulous of Bond. He was acting like a human, more of a spy in action. He even does not eat the hamburger, which of course makes Loid worry.

The moment Bond realizes the 4 men approaching, he goes to Loid and the duo understands their crisis at hand impeccably. Yes, Bond definitely had some deep self-care intentions but this saves the day so why not praise the doggo?

Now the episode transforms to being one epic episode when Masked Bond jumps upon the scientists, along with Loid. His master strike at the end was the cherry on top.

His vision at the end of this portion was enough to make this hungry dog excited and all ready to head back home. It was a successful day for the Forger men.

But Bond’s sudden escape made Yor and supposedly Anya worry though.

Damian’s Field Research Trip

Now, after a long time, I was happy to meet Damien and his friends. So, in order to be recognized by his father, and win a Stella the 6-year-old is overexerting himself with study hours. Therefore he misses his morning roll call. He is a very persistent human who is a kind of inspiring example for this age.

Everyone from his class will be going to watch a movie and on their way back plans to enjoy roast beef, which is however not Damien’s intention in any way. He is all motivated to win Stella.

What I liked here, is the friendship shown by Emiel and Ewen.

Previously, I assumed that these two might be following Damien because he belongs to a rich and influential family. However, this episode proves me entirely wrong.

So, to show their benevolence towards Damien and be there with him and for him, Emiel and Ewen meticulously fall into a punishment-like situation, which the matron and their class teacher very well understand.

The two try their level best to make things happier and easier for Damien which was successful in the end.

But things get more positive and happy when the trio gets another beautiful punishment. It was that they needed to accompany teacher Green on a Field Research Trip.

Their unexpected punishment began with a river rafting session. Except for the teacher, the kids were not happy at all. In fact, all of them were scared to death. I feel their lack of outdoor exposure made them such.

Also, have you noticed Damien wandering looking up at the sky, he was enjoying the peaceful bright blue sky to his heart’s content?

Now, here comes another funny part of the episode. As soon as Damien falls into the water, his best friend jumps in to save the second son. But each of them also experiences intense freighting sensation. They all were struggling to get out of the aggressive water.

But the teacher Green waited for seconds and then revealed that they were safe. Their moment of realization was something, I will cherish from this episode.

Also, I just want to say that these two love, respect, and adore Damien a lot. They wanted to save their best friend more than anything. What can I say is that Damien is one lucky boy when it comes to friendship. Further, these three are extremely dramatic is what I believe at this point of the show.

Now after getting almost dry, as ordered by Mr Green, the three collect some wood and learn the technique of lighting fire in a forest with just a knife and a flint. These surprise the boys and this makes me happy.

So, after learning how to light a fire, it was time to catch some fish to settle the hungry stomach. Now, every moment arranged for this Research Field Trip section was a delight to watch. The way Damien was scared by his best friends, later how he took revenge, and then how they successfully caught fish was so comfortable and wholesome to watch. Additionally, the blissful music added in the background made the montage profound and intensely appealing.

So it was finally the time to eat their caught fish. The kids loved the roasted fish a lot. However, Damien once again burdened himself by not studying and enjoying his life. It is bad since he is just a 6-year-old. But his family name and his parent’s negligent parenting are making life challenging and bad for this innocent soul.

But Mr. Green tries to show the practicality of being idle, which I also needed to hear.

So, it was finally time to return and I couldn’t overlook the beautiful night sky in this montage. It was so pretty.

But I have to include another funny part of the Research Field Trip portion which is right now, when Damien assumes that he along with his friends is getting sold by Mr Green. In some seconds before, he was obsessing with idling and later on the word Stella. Something is not right with this young gentle kid.

Here we also, learn that because of his father, Damien too wants to become a politician. His best friends also hold some interesting ambitions which I along with Mr Green liked a lot.

I liked that they were under a teacher who was continuously encouraging the 6-year-olds and did not demotivate them at all, even though he could show them another promising line of profession. He was a great teacher according to me.

He shows the boys what beauty actually means. The starry night and its reflection on the waterbed made the montage perfectly alluring and became one of my Spy X Family moments from the season of course. Mr. Green also asks Damien ‘Was it a waste of time to come here?’ to which Damien gives an honest and good answer ‘No ‘.

So, they return after spending one of the best and a memorable days in their life. They in fact wrote their report on the day as well, after returning which was very nice and responsible. However, we all understood that Damien lacks communication skills.

TOTT’s Take On SPY X Fam Season 2 Ep 2

In conclusion, SPY X Fam Season 2 Episode 2, has once again captivated my heart and mind with its intoxicating blend of espionage, family time, funny instances, and a bunch of wholesome moments. Honestly, the plot is lighter now, so we are experiencing a lot of heartwarming moments that keep us coming back for more.

From Bond’s premonitions to Loid’s daring mission to secure that experimental truth serum, this episode takes us on a rollercoaster ride of excitement, fun, and intrigue. Further, the cozy chillax day of Damien and his friends was also exceptionally great. The characters continue to evolve, and the storylines keep us guessing about what can we expect further.

This episode undoubtedly delivered the goods. It’s a reminder that, just like our SPY X Fam, we should all take a moment to savor life’s thrilling adventures and cherish every second of our lives.

With our hearts filled with anticipation for the next episode, we can’t wait to see what awaits our intrepid spy family in the episodes to come. Until then, stay tuned for the next thrilling chapter of the SPY X Fam review on Monday! 🕵️‍♂️🌟🔍

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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