Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1; The Family’s Espionage Continues – Follow Papa and Mama A Quick Review Spoilers Coming Ahead


Hey, you all TOTTers, welcome back to another exhilarating journey of episode-wise review as we embark on an exciting new expedition with Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1, titled ‘Follow Papa and Mama.’ In this highly anticipated installment, we rejoin the enigmatic and unconventional espionage family, led by our beloved spy, Twilight, and the beautiful assassin Yor Forger.

Yes, their cute little daughter along with Anya’s Scruffy Aka Franky also made the debut episode of the second season wholesome. But, we got to watch pretty little of Bond though.

As the family navigates the treacherous landscape of spying and undercover space, their daughter, Anya, continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you for joining me as we delve deeper into their thrilling world, filled with secrets, intrigue, and heartwarming moments that are sure to captivate and delight fans old and new. So, on this very note, let us get going with-

Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1- The Narrative

While disassembling the extremist group known as the Red Circus, Yor sustains a gunshot wound to her lower back. The following day, Loid takes her out on a date, mistakenly thinking that her discomfort is his fault. Meanwhile, Anya and Franky discreetly follow them. Yor’s persistent pain makes it impossible for her to relish the date, frustrating Loid’s intentions.

During their visit to a restaurant, a waiter who happens to be a survivor of the Red Circus recognizes Yor and attempts to exact revenge by poisoning her with blowfish venom. Fortunately, his scheme fails. Anya intervenes to thwart his second assassination endeavor, compelling him to give up. Surprisingly, the effects of the toxin end up numbing Yor’s pain, allowing her to genuinely enjoy the date.

However, when the toxin’s effects wear off the following morning, Yor returns to her gloomy disposition, once again bewildering Loid.

Things I Liked From Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1 Follow Papa and Mama

The episode begins with Yor being at her true workplace. She was committing an assassination and later she plans to take eggs and milk as asked by Loid. However one of the survivors tries to kill Thorn Princess.

Now the same event is covered by a news channel that Loid and Anya happen to watch. I liked the part where Anya clearly says that she wants to watch anime because new is boring, which Loid rejects.

The audience is given the opportunity to learn why Loid wants to see the news. But, as the camera angle moves we watch Anya trying to cry over the rejection. The sad expression lets Loid, allow Anya to change the channel.

It seems like Anya was pretending to cry since as soon as Loid leaves the control, she goes and changes the channel like nothing happened. I loved this father-and-daughter thing actually and, I really missed this kid.

Yor’s healthy voice confirms that she is doing good. However, her face was saying the story differently. The disastrous expression made Loid extremely stressed. Only Anya was aware of what is the case behind her mother’s facial expression. Anya showed genuine concern as well, which was so sweet of her.

As soon as Yor got inside her room, the thoughts opening up in Loid’s and Anya’s heads were so complicated and different. One was worried that the problem in the marriage would impact the mission, while the other was impressed at her mother’s brilliance in her job. It was just the beginning of another funny ride, actually.

Now, Loid proposes that the couple goes on a date, which is appreciated by Yor a lot. However, her pain was not letting her express the way she wanted to. Yor might be the infamous Thorn Princess however she has a heart of gold, much like Hitokiri Battosai, don’t you think??? She jumps in, to get the best of the opportunity and learn something more about the experience.

I liked how Loid once again rejects Anya though.

So after bribing Franky again to babysit Anya, Loid, and Yor go on a date. The dextrous Spy never leaves any stone unturned. So, he researched around 862 methods to make the date memorable. Unfortunately, Yor failed to enjoy the entire day. She begins the date by rejecting the very first idea. The butt pain did not allow Yor, to enjoy a single second of her special day, actually, and I felt bad for both the parties.

Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1 Follow Papa and Mama Source Wit Studio & CloverWorks
Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1 Follow Papa and Mama Source Wit Studio & CloverWorks

After taking a disguise, Anya and her Scruffy tails Papa and Mama which is instantly caught by Loid, however, he lets them follow them, considering that this would prove advantageous for his ongoing mission(going on the date with Yor).

Now what makes the montage and Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1 totally funny is that Yor keeps standing throughout her date and this biwilders Loid making him think that Yor is upset at Loid because he makes her work. And this entire misunderstanding makes Franky enjoy and he also says why is happy, and that makes sense. However, Anya disapproves of Franky’s mean behavior.

Further, every sequence added in their date made the episode fun, thoroughly entertaining, and pretty lighthearted. I smiled at every possible corner actually.

Now, the twist included in this juncture was pretty fascinating and is a very significant portion of the narrative. Anya learns that her mother is in danger which pushes her to cross boundaries and save her family. Whatever she did in the process was sure mindblowing. Watching anime sure paid her off in this crisis right!!!

She proved once again that she is not a liability but rather a heroine behind the scenes. She protects the Forgers and saves the day without breaking a sweat. She learns how to make the bomb and takes care of the situation diligently. And I must say that the representation of the montage was quite remarkable as well.

So, everything sits perfectly and the Forgers return home. However the next morning, Yor is back in pain which Loid finds difficult to digest because he believes he must have done something to make Yor furious once again.

TOTT’s Take On Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1

So we can conclude that Spy x Family Season 2 Episode 1, titled ‘Follow Papa and Mama, was gripping. We continue witnessing the Forger family’s intricate web of espionage, love, and unexpected humorous connections. As Papa Twilight, Mama Yor, and their extraordinary daughter Anya navigate the complexities of their dual lives, we’ve been treated to a fun episode honestly.

Typically, the secrets of life continue to be the same while alliances are tested. But the Forger family reminds us that this time as well we are going to enjoy the ups and downs of these individuals pretty much.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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