My Happy Marriage Ep 12 Light In The Darkness Review *Spoilers Ahead*


My Happy Marriage Ep 12 is a genuine blissful ending to the tumultuous childhood our heroine experienced. However, it was a great start to one of Miyo’s beautiful chapters in life with Kiyoka. Looking forward to seeing what awaits a loyal audience like me in the hopeful next season. On this wonderful note, let us get going with-

Things I Liked About My Happy Marriage Ep 12 Light In The Darkness

So the episode begins with Kiyoka lost in a grim space. The atmosphere kinda of looked hellish due to the red hue surrounding the place. He is not sure what is happening, like is it a dream or is he dead??? He clearly remembers his last moment in the human realm, where he was fighting the grotesqueries. But suddenly he is here. Well, it was definitely confusing.

My Happy Marriage Ep 12 Light In The Darkness Source Netflix
My Happy Marriage Ep 12 Light In The Darkness Source Netflix

Now in the human realm, Miyo along with the help of Arata tries to enter the dream realm to get back Kiyoka. Everyone was sad and worried, however, Godo was the one who was generously anxious about the whole situation.

I feel Kiyoka fell into this comma-type situation only because he took the attack in place of Godo, which makes Godo feel guilty. And that’s why he is crying so much. His expression was from his heart.

Now, Arata explains to Miyo how she is supposed to help Kiyoka. The instructions were very clear which made it effortless to connect the audience with the narrative.

Everyone around was very supportive, which cordially helped Miyo to take the dream realm and hop on to the journey of saving Lord Kudo.

The scenery of the dream realm was presented as the landscape of infinite space. Miyo was standing in front of a spiral embodiment which I assume is a black hole. Tell me down in the comment section below, am I right!!

She calls out “Are you in there?” and suddenly, she opens her eyes in the dark and in the not-so-good ambiance of the Saimori house.

And, in the meantime, we are once again carried back to the place where Kiyoka is battling the unending number of Grotesquiries.

It seemed to me that both Kiyoka and Miyo were fighting their individual battles in their own world before they were together. Kiyoka was busy in his profession, fighting the grotesqueries and it was a continuous affair.

While in the other hand, Miyo grew up experiencing constant abuse from his own father just because she was not a gift-user. Incomparably Kiyoko had a nice childhood, at least he had a sibling to have his side which was however missing from Miyo’s life. But, both struggled in their own way.

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Honestly, it’s my theory on the montage. But what’s your call?

Now, while he is fighting the endless number of grotesqueries, Kiyoka realizes that his comrades are missing. So the cloud of confusion was wearing off and his will to not give up in whatever world he was in right now muscles up. He also hears Miyo’s seeking voice. And I felt that this was sufficient to strengthen Kiyoka’s will to fight and survive the whole mayhem.

So, Miyo is wandering inside the Saimori house teased by her inner child who is gleefully running around the home. Miyo tries to follow the kid around, however, she doesn’t know who the kid really is. She is confused about the whole place. She wonders if Lord Kudo is right there or not.

Then suddenly a door emerges in front of her which brings back daunting memories. But her need to find Lord Kudo pushes her to open the door and find what is waiting inside the door. As soon as she opens the door she meets her past self who has been wounded and injured all these years.

The past self represented the pessimistic self-doubted girl, that Miyo grew up to be all these years. The negativity tries to pull down Miyo’s will and crush her positivity which she has mastered, during her time with Kudos. However, the new Miyo tackles the negativity as expected. She hurries up, confronts her injured self, hugs her tight, and helps her process the grief and believe in life again.

Watching this particular montage was very sentimental for me. Every soul is injured, and hugging your past and assuring the same that everything is going to be alright is certainly something we wish to do. Gladly, Miyo was able to accomplish this milestone.

Whatever Miyo says, every word sounds correct and generously profound, doesn’t it? Giving up is easy. But she chooses to have faith in whatever Lord Kudo says about her. Which indirectly makes Miyo believe in herself just the way Kiyoka puts his faith in her.

She is passionate about staying with Lord Kudo forever, which unleashes her power as the maiden of Dream Sight.

So while Kiyoka was battling the grotesqueries he looses his hair tie. As soon as he heard Miyo’s voice, the urge to find his love intensified the battle and he was in haste right now. Normally, his swift moves and quick call to action loosened up his hair tie and he lost the same in the process.

But Miyo finds the same as soon as she helps her inner child process and accepts the happiness that life has in store only for her. This indicates that Miyo is close to Kiyoka and eventually, she finds him.

Now, Miyo appears in front of Kiyoka just like a guardian angel. She lands from the sky and asks her man to stand behind her so that she can protect her love with all her newly acknowledged power.

She takes care of the situation meticulously and effortlessly, amazing Kiyoka.

And this takes us back to the Grave situation where it’s revealed that it was the Emperor who opened the Grave in the first place. The creepy ritual which we watched in the last episode as well, was specifically undertaken to entrap Kiyoka Kudo and the Maiden of the Dream Sight.

It was the Emperor who wanted to eliminate the power that might be dangerous to his existence. But the evil man gets engulfed in the magnificent power of the maiden of the Deam sight. They hold each other’s hand and keep their trust in each other, while Miyo singlehandedly tackles the grim attack all by herself.

Her power was able to break the seal and purify the dark ambiance. Kiyoka’s lines were simply eye-opening. He always wanted to protect Miyo while it was Miyo who protected herself and Kiyoka in the process. When Miyo hands over the hair tie, the montage once again symbolizes their inner struggles.

Miyo says that the hair tie helped her find Kiyoka when she was scared and lost. See, the hair tie is the gift that she prepared with all her passion for Lord Kudo to show how grateful she is. In fact, she loves wearing what Lord Kudo gifted her all the time and she was wearing the same right now. The moment Miyo was successful in breaking the seal, she returned wearing the cherry blossom Kimono and she also tied Kiyoka’s hair with the Kumihino.

What I mean is, that what they love and cherish about each other guided them back to each other. They share a very intimate moment helping them resolve and return back to their near and dear ones.

Everyone welcomes the love birds with their warmth and love. However, Godo was relieved the most, judging by the jump he made at Kiyoka.

But what Arata does is certainly unexpected. He leaves Miyo behind finding everything is back to normal. See, in the last two to three episodes he was all about protecting Miyo. But now his heart has changed and he is confident enough to leave Miyo all to herself since she is more than capable enough to protect herself.

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Miyo and Arata shared a very friendly goodbye which was kind of satisfying. They don’t hold any resentment or negativity against the other. See, whatever the scene is, these two are siblings.

Later, Takahito, reveals the truth behind the Emperor to Okaito. Takahiko accepts every sin committed by his father and does not justify a single action. He, in fact, promises to pay off every debt which was nice of him. Actually, when I first saw him, he gave off a positive energy. But his confusing appearance was questionable.

So, Kiyoka along with Miyo finally steps inside their one true home and begins living blissful days with the infinite love they have for each other.

Ultimately, we are taken to the day of the party. Miyo was looking so gorgeous in her western dress that Kiyoka failed to realize her at first. The two complemented each other and it was so pure and innocent, wasn’t it??? They are just so perfect for each other.

Miyo is walking the healing journey slowly embracing whatever life is offering on her plate. She is happy now and so is Kiyoka. They were meant to be together, and to confirm it once again, Kiyoka proposes to Miyo to be his wife which Miyo answers in her own distinctive naive manner winning my heart. I guess, the coy look on her face melted Kiyoka’s heart one more time as well.

I will now wait patiently for the hopeful second season.

TOTT’s Take On My Happy Marriage Ep 12 Light In The Darkness

The last episode was very gentle. Miyo’s presence in the context made the sequence look very soft and delicate. She proved her empowerment with her strong will and passion to protect her love of Life. She emerged as an empowered lady who is unstoppable and an epitome of limitless power where the Emperor is also threatened by her presence.

Yes, kudos to Lord Kudo, otherwise Miyo would never have understood her importance in the world. The love and affection helped her slowly begin the unsealing process of her true power.

See, I enjoyed My Happy Marriage Ep 12 and now, I will patiently wait for the second second to come very soon.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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