Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Hen Episode 1 – Unveiling a Dark New World; A Quick Review With Spoilers Ahead


Attention all Tokyo Revengers fans! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating third season of this benevolent show. This latest installment takes us on another gripping journey, filled with heart-pumping action, the exhibition of boundless friendship, and intricate moral quandaries.

So, here I am with a quick review of the Tenjiku Hen Episode 1; see do we match on the review part or not. Let us begin with-

Things I Liked From Tokyo Revenger Season 3 Tenjiku Hen Episode 1; Which You Might Have Liked As Well

From the very first scene, we are plunged into a spine-tingling world of gang warfare and ethical ambiguity, which adds a fascinating layer of complexity to the story. Our valiant protagonist, Takemichi Hanagaki, embarks on another perilous mission to infiltrate the formidable Tenjiku gang to learn more about Tetta Kisaki.

Now the first time in this season when Takemichi comes face to face with Kisaki, he straightway declares the forthcoming occasion which is the Kanto incident. He also announces his current position in Tenjiku which is General Staff Officer of Yokohama’s Tenjiku.

Kisaki also clarifies his aim which is building his own TOMAN. However, just like Takemichi, I also need to pause over the exclamatory remark ‘Hero’. What’s your thought on this?? Tell me in the comment section.

Now, what makes the first episode particularly captivating, is its introduction of two new characters Smiley and Angry. These two brothers( more particularly twins) are quite interesting characters who confront two Tenjiku gang members and feed their need to learn about the hideout of this first-generation gang.

Their entrance into the ARC, their contrasting representation, and the way they deal with conflicts were very interesting to me. What surprised me the most was that Takemichi had little to slightest idea about their position in TOMAN. His friends and subordinates have consumed many details about the twins which helped the 1st squad leader though.

The conversational ride took us to a quick flashback where we learned that this twin was also beaten up by Mochi.

Tenjiku Hen Episode 1 Source Liden Films
Tenjiku Hen Episode 1 Source Liden Films

Takemichi feels that Kiskai too has the power to time travel which is somewhat supported by Chifuyu. Judging by the evidence left as residue, what Takemichi brings to the table seems quite possibly correct. However, where Chifuyu throws light on, is much more intriguing, right?? The desperation that Kisaki exhibits proves that he is dead in the future, which limits his time-traveling itinerary too.

Episode 1 delves deeper into the key characters’ psyche, gradually revealing their inner conflicts and motivations. Yes, the terrifying expression on Takemichi’s face was disliked by our fav Chifuyu too.

Now the current situation notoriously poses a daunting challenge that forces Takemichi to confront his own limitations. But this is all good because his limitation teaches his newly acquired strength in the making as well. We will have to just enjoy this treacherous game of cat and mouse, patiently for the time being.

So, when we are taken to Shinjuku, we learn what Mochi is talking about, which is his fight with Mitsuya. Like everyone else Mochi also likes Mitsuya. But here comes the Haitani Brothers, whom we have probably met in the first season during the Valhalla clash. They are also working with Tenjiku and are against TOMAN.

Next, in Shibuya we are introduced to another fresh face, the ninth-generation Black Dragon Leader Shion Madarame. He is Tenjiku’s Big Four. He is represented as a seemingly darker character.

After some seconds we finally meet Kakucho about whom Mochi spoke. The nice thing about this individual was that he was a childhood friend of Takemichi who was quite glad to meet and reunite with his childhood buddy in this process. Further, he also considered Takemichi his Hero.

However, he is a devoted member of Tenjiku and believes Izana the leader of Tenjiku, is his Hero now, thus considering Takemichi as his enemy. I genuinely appreciated his loyalty, here in the context. But, can’t ignore that he is also very much skeptical about Tetta Kisaki.

In the meanwhile, the leader, Izana Kurokawa smoothly goes and meets our dearest Mikey without revealing anything.

TOTT’s Take On Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Hen Episode 1

So we can understand that Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Hen Episode 1 is a riveting start to another enthralling gang affair. It’s a gripping tale that explores the consequences of actions, alliances, and the pursuit of redemption.

As we will dig deeper into this treacherous world with episodes to come, one fact becomes crystal clear: Tenjiku ARC has truly outdone itself(the opening credit says it all), and fans are in for a thrilling and unforgettable ride this time for sure!

Well, in the last season itself, we learned that Tetta Kisaki has joined the Tenjiku gang. In this debut episode, we understood pretty clearly that Tetta Kisaki and Hanma undoubtedly pose as central figures in the Tenjiku gang, which is going to be the new light of the ARC, dominantly because their complexities will assumably be brought to the fore.

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The action sequences in this episode were typical, there was blood, and the gang affairs were choreographed with precision, which justified the substantial animation quality which sat nicely with the anime’s essence.

Amidst the chaos and violence, Tenjiku Hen Episode 1 does not overlook the emotional toll on its characters. Takemichi’s unwavering determination to protect his friends is truly inspiring, and his unwavering commitment is sure to leave an indelible impression on viewers, once again.

So, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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