ZOM 100 EP 8 Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead Review *Spoilers*


ZOM 100 EP 8 literally speaks out loud what the episode had in store for us, while this also checks out another wish, from Akira’s bucket list. A plate of sushi and a dip in a hot spring are something, we people, not from Japan, do crave these days.

All credit goes to the anime industry that made sure to promote the scrumptiousness of the delicacy and the countability of the hot springs. Therefore the title in itself was packed with anticipation and hopefulness. On this very positive note let us begin with-

Things I Liked About ZOM 100 EP 8 Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead

The first few minutes deliver a mindfulness session. Honestly speaking, people from this era, are genuinely in need of a happy life. Therefore the topic of mindfulness and brief on the subject narrated by Shizuka was insightful. Also, I do agree with Kencho.

Akira is living a blissful life right now. The zombie apocalypse came as a blessing in his life, which gave him the opportunity to leave his toxic past, forget about his future, and completely live in the present. So, this newly acquired optimism is letting him deliberately inspire and motivate people around him.

That is super duper cool!!!

ZOM 100 EP 8 Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead  Source- Bug Films
ZOM 100 EP 8 Sushi & Hot Springs of the Dead Source- Bug Films

Also, Akira has already checked out 15 of his 100 wishes within a month and he believes he will be able to complete all 100 in a month. By the way, I loved how Shizuka responded to his great laugh. And it was quite understandable because Akira’s bucket list stands as ‘100 things I want to do before becoming a zombie’.

The boys were in their world. They are so positive in their energy that they completely ignore what the risk analyzer Shizuka has to offer. Both Kencho and Akira are blooming like summer and they also plan to reach Gunma by the end of summer.

Suddenly they come to a halt which excites Akira the most. The sparkling eyes say it all and typically he does not allow Shizuka’s skepticism to come in between his valor and his time.

I loved how Akiraiger comes to pose before making any move, while Shizuka and Kencho stay behind supporting their friend. But Akira gets stopped by a survivor in a pirate suit. The embodiment was rough on the zombies. The body was slashing the walking deads, right and left without any mercy. Additionally, the mysterious figure was using a crossbow too.

The trio went poker-faced which was really understandable. The survivor impersonated an actual pirate which was viciously scary and terrifying for Kencho and Shizuka. However, the whole act intrigued Akira. This exhibition of heroism was appreciated by Akira wholeheartedly.

Now as soon as the mask is put off, it’s revealed that the pirate is none other than a beautiful foreign girl who is stupendously fluent in Japanese. Her name is Beatrix Amerhauser. This whole thing confuses the trio in a good way, I must say.

Judging by what Beatrix represents, I perceived that she belongs to that category of people who love Japan from its core. Her knowledge of this Asian Country baffles the real Japanese.

So, the girl is adamant about delivering fish to Takasaki. However, her truck has been sabotaged by a sudden zombie attack. She was on Japan TV once as a kid which made her dream of visiting Japan like many of us. This led her to read everything in detail about this country ultimately bringing her to crave Sushi.

She worked hard all these years, and finally, the day came when she landed at Narita airport only to find that this beautiful country was infected with a Zombie apocalypse. She was devasted. However, she gathered the information that the last surviving sushi chef is still out there and this is a particular reason why she is all focused on delivering the fish to Takasaki.

I totally understood the emotion. It was not something little. Grabbing the authentic taste of something you craved for so long, is bound to make you go beyond boundaries. Also, being a foreigner I walked in her shoes so, I totally got her perspective.

Just to check out another wish from Akira’s bucket list, he takes on this mission of delivering the fish to Takasaki, which is beneficial for every one of them, isn’t it? Further whatever he said to his friends was true. This is great timing to show off Japanese hospitality to an international traveler, right?

Yes, it was for the sushi, but it was worth the risk.

So, the trio along with the new survivor heads towards Takasaki. But the moment Beatrix said that the last time she spoke with the sushi chef was three days prior to the present, my hopes went down a little bit. Besides the place was swarming with walking deads.

However, the enthusiasts do not stop being motivated at all. They dress up and get ready to be a hero once again. Nevertheless, without a plan.

It’s true — the dates for Prime Big Deal Days are official. Mark your calendars for October 10 and 11

Shizuka backs him up with Tianxia since she is also craving sushi right now. Well, nobody would want to leave such an extravagant opportunity amid the zombie pandemic. This instance was also referred to as the Three Kingdoms, as pointed out by Kencho.

So, have you noticed one of the zombies is wearing a hoodie from Bug Films which happens to be the production studio of this very anime, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead?

Well, I have a theory; the guy might have been a symbolic representation of people working at Bug Films who is working their ass off that he has turned into living dead only for people(anime watchers) like us.

I am sorry but you guys genuinely rock @BUG_FILMS 😁😁👍👍

So, according to Shizuka’s plan, everything went precisely. The entire sequence was fast, interesting, and a brilliant presentation of accuracy and intellect.

What bothered me so much was that Kencho was not feeling awkward at all being naked in front of two ladies, one being an international traveler. He was confident carrying out the task, ordered by their very own risk analyzer.

Yes, their accurate plan was paused for a little bit when the matchsticks failed to perform. The sticks have literally one job, which they failed to do and that was also at a critical time.

But the trio and Beatrix finally get what they manifested with ‘Burning Desire’. After fighting the countless zombies, the overdramatic heroes and their practical friends enjoy a scrumptious sushi meal prepared by the sushi chef. On an honest note, the situation was critical, but the four managed to handle the sequence meticulously.

Can’t deny that the additional drone was a real help. Thanks to Shizuka san and Kencho😁😊.

While the Japanese enjoyed the authentic sushi meal during the end of the world, Beatrix was overwhelmed by finally getting what she craved all this time.

When Akira asks Beatrix about her feelings about the Sushi, I was wondering, if she says that the taste does not suit her palate, then how humor would be the call? But luckily it was not the case. She was all emotional which further makes the Sushi chef sentimental.

In this regard, I would like to say one thing, the sushi chef sacrificed the good times only to watch a foreigner emotionally moved by the authentic Japanese cuisine. He got what he deserved. Yes, he lost his wife and her daughter(the situation says so) as well. But at last, he is happy which really matters right!!

This brings us back to slashing off another wish from Akira’s bucket list and we move on to another sunny summery day of the Zombie apocalypse.

Here comes the next part of ZOM 100 EP 8 which is the hot springs. The team takes a stop at the hot springs to get rid of the sweaty summery feeling and enjoy the hot springs because they want to.

Beatrix’s voluptuous figure couldn’t fit in the men’s apparel while Shizuka envies the situation. The subtle remark caught my attention though.

Now, Kencho has started calling Beatrix, Bea and the subject of love comes up casually. Which makes Akira look at Shizuka. It was natural. So, the smooth talker tries to plunge into the subject of date, which makes Shizuka add some negative perspective on the topic. I seriously got annoyed at the lady.

Gladly, this poor perspective on love and romance was unable to pull down Akira. He was happy and shared his opinion on the subject, which I liked by the way. Of course, when you like someone everything becomes happy-happy and you get more motivation and support to work harder.

But Shizuka once again adds her negative energy to the whole concept.

Yes, her childhood is the prominent reason behind her limited outlook, but Akira and Kencho were able to break the restrictions at some small level. Hopefully, we will be able to see the liberated energy oozing out from this intellectual heroine more in the season.

Now comes another humorous portion of the narrative. The boys jumped into the hot spring, while the hot spring for the ladies was inoperable. The exclamation allows the boys to clearly hear the crisis which makes them happy.

Kencho’s lines ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’ where Akira adds, ‘There’s no need to be ashamed ‘ was the cherry on top. And their drama was also pretty on point. However, they were turned down by Shizuka with her mean words.

It’s true — the dates for Prime Big Deal Days are official. Mark your calendars for October 10 and 11

But, Beatrix applies ointment on their burns, by accepting their offer. I couldn’t stop giggling the whole time watching the shocked expression on Shizuka’s face while the boys were all teary, happy, and excited about the prospect.

Nonetheless, nothing happens, since their loud voices awakened the dormant zombies. So the water body was packed with zombies; in fact, the whole place was filled with the walking dead. It was a serious life-and-death situation which even made them climb up the hilly ridges to save their life.

Also, this made me wonder how could the boys swim around in the hot spring so freely since the water body had dead bodies lying underneath, nah!!! The entire place swarmed with living dead.

So after throwing tantrums for some minutes, all of them fall deep asleep. But the risk analyzer was missing.

The moment I realized that Shizuka was not present, I understood that she might be soaking herself in some nearby hot spring. I felt her. She was uncomfortable with sweat and grime on her body therefore she was desperate more than anyone in the group.

Honestly, the montage that we encounter in just a few seconds was quite predictable. The hero and the heroine stumble across each other in the most awkward situation possible. The solution which they adjusted to, was agreeable as well.

Now, the conversation taking place between the hero and heroine is quite profound. The white shining moon above, and the relaxing hot spring motivated them to speak about what was going on in their mind and hearts.

However, their wholesome moment comes to another sudden pause when Kencho and Beatrix join them. Their presence adds excitement and positive energy to the montage. And this also helps Akira to check out another wish from his bucket list.

TOTT’s Take On ZOM 100 EP 8

So, this was my review of ZOM 100 EP 8. It was a packaged deal, honestly. The episode was full of funny, interesting intense, dramatic, and heroic moments which made the episode intriguing. I also loved how Beatrix couldn’t help but blabber every piece of information she has acquired over the years, in regard to the nitty gritty of Japan. It was nice and insightful.

It’s true — the dates for Prime Big Deal Days are official. Mark your calendars for October 10 and 11

So this is all I got on ZOM 100 EP 8. Now it’s time to learn your thoughts and opinions on Zom 100 EP 8. Make sure to comment down below. Also, add the points I have missed out on this episode.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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