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Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11 takes off from the sequence where Kenshin along with Sanosuke and Yahiko enters Kanryu’s building to fight the formidable Han’nya. I found the arrangement very skeptical since, as per my understanding, Han’nya is one of the best in the Oniwaban group.

When he is standing just at the front door, then what might be awaiting inside, is a questionable plot point. So, on this note, let us get going with-

Things I Liked About Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11 Savage Han’nya – Honorable Shikijo

The three brother meets Han’nya at the front door where the faceless spy, greets them with honor. The spy informs them that he will abide by lord Aoshi’s order with his life no matter what. To this statement, Kenshin clearly suggests that he has no intention to participate in an avoidable fight.

No matter what he does, undertaking avoidable fights is always coming for him which is really frustrating. However, this scarred face is always able to manage every complicated situation skillfully. Even though Han’nya implements robust tactics to defeat our hero, using Sakabato, Kenshin effortlessly conquers the first barrier.

Every technique implemented by Han’nya was unexpected. For instance, the metal gauntlets warped under the gloves, illusionary arms, Shinwan spells, and those metal retractable claws. Further, Han’nya talks poorly about Kenshin’s dexterity and he feels confident that he is sufficient to crush the so-called Hitokiri Battosia.

Honestly underestimating your opponent was unexpected from Han’nya. He is a professional fighter, therefore talking poorly about the enemy was unlike a combatant.

Kenshin’s invincible expertise in his line of profession was enough to break Han’nya’s mask revealing his hideous real face. Yahiko was unable to hold back his emotions and was straightforward which caught Han’nya’s ears too.

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But he clarifies that there is a solid advantage to this scary face therefore he is cool with the situation. In fact, Han’nya did that to his own face, which is quite significant to carry out his spy job.

Undoutedly Han’nya’s back story was a compelling inclusion of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11 that broke my heart. His village’s poor economy pushed Han’nya to where he is right now. The parents typically killed their children to lower food expenses, calling the brutal tradition ‘returning children ‘. He escaped this fate but he was forced out of his village to live a savage life.

Coming to this juncture, I understood why part of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11 is titled Savage Han’nya. The kind-hearted Aoshi took him in and trained him to become a fighter which he is right now. Nonetheless, he admires Aoshi and enlightens his remarkable presence all through their battle montage.

After staying quiet and listening to Han’nya’s words, Kenshin smoothly brings Megumi into the light of the conversation because according to Kenshin, both Han’nya and Megumi suffered loneliness. The warmhearted guy just for a second assumed that Han’nya would empathize with Megumi. However, he was totally wrong about it.

But here I must say that Megumi received love and affection in her childhood which was completely missing from Han’nya’s life. There was no opportunity to develop the emotion at all because he grew up like a stray. Therefore the perspective that Kenshin expected from Han’nya was meaningless.

In the meanwhile, we are taken to where Kanryu, who tries to manipulate Megumi once again. The entrepreneur tries to lure Megumi into thinking that he has changed and is all ready to work in favor of society now. Further, he even goes to the extent of fooling the beautiful lady with his false affection. I watched the seconds a lot of time to verify whether was I hearing right. It was funny honestly.

But Megumi asks him to step away from her since she is all set to prevent any additional damage from Opium. The mean man was hopeless now, which let him use brutish remarks bringing out his true nature, naturally. He instantly takes advantage of Megumi’s insecurity about killing the innocent.

Once again we are taken back to the heroes of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11. I was wondering about the next opponent and here we meet with the Honorable Shikijo who is mentioned in the later part of the title.

Sanosuke did not want to miss the chance. Hence he assures that he is all geared up to handle this giant with his expertise; in the meantime, Kenshin can go find Aoshi and Megumi.

Surprisingly Kenshin does not make Sanosuke repeat any further. He leaves which I find quite appreciable. Every time, we have watched as of yet, Kenshin helping out Sanosuke, by taking charge of the situation, which is however not liked by Sanosuke at all. But this time, Kenshin leaves instantly.

In fact few minutes later, as Yahiko inquires about the same, we find that Kenshin is confident that Sanosuke is capable enough to handle the giant all by himself.

Sanosuke however grabs the idea that Shikijo left Kenshin because he wants to for some reason. Shikijo agrees as well. He is all ready to fight the underling and this remark was genuinely not right.

Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11 Savage Han'nya - Honorable Shikijo Source Liden Films
Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11 Savage Han’nya – Honorable Shikijo Source Liden Films

I believe Sanosuke has his own charm which helps him fight using his hands and legs and not any weapon of choice. He is not a quitter which makes him exceptionally strong both physically and mentally. Even though he does not wield Zanabto these days he is definitely a combatant, the one with whom you should never mess with.

Their fight was a competeive one which turned into a profound one in the later part of the scenario. Sasonsuke was stupendously impressive here in this portion of Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11. He broke the metal shackle with his bare hand, I was amazed by the same. His action impresses the opponent as well which makes Shikijo offer him a position in their Oniwaban group.

The montage gives the audience a quick and brief recap of Shikijo’s life when he belonged to the Satsuma domain and was working alongside the imperialist. While conducting one of his missions he met Aoshi who was just 13 years old. He invited the talent in the Oniwaban team, to make good use of the warrior. Likewise, he is also doing the same.

Just like Han’nya this man was also devoted to Aoshi. He also qualifies Aoshi over Hitokiri Battaosai. This repeated praise is making me impatient and wonder how brilliant would it be to watch the final match between Aoshi and Kenshin, don’t you agree???

Sanosuke here exhibits his hidden soft side where he not only appreciates Kenshin but the rest. He even included Megumi which was unlikely. But whatever he speaks is word-to-word true. He admires Himura Kenshin and does not leave a space to pay his genuine respect to this red-haired gentle swordsman. I support his benevolent speech.

The speech however does not penetrate Shikijo’s thick skull which makes him head butt Sanosuke a couple of times. It was intense and heavy blows to the head. Actually, the hot head was insulted by the truth spouted by Sanosuke. Nonetheless, the match was highly competitive which Sanosuke won with patience and zeal, unlike the other fighter.

I enjoyed that Sanosuke caught every single remark thrown at him by Shikijo. And when he defeats the 2nd opponent of the Oniwaban clan, he brings back all those insulting lines putting everything together and throwing them back at the hot head. It was simply a revenge well, avenged. I also love the fact that Sanosuke is a fan of Kenshin.

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But he also admits that he is exhausted from all the heavy beating and accepts the fact that this Oniwaban group is not a walk in the garden. His all-tolled body falls down and we are shifted to the meet and greet happening inside, between Aoshi and Kenshin.

Once again Kenshin suggests Aoshi to not fight an avoidable battle and that he should choose to hand over Megumi to them. Aoshi’s smart reply was awesome. He is a leader after all, and this kind of witty and intellectual reply is what we can expect of him. Aoshi directly asks Kenshin to use his Sakabato to know about Kanryu’s and Megumi’s whereabouts and he is all ready to answer Kenshin using his weapon of choice.

TOTT’s Take On Rurouni Kenshin Ep 11

This was a superb episode that was about people who love, respect, and value their association alot. Sanosuke shows his comprehensive admiration for Kenshin while Kenshin trusts Sanosuke’s judgment wholeheartedly. The Oniwaban group also exhibited their impeccable pride over their leader Aoshi which intrigues Sanosuke and Kenshin to meet with the personality sooner. They also trust each other alot.

The next episode is all about Kenshin and Aoshi which is supposedly going to be an awesome episode for sure.

But, this is it for today, hope to meet you all very soon for my next publication.

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