Dive into Darkness Of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 ‘Dull Knife’ Unveil The Shocking Twists! Review *Spoilers Ahead*

Hey there, fellow TOTTers and my anime aficionados! Are you all ready to dive into the wild world of Jujutsu Kaisen once again? Well, hold onto your cursed energy because I’ve got the Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 reviewed for you, which is aptly titled “Dull Knife.” Honestly speaking it’s a rollercoaster of emotions, an epic appearance, and more than a few surprising assumptions in my head right now.

So, grab your favorite snack, get comfy, and let’s chat about the Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 that’s got my heart thumping.

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 Dull Knife-The Narrative

Hey there! So, Nanami comes across Ijichi’s injured body and helps him to safety. Yuji and Megumi do their best to break the mystical barrier that had trapped the sorcerers in the city, but unfortunately, they’re unable to break the barriers that imprison Gojo and innocent civilians. They quickly jump into action and save Ino, who had fallen unconscious from the Central Tower. Megumi takes charge of getting Ino to safety while Yuji rushes off to Shibuya Station.

They spring into action, rescuing an unconscious Ino, who plummets from the Central Tower. Megumi takes charge of getting Ino to safety, while Yuji dashes off to Shibuya Station

Meanwhile, a seemingly straightforward seance replicating the deceased’s body takes an eerie twist. The soul of Toji manages to fully possess the grandson’s body, receiving chilling orders to “eradicate all sorcerers.” To that end, the grandmother meets a grim fate as well.

In another part of the city, Nobara and Nitta part ways from Maki and Naobito Zen’in, only to be confronted by the formidable Haruta. Nobara valiantly takes on the challenge, allowing Nitta an opportunity to escape.

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 Dull Knife Source Mappa
Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 Dull Knife Source Mappa

Haruta’s technique enables him to evade every attack, inflicting serious injuries on both. As he stands on the brink of delivering a fatal blow to Nitta, Nanami intervenes. Unyielding and impervious to Haruta’s strikes, he soundly defeats their assailant, instructing the two to recuperate while he hurries to support the Zen’in family.

Deep within the subway, Mei Mei and Ui Ui cross paths with Pseudo-Geto, who summons a fearsome Smallpox Deity-cursed spirit to keep them occupied. Meanwhile, Yuji crosses paths with Choso, who immediately engages in combat, seeking vengeance for his fallen brothers.

Things I Lkied From Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 Dull Knife

As the episode sets off we find, Nanami, talking to himself about being helpless which won’t happen ever again. I don’t know about what was he speaking, was it something we will get to know later in the series? Or was it about Gojo being sealed and the fate of humanity resting in the hands of the sorcerers?

Also, what was the scene about the desktop being suddenly lit on?

Coming back to the situation, within a few seconds, he meets with Ichiji’s injured body. This puts him in an agonizing mood. However, what was that, like when he saw the other side of Ichiji’s face? It kind of felt like a glitch in the matrix. I rewatched the portion to be sure of.

Now, back in the tunnel, we watch Mei Mei beating the shit out of a sorcerer and Ui Ui being an enthusiastic fan and spectator. In this portion, the audience gets to learn a bit about Mei Mei’s cursed technique.

But whatever, when Ui Ui is there in the scene he unknowingly takes the spotlight. His confidence in his older sister is exceptionally strong. He orders the miscreant to ‘applause’ in his cute yet stern voice was catchy.

Further, his explanation of the value and weight of life was also intense. Yes, it sounds quite selfish and villainous however coming that from a young kid was uncalled for.

But I must say that where Mei Mei throws light here in this context was genuinely insightful. The sorcerer actually led Mei Mei to kill him without any guilt.

Meanwhile, Itadori and Megumi break the seal, which was not letting the sorcerers enter. They wanted to talk with the old sorcerer whom they beat up in the last episode pretty hard. However, his unconscious state made them leave him for the time being.

Suddenly, in the conversation, Megumi notices, Ino being thrown from the highest building. He calls Nue and hurries to catch Ino. However, Itadori lands a successful catch and saves Ino from merciless death. He was thrashed pretty hard. Thank goodness that he is just unconscious.

At this point, a thought suddenly comes up which is, who is the shadowy man who was fighting Megumi in the opening credit OST? Judging by the silhouette, Toji Fushiguro’s name honestly came into my mind.

However, in the Hidden Inventory ARC, we watched how Toji Fushiguro got killed at the hands of teenager Saturo right? So, I thought, I might have been mistaken. Nevertheless, at this juncture of the show, I have my stakes on an epic battle between Megumi and Toji.

A twisted corner comes into the context of Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36. Toji Fushiguro was summoned to the body of the grandson of the old grandma. However, Toji’s extraordinary power takes total control of the body and soul therefore it’s Toji’s body now. He unhesitantly kills the hypocrite grandma finishing one task. Nonetheless, Toji is a menace, and the situation has fallen into more crisis.

Here I feel there is a light connection to what Geto’s body is experiencing. When Saturo calls Seguru, the body naturally reacts. However, Toji’s body information has comprehensively taken over this current body. Honestly speaking, this interesting situation is giving me goosebumps and a high anticipation of an upcoming Megumi vs Toji battle in this season.

Now finally one of my answers is answered. Nitta informs about the unknown status of Ichiji to Nobara and Maki. This makes Nobara and Nitta take leave and look for Ichiji while Maki and the old Zenin tackle their in-hand problem. Well, the old man was slacking around, in fact, he demanded red wine amidst the life and death situation. It was Maki who was responsibly handling the curses. I had doubts about the old man from the beginning.

So, after having a serious discussion, Megumi and Itadori parted ways. Itadori chose to return to Shibuya station where Saturo is sealed. But the highlight of the montage was how Itadori understood Megumi’s thoughts on his well-being.

He is stressed, but still, he puts on a smile to make things easier for Megumi at this point. The line itself speaks louder about their dynamics and Megumi’s emotion, which Megumi has developed about Itadori, ever since they met.

Back to Mei Mei, she has successfully executed the miscreant and is all excited about the money that she will receive after saving Saturo.

Now, two consequent situation takes place. One where we watch Nobara and Nitta encountering Haruta. And Nanami carrying Ichiji.

Coming back to Nitta and Nobara, the way everything was taking place, and the fast pace was overwhelming. I was feeling extremely scared, to be honest. The unpredictability of the sequences was too much on me.

See, precisely speaking Nobara is comparatively less powerful. However, she showed her expertise in the last two episodes of JJK S1, where she along with Itadori battled Choso’s younger brothers. But still, her power seemed significantly weak in front of Haruta.

Besides Haruta was full-on aiming to kill Nitta. The blade, the cursed tool he was carrying was handled very meticulously which I did not expect. He believed Nobara to be strong which was his mistake though. His pride spouts out some ironic lines such as ” just being strong does not mean you can win”.

His lines drastically come hitting his life in just a few seconds though.

So, the way Haruta was stabbing Nitta and the strong punch landed on Nobara’s chin gave me a heart attack. I genuinely thought that Nobara’s game was over for good. Haruta was strong comparatively and hence he was unstoppable and quite scary.

He could not answer Nobara about his mission, apart from sealing Saturo. He failed to answer Nanami as well.

Let us now talk about the moment, when Nanami walked in making his dramatic entrance into this portion of the episode, it gave me relief for the time being. Nonetheless, I was excited and, my heart started to beat fast watching the masterful fight montage when Nanami started beating the shit out of this miscreant left and right without showing any form of mercy. It was quite on point.

Also, the way Nanami walks, while wrapping his fist in the wrapper and his solid punches were too remarkable. His ferocity was aptly represented giving us another new level of his power. This was not shown in the last season at all.

I must say here, that Nanami showed excellence as a Grade 1 sorcerer by exhibiting his impeccable dexterity in his line of profession. His masculine walk while handling everything with notable aggression terrified Haruta and he was scared to death.

He did not imagine someone so powerful would suddenly turn up and make the entire plan so challenging. Nanami’s uncalled presence was overlooked completely which brought him to his deservable death. Honestly, I became Nanami’s fan today!!!

Once again we return to Mei Mei and this time Mei Mei meets Seguro impersonator which she quickly catches too. Just like Saturo, she was also swarmed with so many authentic questions. A glimpse of a flashback from the Hidden Inventory ARC, suddenly came into my head while watching this momentary conversation.

Now, Seguru brings in front the Special Grade Disease Cursed Spirit Small Pox Deity and clearly says, that if Mei Mei can defeat the being, she can fight her next battle with Geto, and leaves.

The challenge appeared pretty hard which of course was appreciated by Mei Mei.

Now Itadori has arrived at Shibuya station and falls face to face with Choso. In the end, Nanami and Nobara find Nitta from there Nanami takes leave for the next challenge to manage all by himself.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep 36 Dull Knife

As we bid farewell to “Jujutsu Kaisen” Season 2, Episode 36, “Dull Knife,” precisely speaking I am left with a whirlwind of emotions and a thirst for more. The assumed plot twist is beating me up. However, the remarkable characters and plot development is keeping me eagerly anticipating what’s next in this thrilling series.

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With every episode, “Jujutsu Kaisen” continues to prove why it’s a must-watch for anime enthusiasts. So, stay tuned, stay excited, and let’s eagerly await the next chapter of sorcery, curses, and fellowship in this incredible world.

Until next time, my fellow Jujutsu Kaisen fans!

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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