Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 Mortal Enemies- Was This Episode Too Dark Till Now??? Totally For The Anime Watchers*Spoilers*


Hey there, anime enthusiasts! Have you watched the latest thrilling installment of Tokyo Revengers which is the Tenjiku Hen Episode 2? In Episode 2, we delve deeper into the high-stakes world of time travel and gang conflicts. It was darker according to me.

The significant corners of Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 were too suspenseful but had exciting and uncalled twists, which made the story unknowingly gripping at this point.

See, I am totally into Tokyo Revengers. At this juncture, I can say that if you’re a die-hard fan, this episode promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

So, grab your snacks, cozy up, and read my review on Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 Mortal Enemies.

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 The Narrative

The narrative of the second episode of the third season begins with a TOMAN meeting conducted by Mikey and Draken where the members are summoned to discuss the Tenjiku Attack inflicted on the 1st Squad. Typically after detailed discussion, TOMAN is all set to counterattack.

However, Chifuyu advised Takemichi to return to the future and see what the situation is right now and if he could get some intel on Tenjiku and the S-62 Generation. He returns to the future and shares every little detail with Naoto. Nonetheless, shockingly, Takemichi finds Izana’s picture stuck in Naoto’s investigation board along with Kisaki, Hanma, and Mikey.

Trying to dig something on his own, Koko and Inupi’s names suddenly appear in Takemichi’s mind. This brings him to visit the church from 12 years ago, where TOMAN defeated the 10th generation Black Dragon. Interestingly he falls face to face with Taiju the 10th generation Black Dragon leader who was defeated by TOMAN 12 years back.

Without wasting any minutes, Takemichi calls Naoto and both of them try to take good advantage of Taiju’s bundle of information on the latest and current situation of TOMAN.

Along with Takemichi and Naoto, we the anime watchers also learn about the legendary founder of Black Dragon who is none other than Shinichiro Sano Mikey’s older brother. Apart from this integral info, they also learn that Izana happened to be the 8th generation leader of Black Dragon. He left and formed Tenjiku.

However, the important discussion gets a shocking pause when Koko and Inupi appear with other TOMAN goons at that place. Takemichi and Naoto escape as asked by Taiju however they fall in front of Kisaki who is alive and healthy.

They also meet Izana and Kakucho. Unfortunately, Kisaki and Kakucho shoot Takemichi and Noato. However, Naoto ensures that Takemichi returns to the past shaking his hand for the last time, in their current timeline.

Things I Liked About Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2

As soon we begin the episode, we are reminded of the shocking situation which is there is a traitor inside TOMAN. I assume its Yasuhiro Muto. His face is highlighted in the opening credits in fact when Takemichi speculates about who could be the mole who is helping Kisaki, it was Muto whose face is suddenly foussed.

As a gang, the unity that the leaders share ensures that the members also follow the same. Likewise, they bring to light what happened last day with the 1st squad members. This throws light on all the members of Tenjiku and Black Dragon which stirs up TOMAN honestly.

Names such as Mochi, S-62 Generation, Haitani Brothers, and Madarame genuinely make Mikey declare that they are not going to sit back and get the beating once again. This influences the entire TOMAN positively.

However, Takemichi finds it challenging, because getting rid of the thought, what Kiskai plugged in, which is building his own TOMAN is not easy. Also, in the last season, Takemichi experienced some terrifying circumstances one being Mikey’s death. Therefore the burden is too much and stakes are pretty high. Thank goodness, he has Chifuyu beside him who understands him very nicely.

So, Chifuyu advised him to return to the future and to share every little detail happening right now, with Naoto which might help Takemichi in his mission to save his love and near and dear ones. I loved how Takemichi hurried back to Hinata’s place. And like every time he meets the light of his life at the door it motivates him even further.

Now we are back in the future where Naoto learns another new but unconfirmed idea which is that Kisaki might also be a time traveller like Takemichi. Therefore, according to him, it would be better if Kisaki died in the past, but this suggestion was only a joke in the context.

Naoto also keeps the idea in the table that if Kisaki murders Takemichi in the past it would also prove beneficial for Kisaki, which is true actually!!!

Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 Source Liden Films
Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 Source Liden Films

Now, you must remember that Takemichi has heard about Izana but has not met him yet. Additionally, in the last season, it was revealed that Kisaki is dead, however toward the end of Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 we watch Kisaki aiming his gun at Takemichi his mortal enemy.

So, it’s deduced that Kisaki is trying to use Tenjiku to infiltrate TOMAN and make it his TOMAN shortly. We also know that something known as the Kanto incident will happen in this season too. Therefore, this might be the latest goal of Kisaki in the past.

Coming back to the discussion between Naoto and Takemichi, along with Takemichi we also stumble across Izana’s picture stuck on the investigation board. Also, if you notice you can see a little bit of Mikey is present in the same frame. Well, as per my recollection, I have watched the picture hanging in season 1. However, the memory vanished perpetually.

At this essential juncture, Takemichi once again shares everything new including Izana. Naoto as per present information, knows clearly that Izana happens to be a member of Black Dragon but there is no information about Tenjiku.

So, they decided to dig more into the case, including Tenjiku, S-62 Generation, and Izana. They hope that they can solve everything this time. And I am sure the Universe is listening.

Now, suddenly Inupi and Koko’s name pops up in Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 which makes Takemichi visit the church only to meet Taiju from last season. The man has changed a lot and I kind of felt intensely dependable on this character in this episode. His presence was genuinely positive which I liked and appreciated a lot. It was Hakkai’s death that changed this beast significantly is what I feel.

Skipping the introductory part seriously saves some essential minutes. Also, Taiju’s sad heart pushes him to help a cop and his former enemy. So, here are a bunch of important scenarios that open up, making the episode quite interesting and dark.

Izana was the 8th leader of Black Dragon who left his position and opened another gang named Tenjiku in Yokohama. It was before Taiju became the leader of Black Dragon, making Izana 2 years older than Taiju and also, a significant part of the S-62 Generation.

At this point, another influential revelation opens up which is Shinichiro Sano, the legendary founder of Black Dragon. I want to know more about the S-62 Generation which is coming up, so repeatedly in the episode.

In the Kanto incident, no team won. However, they came to a mutual understanding where Mikey typically took the first position while Kisaki was the second and third was Izana. So, the result was TOMAN became one with TOMAN and Tenjiku which turned out to be the vilest gang in history till now.

Now Kisaki’s dominating influence in the industry manipulated his death situation as revealed by Naoto. And Mikey being dead and Kiskai being officially dead but unofficially abroad, Izana is the current leader of TOMAN.

Here the situation turned more twisted when Koko and Inupi appeared. Their friendship is one of the rock-solid dynamics I have seen in the world of anime They were ordered by Izana to kidnap Taiju since they were informed that a rat from the cop was snooping around.

Taiju asks Naoto to dig deeper into Hakkai’s unfortunate death and avenge Hakkai’s death in the process. He also asks Takemichi to escape from the backdoor. Just like Takemichi, I was also feeling overwhelmed by Taiju’s good gesture. He takes on TOMAN’s current goons in a one-on-one match.

Even though Koko and Inupi disapprove of Taiju’s intention, I support him since he lost his younger brother trapped in the feud or whatever we don’t know yet. Certainly, he holds a grudge against TOMAN and it was quite natural.

Now, I feel that Takemichi and Naoto would have been saved from the unprecedented fate if Takemichi had not decided to return to meet Koko and Inupi. They turn back and face Kisaki, who was aiming his gun to finally finish Takemichi once and for all. Naoto takes the bullet since Takemichi is an integral part of the mission and he needs to go back to change the cycle of events.

I wonder what Takemichi would go through now emotionally, failing to save his love and the brother figure, who was the reason for making him happy in this dangerous situation, and also in this emotional crisis.

Nevertheless, what makes an impression at this juncture is Izana’s surprising arrival and emotionally saying, ‘ You guys killed My Mikey’. Also, when he arrives he says that Naoto is his kill in the first place. He might have been furious at Naoto because Naoto was the one who shot and killed Mikey, right??

Also if you have watched the end credit then you have perceived that Mikey and Izana’s relationship goes way back, which we will know about, eventually. Unfortunately, Kakucho, even though he wants something else, shoots Takemichi since he has devoted his life to Izana. I genuinely did not expect such a turn of events, honestly. But it is what it is.

Now Naoto’s last few words were very intense. He was like many in the audience who believed Takemichi was a pathetic loser and wondered why Hinata was with him in the first place. However, he admits that he looks up to him now and says, that this is what a hero is and also says that he is proud of him. I was touched honestly.

He pushes himself to let Takemichi travel back in the past and change everything for good this time. They shared their final handshake which I felt was tremendously painful for Takemichi emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, don’t you think so???

But our Cry Baby Hero vouches that this is not going to be any last and he is never going to give up, which however Kisaki catches.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Hen Episode 2

So, I hope you enjoyed this exciting journey through Tenjiku Hen Episode 2 as I did. As the plot thickens and the characters face new challenges, the Tokyo Revengers is keeping me hooked, craving for more. All, we can do is stay tuned for the next episode while continuing this adventure together!

If you have any burning questions or thoughts to share, feel free to discuss them here in the comment section below. Until next time, happy watching! 📺✨

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