Zom 100 Ep 9: Treehouse of The Dead The Zombie Adventure Continues Leading Us To Akira’s Hometown! *Spoilers Ahead*🧟‍♂️🌳✨


Hey there all TOTTers, zombie enthusiasts, and anime aficionados! 🧟‍♂️📺 hold onto your seats because I am back again with another episode-wise review. Reading from the title you already know that I am here with Zom 100 Ep 9 Treehouse of the Dead.

In this latest installment, our hero Akira and his quirky gang find themselves chilling amidst zombie mayhem once again. Further, there’s a twist! They stumble upon something unexpected in the midst of the undead chaos – a treehouse project! 🌳🏠

Join me, as I dive headfirst into this exciting episode, filled with humor, heart, hordes of zombies, and a lot of cordial moments. So grab your popcorn, get cozy, and read the heartwarming review of Zom 100 Ep 9, right now!!.🍿🧡 #Zom100Ep9 #ZombieAdventure #AnimeFun

Zom 100 Ep 9: Treehouse of The Dead- The Narrative

Akira, Kencho, Shizuka, and Beatrix find themselves near Gunma, encountering a tunnel blocked by zombies. While navigating through the forest as an alternative route, they come to the aid of an elderly man named Masaru Kumano, who is in a perilous situation with a zombified boar.

Grateful for their assistance, Kumano reveals a treehouse project he’s working on, sparking excitement in Akira, who eagerly offers to help. Once the treehouse is finished, the four friends bid farewell to Kumano.

Eventually, they reach Akira’s hometown, where he joyously reunites with his parents. However, Akira struggles to express his gratitude. Unbeknownst to everyone, Akira’s father bears a hidden bite mark. Meanwhile, within the village, another group is busy completing a bucket list of their own.

Things I Liked From Zom 100 Ep 9: Treehouse of The Dead

Now the narrative of Ep 9 begins at a very unexpected tone, unexpected as in I didn’t expect Akira’s father to have such big and ambitious opinions regarding life. His father was a dreamer indeed. I feel that he was stuck as a country farmer, which made him ask Akira to dream big which was quite unlikely for someone from their generation. Don’t get me wrong but I haven’t met someone with such a cool personality. Akira is definitely a lucky human to have a father like him.

I was delighted every time Akira showed confidence about his folks being all right amidst the nationwide chaos. He was absolutely sure about their well-being. Or it might be another of his manifestations where he remained patient and kept faith in the Universe.

Now, everyone was happy and excited to meet Akira’s parents. We can see that Kencho was all ready to introduce himself to the old couple while Shizuka was interested in learning about Akira’s inner consciousness. She is opening up a lot lately with every new episode.

The sudden halt due to the blocked tunnel assured me that the villagers are damn safe. In fact, my confidence grew as well. And what Shizuka added in this context was also quite convincing.

Now, just like all the other wishes, from Akira’s bucket list, another one suddenly opens up to transform into a reality, i.e., making a tree house. The expression on Shizuka’s and Kencho’s faces tells us everything.

But what strikes me is the minute details of building a tree house. The carpenter’s name is Masaru Kumano who recently lost his family. However, he still strives to survive the apocalypse by building himself a tree house.

Akira’s enthusiasm and the humor-packed montage were very fun to watch. I giggled a lot and I really hope you did that too…

Now coming back to the minute details of building a tree house, I am amazed that the emotions involved with the process were beautifully described in this portion of the narrative. I felt that this context was intensely profound.

Both Akira and Kencho learned a lot about building tree houses, I was also amazed by the techniques involved. Additionally, when the girls participated, it paced up the process which genuinely helped the man finish his project on the same day itself.

Now, after talking with Mr. Carpenter, Akira realizes that he must hurry back to his parent’s place before it’s too late. But he did not compromise on manifesting another wish from his bucket list though. He was an active participant in building the tree house and later he spent some quality time with his friends in that tree house playing around. It was a satisfying experience from my perspective at least.

This 24-year-old never misses the chance to amaze me. It’s been countless times now that he has proven his worth as a hero and he is a man with a Gold Heart.

So after crossing a terrific path, the team finally reaches the beautiful village where Akira was born and grew up. No wonder that Akira is a free-spirited man, and we all know now why.

The village looked beautiful, however, the loud silence bothered them. In fact, the scenery somewhat was misleading I must say. I was scared and felt quite stressed.

So, I was genuinely glad to learn that his folks along with a lot of villagers were safe and sound and enjoying a gala time.

The spontaneous blabbering about what Akira was feeling in front of the folks and the villagers seemed inappropriate for the parents. hence, I was expecting the hit actually. I would have also experienced such a hit if I had done the same thing as Akira did.

Nonetheless, I have deduced that this father and son have a love-hate relationship. Besides, Akira’s mother also fails to express her emotions like a typical mother. They were happy but they could not express so.

So being trapped was not a challenge for the villagers since it was a regular affair for this remote location.

Now about the tunnel, I find it significant to the context of what is about to come in the next episode. Here we learn that some of the city dwellers arrived to take shelter here in the village. But unfortunately, most of them turned zombie.

However, few of them are sheltered in the village right now. Amongst them, 4(whom we meet toward the end of Ep 9) will be an integral part of the next two episodes, which I believe at this point.

Another thing that struck me was, Akira’s mother casually revealing that many of the villagers are going missing lately. Thus there are a lot of empty homes. Since the tunnel is sealed, how do the villagers go missing right??? This sounds undoubtedly suspicious.

Now the awkwardness prevailing in the air is too real. When Akira was with his mother and father, the uncomfortable air was too relatable. And it was obvious, he returned home after 3 years and wanted to repay his parents before anything went wrong. He tried his level best to reconnect which was a challenge indeed.

The moment I found out that Akira’s father was bitten made me sad. However looking at the brighter side, Akira made it on time to speak his heart out at least, isn’t it!!

Now at the end, we meet with four youngsters. Among them, one face is known to Akira somehow, hope to find out soon. So we learn that these four individuals also have their bucket lists which they are diligently fulfilling all this time. However, they are the opposite of what Akira and his gang are up to.

Well, honestly speaking they seem like a bunch of miscreants who were created by the society and they are planning on executing something shady.

Judging from the note where the episode ended, I have a bad feeling about what is going to befall the village and the villagers. Let’s hope Akira manages everything precisely as he did all this time.

Let us all now wait for the ‘Hometown of the Dead I’ since it’s yet to be announced don’t know when.

Zom 100 Ep 9: Treehouse of The Dead Source Bug Films
Zom 100 Ep 9: Treehouse of The Dead Source Bug Films

TOTT’s Take On Zom 100 Ep 9: Treehouse of The Dead

As we bid farewell to “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” Episode 9 – “Treehouse of The Dead, “I can’t help but revel in the delightful blend of humor, and heart, that this episode delivered.

Akira and his gang continue to charm us with their hilarious escapades in a world overrun by the undead. And who would have thought a treehouse project would become the highlight of their apocalyptic adventure? 🌳🏠 But like all the other manifestations, Akira’s another goal, gets played pretty well.

But the unexpected twist at the end of Episode 9 is sure terrifying me a lot. It left me eagerly anticipating what’s in store for our unlikely heroes in the next installment. I am simply hoping for the best.

So, stay tuned, until next time for Hometown of the Dead I, 🧟‍♂️📺🤣 #Zom100Ep9 #ZombieFun #AnimeAdventures

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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