Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 Pandemonium Review*Spoilers*


Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 holds a lot of anticipation since the last drop was extremely intense. Seguru Geto is not Seguro Geto, but someone else who was working patiently to seal Saturo Gojo in Prison Realm, all this time(from season 1). He has finally captured and sealed the Omniman.

See, Saturo Gojo is a protector of the non-sorcerors, therefore without him, the entire country is in a life-and-death situation.

So what about this episode? On this very interesting note let us go with-

Things I Liked About Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 Pandemonium

How did Mechamaru’s puppet arrive suddenly at the subway station? Well, we finally have a solid answer to that nerve-wracking question. So, it was present at the station itself. Just when the perfect time came, it got activated and got itself attached to Itadori’s ear. However, unfortunately, Itadori fails to recognize Mechamaru, until he shares his full identity with this first year.

Due to lack of time, he was quick to share every little detail of his information with Itadori, Mei Mei, and the kid. The shocking revelation about Saturo Gojo being sealed terrifies everyone actually. Well, it was obvious for Mei Mei to ask for evidence, because I presume she was not ready to accept the reality.

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 Pandemonium Source-Mappa
Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 Pandemonium Source-Mappa

Mechamaru throws light on his current status, which is being killed by Mahito on 19th October. So the puppet is nothing more than an ‘insurance’ which he arranged prior to his death. The high-level insurance followed the condition to get activated, only when Saturo Gojo gets sealed away.

He has placed his puppet in three places, out of which we know the address of only two.

Once again the subject of the traitor pops up. But, the current situation ticks off Itadori and Mei Mei’s names from the suspect list.

Now, as the camera moves to Ui Ui, his cute giggle similar to Shinchan adds a light touch to this dramatic juxtaposition.

Moving on with, Mechamaru, he says that he has already gained the idea, that Shibuya is undergoing changes in plans. Additionally, the enemy barrier is stronger than the ones used by Jujutsu Sorceror.

He further explains the layers which makes the context easy to understand. He also adds that contacting any assistant supervisors is useless. Therefore following Mechamaru’s instructions is the only hope. Also, time is running extremely fast.

So, according to Mechamaru, Itadori needs to run to Shibuya using the underground tunnel and inform all the other Sorcerors about Saturo being sealed, while Mei Mei needs to create a gap so that Itadori is successful.

Another small humor touch was added here. Since it is a bit load of extra work, for Mei Mei, she unhesistently asked Mechamaru if his bank account was still active, and we all understood what she meant. And once again the cutie, Ui Ui, makes the situation a light one.

Nonetheless, Mechamaru confirms to everyone, that this is a life-threatening crisis hence everyone would have to risk their life to save Saturo, which is true by the way. Just putting myself into that context was making me feel horrified.

Let us now go back to the Shibuya station, where Gojo is sealed. The moment Satoru asks Geto ‘How long will you let others manipulate you Suguru?’ adds a dramatic twist which I really didn’t see coming. Suguru’s hand automatically works against its body which assures that Suguru’s soul still exists within the body. This shocks everyone around.

Now, if you pay attention to what transpires between Geto and Mahito, the entire conversation is surely deep. I too agree with the Suguru imposter here, it was genuinely interesting.

Saturo might have been captured, however, he can’t skip not being himself at all. He was more concerned about feeling hot and not looking appealing in that particular position.

Well, Gojo you are totally wrong, you look perfect!!😍

But after judging the sincerity of the situation, Suguru, even though he wants to savor the moment a bit more, closes the Prison Realm.

It’s true — the dates for Prime Big Deal Days are official. Mark your calendars for October 10 and 11

So, the Prison Realm can seal only one thing. Even if the person/thing locked inside dies, still it won’t be used again. The Suguru impersonator completes the sealing ritual quite happily. However, at around 9:26 PM, the Prison Realm starts to react automatically, which horrified everyone around.

After the entire background, developed by the Suguru impersonator, I really didn’t expect such dramatic advancement of the narrative, honestly. The moment the Prison Realm responded and landed strongly on the floor, I was shocked as well.

I was disappointed in myself a bit since this is Saturo Gojo we are dealing with right??? He is the strongest Jujutsu Sorceror of the generation, therefore keeping him captured in the Prison Realm should be tough as hell.

Suguru uses the right words actually here. Have you noticed that the eye color of the Prison Realm changed along with the color of the square figure? In fact, the eyes were teary as well.

We finally got to watch what was happening right now inside the Prison Realm. Saturo Gojo was staying patient and it seems that he holds an enormous amount of faith in his students. Well, he has talked about his belief in his students a lot of times by now. So, it was obvious…

Now, the ones waiting outside finally decide to enter the penetrable veil.

Ino makes this portion of the narrative a lot easier. As soon as Megumi starts answering Nanami’s questions, the way Ino moves his hands, indicates somehow that Megumi and Nanami are exactly answering each other what Ino wants to offer.

I really didn’t expect what happens with Ichiji here. I was doubtful, the moment the narrative shifted toward Ichiji. But, I was hopeful that he would survive the crisis somehow. I still have hope, since he was talking with Nitta over the phone. So, if Shoko arrives he will be saved. Also, he was texting someone. I am just hoping that he survives.

But I would also, like to know more about these two new inclusions of the Shibuya Arc since they are taken, into the last collage.

So, Prison Realm is still processing the sealing of Saturo Gojo. The good news is that, moving it from the 5th floor underground is not happening in this episode. But the bad news is that Mahito found out about Mechamaru’s secret puppet which he damages instantly.

This invites a smooth and quick change of mission, which is attacking those miscreants from all around. However, except for Suguro and Jogo, other decides to go for Itadori.

Now, Mahito and Jogo argues over the Sukuna problem and shares their individual perspective which is again serious. None of them were wrong or right.

They leave and we find out the two little girls from Premature Death and Jujutsu Kaisen 0 are there with the civilians. They wanted to take back the body of Suguru which is again pretty understandable. However, the Suguru impersonator threatens the kids which pushes them to leave instantly.

So after trying to contact Ichiji and failing on the attempts, Itadori decides to call Nanami.

As soon as he enters the veil, he was forced to eliminate the hindrances then and there. I loved the quick and expert move Itadori managed to land. He swiftly tackles the situation on the ground and climbs up to the building. He is not only physically strong but also stupendously intelligent. His past experience with Nanami was so assuring that he decided to call the man without any second thought.

He shares the terrifying news with everyone, present in the realm which makes Nanami take the immediate decision and advance to meet Itadori to plan another robust strategy required to match the situation more accurately.

It’s true — the dates for Prime Big Deal Days are official. Mark your calendars for October 10 and 11

The way Itadori keeps on calling Nanami gave us the audience a moment to collect ourselves together and smile for a bit. It was precious actually. And the way Megumi hits Itadori shows how close they are.

Itadori does not wait for a second and lets Mechamaru disclose everything to Nanami.

I was feeling upset every time Ichiji was mentioned. Undoubtedly, he is a significant part of the team. However, his whereabouts are unknown to the sorcerors right now, and I still hope, that he survives.

So, Nanami leaves everything over to Ino which makes Ino happy. He makes a solid and quick decision and charges with Itadori along with Megumi. Judging by his momentary explanation, I am speculating that Ino is also a big fan of Saturo Gojo and he himself is a happy-go-lucky character. Therefore, I am intrigued to watch how they handle the crisis in the next episode.

TOTT’s Take On Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34

Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 was intense. It had engaging twists in the plot; there were small yet funny areas which I loved really. The characters and the path the narrative is taking did not disappoint me at all. Everything was on point which made my every second of watching Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34 great.

So, this is my take on Jujutsu Kaisen S2 Ep34, now it’s time to know yours. If by mistake I have missed out on any point, please do let me know in the comment section below.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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